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10-Year-Old Wishes To Be Adopted With Sister: “I Don’t Know What My Life Would Be Without Her”


For those of you that had siblings when they were young, do you remember how unbreakable your bond actually was? Well, that was the case with these two siblings, a brother and a sister that wanted to stay together until they find a forever home!

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Despite the fact that Dakota is a little girl and is actually younger than her 10-year-old brother, named Hunter, she still wants to protect her brother in the situations that she is able to of course. By reading something more about Dakota you will find out that she is protective, creative and nurturing. She also loves to swim around in the pool, and she loves Sundays because that’s when she’s going to church. She also gets excited about fairytales and princesses.

Dakota’s brother, Hunter, on the other side, loves playing with Legos. He also loves solving mathematical problems. The workers describe Hunter as a child that is always curious because of the fact that he wants to know everything, and they say that he is full of energy.

Image Source: The A Post

Once you See the Two Siblings Together, It’s Impossible to Separate them!

The lives of the two small kids have to lead them to constantly sticking close to one another. In one interview, Hunter said that one of the greatest traits that his sister had for him at least, was the fact that she was constantly caring about her bigger brother. The two of them never had a real family, so they had each other to support and care about one another. They have been each other’s support and motivation to keep going past all of the ups and downs that their life put in front of them.

In the interview, Hunter said that one of his most favorite things about his baby sister was the fact that she cares about him. And, that sometimes when the boy happens to fall, she is always there to help him up. At the end of the interview, Hunter said that he didn’t know what his life would be without his baby sister, Dakota.

Image Source: The A Post

The fact of the matter is that most of the foster care agencies are trying their best to keep siblings together all the way throughout the adoption process. But, not all of the siblings that go out for adoption have a happy family for them. It oftentimes is hard for foster agencies to find good, fitting, and fine adoptive families which are willing to take two or in some cases even three children for their whole life.

Following, we will show you one heart melting video of the two siblings Hunter and Dakota Enjoy!

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