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10-Year-Old Impresses Teacher With Clever Poem About Dyslexia


There are a lot of occasions when we thought that something was very simple, and, it ended up changing our lives, funnily enough. This is what happened to a teacher that organized her class to be just another lesson on poetry, but, one of her students actually did something that fully turned the outcome of the lesson. Read on and find out what happened, and how the student actually turned the outcome of the class.

Image Source: Jane Broadis

Building her Career

The United Kingdom-based Christian Church School in Chorleywood is the workplace for this elementary school teacher named Jane Broadis. As she puts it, she’s pretty happy to be teaching all the ten and eleven years old students that are coming to that school. Her career is pretty long, but she says that she’s still building it. But, with her long career in the school, we could agree that she must’ve seen lots of things, and none of them was as amazing and stunning at the same time as this one poem written about dyslexia. Although she didn’t think that her students are able to write something that touching, she realized she was wrong when she took a look at the poem.

The Poem Project

The project that Jane was planning to have her students work on this time was a pretty special one. We all know that there are a couple of types of poems but Jane’s project had a small twist to it. She asked her class to write a poem that could be read both forward as well as backward, and the catch was, the poems still had to keep its sense. Yes, these might seem hard to some, and some might even think that this is impossible, but there are some people that actually see the chance to show off their special talents and take away the stage.

Image Source: Jane Broadis

The Teacher was Stunned

The students started thinking of the poems that they will be writing, that’s how the project started. But, it’s not the start of the project that left the teacher in WOW. The reason that the teacher was left stunned was at the moment when one of her students handed the poem to the teacher and she read it. The focus of the poem was Dyslexia. The poem was pretty touching, and it gave the people that are not suffering from this condition a look inside of the head of someone that is actually suffering from Dyslexia. The low self-esteem along with all of the things that come with not thinking highly of yourselves are all mentioned in the beautiful poem. But, the bright point of the poem was actually when you read it backward. When you read the poem like this you will feel the joy and happiness will fill your soul.

Share your Happiness with Jane

At this time Jane is actually looking for some support from all of the people that will see her poem all over the social media networks. Also, the teacher is hoping that people from the internet will help the youngster with her condition. And, what’s even better, at the moment Jane is trying to look for a publisher for her student’s book. Yes, the teacher got so excited about the poem of her student that she decided to help her publish the poem. She wants to give others the ability to read those words that spark joy and sadness in our hearts at the same time!

Yes, this might seem like a simple and easy to understand the poem for most of you, but, keep in mind that a 6-7-year-old wrote this poem, and take Jane’s reaction into consideration as well.


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