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5 Predictions For ‘The Hound’ In GoT Final Season


The series that quickly became one of the best fan favorite series in what seemed like just the blink of an eye – Game of Thrones, was taken with all the blood and violence that it brings to the table. From the mysterious cliff hangers, all the way to the sudden death of the ones you least expected this series has it all. The hound is a character that describes the series, at times he is sensitive and caring, and at times he is furious and vicious. He has even acted out his role as a quasi-father figure in the life of the Stark girls, Ayra and Sansa. Ser Sandor Clegane – The hound was acting as a stepping ground for other characters in the series but in this season we think that he might get something bigger!

Fire- The Hound’s Only Fear

While you’ll be seeing the Hound wandering around the Westeros woods and killing some of the strongest men there, he still has one weakness. He is really afraid of fire. This is as a result of a small mishap with his brother while they were kids. And, as we already saw in the last season, he might be overcoming this fear by the 8th season. On the off chance that Ser Beric decides to go into battle, he might have to fight against him and his “flaming sword” that scared the light out of him a couple of seasons ago.

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Changing His Mind

For the first couple of seasons, the hound is portrayed as a stubborn atheist during the time that everyone believes in something. But, once he overcomes his near-death experience after the fight with Brienne, he met Brother Ray who helped The Hound “Find his ways”. Despite the fact that Brother Ray dies only shortly after they meet, the message that he told him stays with The Hound. After Ray’s death, The Hound started looking for a new home,  That’s when he met Beric Dondarrion who helped him see the vision in the flames. After some time this vision led him to the Night King. It looks like he will completely change his thoughts about gods after all.

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A Change of Heart

We know that The Hound couldn’t fall either in the good people category nor the bad ones. Back in season 3, we could see him how he steals some old guy’s and his son’s silver trying to debate it with Arya that no matter what they do, the winter will kill them shortly after. And, we can see him in season 7 visiting the same house and realizing that he killed them instead of the winter. So this is when his humanity takes charge and he tries to make things right by burying their remains. This comes to show that we might see the Hound turn into a completely honorable character in the next season.

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They Meet Again!

We’ve witnessed the turbulent relationship of The Hound and Arya, while he was trying to protect her. Well, later in the series… because when they first met The Hound was actually trying to sell Arya, but Arya didn’t play nice either. She actually tried to kill The Hound in a couple of occasions. And, in the battle with Brienne, we saw how she left him to die, but he managed to pull through and survive.

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Who will Win!?

We’ve witnessed the tension build up between the two brothers from the beginning. The Hound and The Mountain met in season 7, and that’s when The Hound said to his brother,  “You know who’s coming for you. You’ve always known,” and walks away. With the approach of the winter, and the fight between the white walkers and Westeros, we are destined to see the fight between the two brothers, and fans are certainly eager to see the outcome!

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