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25-year-old graduate’s college and runs a charity besides doctors saying that she would die very young


25-year-old Nekhidia Harris, when born doctors diagnosed her with a very rare disease and said that it would be a miracle if she lives for a couple of days. But time passed by and everything with Nekhidia was fine. Now a 25-year-old, she is healthy and happy as never before because she recently graduated from the Medgar Edgars College, despite doctors saying she wouldn’t live very much let alone go to college and now getting her masters degree. After this huge achievement, she started getting recognized, and a lot of newspapers and sites are writing about her. She showed everyone that she could do anything, and finishing college is one of the achievements Nekhidia is striving for.

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After giving birth, every mother is eager to see their newborn baby, but it was different for Nekhidia’s mother and her dad. As soon as Nekhidia came into this world, doctors noticed that something was wrong with her. She was not large enough, and doctors saw that the form of her face was not quite normal. Her cheekbones, nose, jaw were not normally formed, and doctors feared that she had some kind of bone disease. After a couple of tests were done, doctors confirmed that she had a really rare bone disease that made her bones very fragile and easy to break.

After the diagnosis, doctors told the parents that she would probably live for a couple of days. But her mom and dad didn’t want to believe what the doctor said so the care for her day-in-day-out. To everyone’s amazement, she passed the time that the doctors said. And after a couple of months of careful and steady treatment, Nekhedia was checked healthy to be taken home. Of course, her disease wasn’t fully cured, and in her 25 years of life, she has broken her bones so many times and had to go to surgery that she now doesn’t even bother to count them anymore. Because of her condition, and the problem with her bones, she hasn’t grown normally. At 25 years, she is only three feet tall. With all of these obstacles every normal person will fall, not care, and be depressed but Nekhidia never stopped fighting and she always had her family to always back her up in everything that she’s done. Her parents always pushed her to do and be the best she can be and tried to give her the happiest and wonderful life that she deserves.

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From a very young age, Nekhida and her sister Kimberly were always pushed to do great things and try to be as successful as they can be. Even before they finished high school, they have racked up many awards for their humanitarian work. They have also created a foundation with the help of their parents named ‘The Harris Family Vision Foundation.‘ Their foundation managed and organized many charity events in Brooklyn, New York, and in other cities and states around America.

Every year they fly out to Jamaica, where they participate and give sermons in churches. Also, every year before the children start going to school, and they organize aa event where they help children in need of school supplies such as pencils, pens, books, notebooks, and bags and give free medicine if anyone needs it. Their charity foundation had also built a clinic in the town of Madras, in which before the town didn’t have one, so the people went to clinics and hospitals in other nearby towns.

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Even though Nekhida is almost always busy with the foundation, she always has focused and gave most of her time to her own education. Breezing through high school and middle school as an excellent student, she decided to enroll in Kingsborough College in Brooklyn. Next, she went to the Medgar Edgars College, where she got her degree in social work. In the future, she plans on getting her master’s degree in social work and working in her foundation, and she certainly has the knowledge.

Working and helping people with her charity foundation can only be a plus in boosting her career in social work. In an interview she gave, she had said that when getting her diploma from the college she was so happy and tears of joy started coming down her cheeks when she was on the podium receiving her diploma. This is the kind of story that can push you to get out there and pursue your dream. Nekhida is an example that no matter what obstacles and no matter how much the road seems tough and bumpy along the way, you should push yourself and anything is possible. Her family has countless times said how much they are proud of her and how much she has achieved and has yet to achieve, and urge everyone to follow their daughter’s footsteps.

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