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5 Creative Workouts For People Who Don’t Like Traditional Cardio Exercises


Fitness is great and all, but there’s one side that not many people enjoy – Despite the fact that cardio can be a demanding workout and can improve people’s workout routine, not too many people really like it. I mean let’s be honest, how exciting can 30 minutes of running on the treadmill be? But, getting your heart rate higher comes with tons of benefits. Burning fat, increasing stamina, and strength are just some of the awesome benefits that cardio has to offer. So in the following couple of paragraphs, we’re going to speak about 5 creative cardio workouts that will help you get your heart rate up without any of the boring exercises!

Box Jumping

In order to increase your strength, core, and your muscle tone while at the same time burning off calories and fat you can try out Box Jumping. In order to do this exercise you’re going to need to start off with your feet shoulders width apart, you will need to put a box of some sort in front of you, and once you feel ready just jump up on the box. Get back in the starting position by stepping down in order to avoid possible injuries from jumping back down. If you don’t have hard boxes on which you feel comfortable jumping you can use a bench, chair or something else.

Image Source: Vice

Running on an Agility Ladder Straight into Suicide Sprints

Agility ladder, a lot of professional athletes love this tool because it is great for increasing their speed, agility, and coordination. It is amazing for burning off calories, and it feels the same as regular running. The perfect combo for this exercise is to go from an agility ladder straight into a suicide sprint. You can repeat this exercise as much as you feel comfortable, but make sure you increase the distance with each time you repeat it.

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Pushing or Pulling a Sled

This exercise is one of the best ones that will help you improve your core and help you burn fat and calories as well as increase strength in your glutes, hamstrings, quads as well as your calves. Attach a rope to a sled and add some weight to it, then sprint for 15 feet pulling the sled behind you, or pushing it in front of you.

Image Source: Rogue Fitness

A Full Body Cardio Exercise – Battle Ropes

When talking about upper body exercise a lot of people mention battle ropes. Yes this exercise implements your upper body, but it also implements your back, abs and glutes. You can also jump or do squats while doing battle ropes and this will help you strengthen your legs as well.

Image Source: Self

Flipping Tires

I’ve always loved a good tire flipping exercise. It does wonder for you as a workout and it is really fun at the same time. This exercise will strengthen your posterior chain but it will also work on your hamstrings and back. It’s an amazing cardio exercise because the 100-500 pounds tires really get your heart beating.

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