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13-year-old cheerleader complained of numb hands, tingling feet just before sudden death


Our health is the most important thing, and that grows even more when we have children. Then, we are even more for their health. But, oftentimes we can’t do anything once we see that our kids have developed some kind of condition. That was the case with Dan Schalck and his 13-year-old daughter. Lilliana, Dan’s daughter, was a fantastic cheerleader. And, when Dan took his daughter to an All-Star cheerleading tournament, he expected that she would climb the top of the world because that was her shot. But, instead, she didn’t even manage to go out on the stage. She fell ill before she could get out on the stage. And, her condition only grew worse and worse after that.

Lilliana and her group were warming up when she suddenly told her father that she wasn’t feeling good. She said to him that her hands were starting to numb slowly and that she felt a tingling sensation in her feet. Before the tournament, she had some problems with her hamstring. She didn’t go out on the stage, and her father immediately took her to the doctor, and they did a complete examination. The X-ray indicated that Lilliana was completely fine.

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In an interview, her father said that her coach said that they could notice that Lilliana was not performing at her best for a while now. In the beginning, Dan thought that his daughter was probably dehydrated. But, after a short conversation, they decided to take Lilliana to the ER.

In another interview for ABC news, he remembered how things in the ER went. In the emergency room, things just took a turn for the worse, and he recalled that the nurse liaison separated him from the others and told him to call anyone who thinks might be necessary for Lilliana’s life. She proceeded to tell him how Lilliana’s heart stopped two times while they were in the emergency room, and four times in total. And this wasn’t going well for her. He also added that the doctors were trying hard in the ICU, but at one point, when he finally got close to his daughter, and he managed to hold her hand, the doctors couldn’t do anything else.

He was emotional while remembering how they went from the excitement at 5.50pm of waiting for Lilliana to perform turned into sadness when the doctors told them that she passed away at 7.40pm. He still couldn’t take in everything that happened that day.

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At that moment, the doctors couldn’t pinpoint what happened and what was the initial cause of death. But, only after two months after her autopsy her parents and her family understood what caused the death of the 13-year-old cheerleader.

Her family issued a statement in which they uncover the cause of the death of their loved Lilliana. A strep infection was stronger than her immune system, and apparently that was the cause of death, read the statement.

ABC News said that the coroner found an infection of the group A streptococcus. This is the same bacteria, which is the cause of strep throat.

After Lilliana’s death, the whole community surrounded her family with emotional support.

The schoolmates from her middle school as well as her high school and her cheerleading family were all shocked by the sudden death of Lilliana, they expressed their sadness and condolences, and they held vigils in the memory of the 13-year-old.


Her family decided to burry Lilliana in her cheerleading uniform.

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