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13 Revealing Secrets Your Dog Knows About You


We love pets, and they love us. Humans and dogs, in particular, are pretty much alike, they know when you’re sick when you’re not feeling as well or even when you’re mad or suspicious, namely, they can sense our emotions even better than some humans. Studies have shown that they can even detect cancer! So today, we decided to tell you more about what our dogs know about us.

Dogs Love Generous People

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Dogs oftentimes can judge you! Yes, it is true, The University of Milan conducted a research on this phenomenon and they had people who shared their food with a homeless guy, and people who got mad at the homeless guy, and told him to leave. Later, once they all gathered in a room, and the people called the pups, the dogs went to the persons who shared their food!

Why Your Dog Doesn’t Like Someone?

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Namely, when we don’t feel like we love or like someone, and we emit negative feelings towards that person our dogs can sense that. They can notice how our bodies stiffen up, how we change our movements, the faces we make and they can even smell the pheromones that we emit when we have negative feelings about someone. So, the next time you’re asking yourselves why your dog doesn’t like someone, it might be simply because you don’t like them!

They’re Always Waiting For You!


Dogs have an amazing nose for everything. And they’re not afraid to show that they know. They know where we have been in the supermarket, which foods we touched, where we stood more and where less. They can even smell the people we stood next to in the waiting line for payment. They have a stronger smell than us humans and that is 100 million times stronger smell than us.

They Can Sniff Cancer!

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There are dogs that can detect certain sorts of cancer. They are given some chemicals to smell for the scent that these chemicals. The chemicals that they smell are the same chemicals that cancer cells emit. And that is how dogs are trained to detect cancer. Dogs managed to hit less than 22% margin of error when trying to detect breast cancer and less than 1% margin of error when trying to detect lung cancer.

They Know You’re Comming

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Dogs have the ability to learn our schedules and that is how they know exactly when we’re getting home. And in some cases, they can smell us, or hear the sound of our car down the street.

You’ve had a fight with your spouse

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Don’t try and act that everything is alright between you and your partner in front of your dog. Even if you avoid yelling in front of them they know when you’ve had an argument. They can tell by your voice, body posture and the fact that you’re not speaking to each-others.

You Are Feeling Lonely


If you see your dog come and lay next to you and not in its usual place where it sleeps when you’re home alone. The dog can sense that you need protection and that you’re feeling lonely. They know that by smelling the adrenaline that our body releases.

You Are Leaving Them Alone!

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Dogs can learn our patterns. So because they don’t want us to leave on a trip and leave them alone in the house, they’ve managed to work out our pattern when we’re going on a trip. We are taking out our suitcases, taking clothes out of the closets folding our clothes etc. Try and put on classical music while you’re getting ready to leave, that helps to lower the dog’s anxiety levels, and if you can, leave it while they’re alone in the house.

Why We Love The “Puppy Eyes”

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Puppy eyes, who doesn’t love when our puppy makes eye contact with us? Studies have shown that we release the hormone oxytocin, the same hormone we release when we’re watching our babies. And that is how our dogs know that we love when they give us “puppy eyes”.

What your intentions are


As we mentioned earlier, they know our movements and the faces we tend to make. So when they notice something out of the ordinary they know what we’re planning. A research has shown that some dogs can find hidden food just by observing the body language of the human that hid it. Isn’t it that amazing!?

They Can Sense If You Are Feeling Bad

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Dogs are being trained for different medical aid. They can notice a slight drop of our blood sugar, a migraine, cancer (like we explained earlier) and many more diseases and health problems. Some epileptic patients started getting dogs that were trained to alert them if an epileptic seizure is about to happen. A Hawaiian hospital has trained dogs to sniff urinary tract infections so that they can alert the doctors if patients are in a coma or cannot tell the doctors that they have the symptoms.

Protection For Our Babies

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Dogs know that we love our babies, don’t get me wrong they love our babies too. And that is why their instinct tells them to attack any time they feel like the little one might be under some kind of danger. This is why dogs bark when they see someone approaching the baby. And this is exactly why you should tell people to be careful because if the dog thinks that the baby is in danger it will attack the person.

You’re bummed out

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We mentioned a couple of times before, dogs can notice changes in our body language and our emotions. A study conducted not too long ago showed that dogs can tell if we’re feeling sad or bummed out just by our facial expressions. This is why oftentimes you see dogs going to the person who’s crying rather than going to the person who is talking and seems cheered up!

So these were the things that our dogs can sense about us. Next time you see that your dog seems concerned about something, you should know that there is something wrong and your dog has sensed it! Thanks for taking the time to read the article, don’t forget to share it on your social media!


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