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5 Small But Helpful Hacks For Finding Calm Amid All The Chaos


Often times the smallest problems and moments that make us angry might lead to even bigger ones that might affect us as an individual. We would recommend you that before you blow up into anger with the small problems in your life, you should first find things that might calm you down, and other helpful habits to implement into your lifestyle. Stop losing your keys, stop losing the remote, don’t burn your tongue on your warmed up leftovers. All of these things can be stopped if you learn new habits. So here are a couple of tips on how to organize your life, into a better, mess-free life!

Stop Looking For Your Keys, Start Organizing Them

Ever felt frustrated at the fact that all of your keys look the same? I know I have so that is why this simple and easy trick helped me a lot, and I was reborn when I found out about it. Namely, if you’re the type of person that constantly fumbles between their keys looking for the right one, I would recommend you implement this handy trick. Buy the cheapest nail polish or any pain that sticks to metals and paint every key in a different color. Everything you need to do after this would be to remember which color is for the house, which one is for the car, and which one is for the garage.

Image Source: Fancycrave/Unsplash

Master Of The Microwave

If you are the type of person that constantly uses the microwave to warm up, or defrost food. This one is for you. You will feel my pain for sure, have you found yourselves in a situation when you were warming or defrosting food only to find out that in the end the food isn’t equally warmed up, or defrosted? Well, we have got the fix for you! All you need to do in order to stop burning your tongue or freezing your teeth on the leftovers is to create a circle in the middle of the plate. This way the food will defrost or warm-up equally and you won’t have to burn your tongue or freeze your teeth.

Image Source: Jessica Lewis/Unsplash

Organization – the Key to an Easier Life

Some rooms of the house are bound to be organized for an easier life. Take the bathroom and the kitchen for an example. Think of how much faster you would be able to clean up the kitchen if every spice had its place up on the spice racks and every plate had its place in the cabinets. Same goes with the bathroom, use shower caddies and keep your showering equipment there.

Image Source: Jodie Morgan/Unsplash

Magnets, Great way of Organization

Place magnets in a couple of places in your house. This way you will have a much easier time in organizing your keys, knives, and notes on the fridge. You can also use one in your workshop and hang all the tools and screws and bolts on it.

Image Source: efulop/Pixabay

Plant Doctor

In the case that you’re going away for a holiday or a work trip, make sure that you remember your houseplants. There is no need to find somebody to water them regularly. All you need to do is connect them with strings to the receptacle. This way, they are going to get just the amount of water that they need to survive. Not too much, not too little. Just the right amount!

Image Source: Kawasa/Unsplash


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