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10 Super Cool Flicks That Will Inspire You To Travel


Movies tend to have a big impact on our decisions and on our thoughts as well… Have you ever felt like you would want to go on some adventurous trip or something similar to that just by watching a movie? Well, according to me they are one of the best marketing campaigns a place can have or any product in that matter. They can tickle your senses and tease you to go out on a trip within a blink of an eye. And we’re not talking about travel addicts only, regular people feel the need to travel too after watching a good flick. They just pack their bags, get their passports and on they go hoping that their trip would be as adventurous as the one on the movie!

In today’s article, we’ve decided to compose a list of the top 10 movies that might spark your travel instincts, and inspire you to go on your next big adventure!


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The movie wild is based on a story that will touch your hearts. It revolves around Cheryl Strayed, she is a recovering drug addict that decided to wander on a self-discovery all over America when her mother passed away. Namely, despite the fact that she was not experienced in any way in backpacking and solo traveling she went out on the adventure. Will she be able to survive the 1000 miles Pacific Crest Trail by herself? On this movie you will be able to see tons of picturesque scenery including the Orgeon’s Crater Lake National Park which is a beautiful site!

Thelma and Louise

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Do you feel like your life has gotten monotone and mundane? Do you want an idea on bringing some fun and excitement in your life? Well, Thelma and Louise is an amazing choice for you! This flick is an inspirational narrative that is exceptionally great at simply making you feel amazing while you’re watching it… It revolves around the two best friends who decided to start a road trip in a classic 1966 Thunderbird. You will see amazing places to visit here, and it will surely bring some spice into your life!

Eat Pray Love

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This one is more on the inspiring side of flicks, it is an amazingly produced piece of art which we would recommend everyone to have watched it at least once in their lifetime. This movie is one of the best movies in the whole movie history and it has sure sparked lots of peoples’ hearts to go on an adventure out in the world and experience that feeling first hand. And what’s best about this movie, that comes as the cherry on the top of this book-turned movie is the fact that it displays the grandeur of Italy, Bali, and India!

Before sunrise

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This romance filled flick is full of magical moments along with some love and pure happiness. It proves that sometimes it isn’t about spending the time with your close ones that make you feel good and that there are times that you need to go to a foreign country, meet a stranger and spend a day with them. This movie takes place in Vienna and it stars Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy. As we mentioned before, the movie “Before Sunrise” is a romantic flick with tons of charming moments in Austria’s capital city!

Roman Holiday

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Audry Hepburn is the main role in this movie that talks about the look of the 1950s in Rome throughout the eyes of a spoiled and sheltered princess until an American reporter took her heart. This movie also showcases some beauty of Italy’s capital city, along with the greatest looking landmarks there!

Mamma Mia!

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This one is an amazing drama flick that will leave you in awe with its amazing story line and the great sceneries that it has to offer. The beautiful Amanda Seyfried and the actress that seems to never get old – Meryl Streep are playing the main roles in this one. This movie turned Greece’s scenic islands into one of the most visited places by the couples that were planning on getting married. These amazing islands were the place to go if you planned to get married for the people who watched “Mama Mia”… And I am sure that they’ve spent their honeymoons and weddings well. Because this is one of the best places that you could visit!

The Bucket List

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This movie is one of the few movies that made me hold a tissue nearby… “The Bucket List” will not only make you want to start traveling and visiting the places you want to visit, it will also open your eyes and make you do the things you truly desire before you meet your maker. It will remind you how short life really is and that you need to love and live every moment like it’s your last one!

Under the Tuscan Sun

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The next movie is based on the journal of Frances Mayes and it is called – Under the Tuscan Sun. This is a beautiful story of an American girl who has been recently divorced. She discovered her happiness and satisfaction by purchasing and reestablishing an old estate in Tuscany. Exhibiting Tuscany’s impressive farmland view, “Under the Tuscan Sun” has motivated a huge number of moviegoers and voyagers to search out the motion picture’s taping areas, helping increment Tuscany increasing the travel industry and expat population.


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This one is for the ones of you that want to go solo traveling, but haven’t had the guts to start doing it! But, this Australian travel flick will encourage you to start your own adventure and experience the perks of solo traveling. “Tracks” is the eye opening adventure of an individual going through the dangerous Australian desert!

Into the Wild

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Despite the fact that this movie isn’t one of your regular fairytale ending movies, it will bring nice feelings across your whole body. This amazing movie has been the go to recommendation for travel addicts and backpackers all around the world. This timeless award winning movie will tickle your adventurous spirit and make you want to start traveling!


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