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5 Beach Hacks To Prepare You For An Awesome Spring Break Trip


You might not be thinking that spring break is near, but, although it might seem as if it’s far away from now, you’ll be feeling the sun on your skin relaxing on the beach in no time. For the ones of you that are planning on going to the beach and relaxing during the hot sunny days, we’ve written a couple of hacks that will help you fight off all of the drawbacks of the beach!

Want to Take Your Smart Phone With You to the Beach?

Everybody takes their cellphone anywhere they go now, and in today’s time, they are clearly a necessity for a lot of people. We take our smartphones with us everywhere, even on the beach despite all the risks of losing them or risking to get them wet or sand getting into them. The best thing you can do to keep your phone sand and water resistant is to use a plastic sandwich bag. You will be able to use your phone through the bag because the touchscreen will be responsive and you won’t have any problems navigating the smartphone.

Image Source: The 3-Day Blog

Want to Play With Sand on the Beach?

We know that it’s fun to play with the sand on the beach all the time while you’re there. But what happens at the end, when you need to leave? Yes, you’re all covered up in sand and it’s pretty hard to shake it all off of you. Well, if you carry a baby powder bottle with you we promise you it will be much easier. The baby powder will take the moisture away from your body leaving the sand easy to shake off of your body!

Image Source: Hip2Save

Make your Beach Towels even More Useful!

We all take one sort of beach towel or another. I mean, they are kind of necessary aren’t they? Try and sew a couple of pockets on yours and increase their usefulness. That way, you will have the ability to store some items that you won’t be taking with you into the water. And what’s an even bigger plus, the items will weigh in the towel, so it won’t be blown away by the wind.

Image Source: Making It With Danielle

Want More Storage?

When going to the beach you’re pretty limited on the storage space that you get there. Bringing empty pill bottles with you is a great way to have a place to store your jewelry and hair ties in one safe place. It won’t take up a lot of your beach bag space, and they’re the perfect size to keep small items in them!

Image Source: Earth911

Forgot Your Aloe Vera?

It can be pretty fun to spend a whole day at the beach, but everything has its drawbacks and one of the drawbacks of this are the nasty sunburns that you can get. For the ones of you that didn’t remember to get the aloe vera for your trip, the cold yogurt is a great solution for this painful problem! Use the yogurt on the areas where you have sunburns and leave it to stay for about ten to fifteen minutes. This will significantly lower the pain, and will soothe your body!

Image Source: Healthy Women


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