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11-year-old opens bakery helping the homeless



It is always a good read when you find a story like this one. You don’t see it very often, but when you do it warms your heart, and you still continue to believe that there are thoughtful human beings. Almost every business is opened with the idea of making a profit, but this one is different, beginning with the primary goal of helping others and nearly getting nothing in return. This eleven-year-old boy had just that in mind when opening his bakery.

Where it all Started for the Teenage Boy

Helping someone In need can only be by giving some of your own time and committing at what you are doing, but eleven-year-old Michael Platt wanted to do more than that. At that age, he really liked baking at home, he would watch videos online learning famous recipes and coming up with some of his own, and he quickly practiced them in his kitchen. One day he had the idea, why not help people and implement his skills in baking.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

He Started His Own Business and Kept it Going

When he was just eleven, with the help of his parents, Michael opened his baking shop and started helping the homeless people in his community. When opened, he really emphasized that his bakery isn’t open to make money and that his primary goal was to bake for the homeless. In 2017, in Washington, D.C, Michael’s Desserts was open for business. Michael’s Desserts is a 1-for-1 business, which means with every cupcake that Michael sells, he donates one to a homeless person.

Michael has a Big Heart

At the start of this idea, people thought that it wouldn’t last long and that it couldn’t be sustained. They thought that he wouldn’t make it. But, two years have passed since the opening of the bakery is it is still going strong. People also said that homeless people don’t like and don’t need cupcakes, but Michael in an interview said that he knows that it will not fully feed the person, but that small gesture of giving cakes makes people smile and make life a little bit better, even if it is just for a while.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

Where is Michael now, and What is he doing?

Michael has partnered up with the organization No Kids Hungry, that is working to stop child hunger all over America, and they always help him to spread this kind of idea and to encourage other people startup businesses just like his and other existing companies try his business model.

It is truly amazing that someone as young as Michael can start wanting to help others at such a young age and it is even more wonderful to know that his bakery is still going strong today.



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