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6 Months After Daughter Disappears Without a Trace, Mother Finds a Strange Facebook Post


Nothing could be worse as a parent than discovering your beloved child is missing. The one person you love more than your own life suddenly is nowhere to be found. It’s simply horrifying. Parents naturally start blaming themselves for their child’s behavior. While kidnapping could be a possible cause for their disappearance, sometimes children decide to just run away from their home for whatever reason.

One Poor Mother

Teenage years are challenging, emotions are overflowing, but how can parents adapt to these changes and prevent their kids from making a huge mistake? Unfortunately, often, it’s impossible to predict a child’s behavior. One poor mother had to learn it the hard way when her daughter suddenly vanished from her home. But six months after her daughter’s disappearance, she found a bizarre post on Facebook…

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Maureen, Rosemary’s mother, was unfortunate enough to experience a horrifying thing: one day her teenage daughter went outside as per usual but didn’t return home even the following day. Maureen couldn’t understand why she would do something like that. She refused to believe her daughter ran away from home. Perhaps, she was kidnapped, but how?

Unpredictable Circumstances

As much as parents try to help their children and prevent unfortunate events from happening to them, from time to time, it’s beyond their control. Nothing could be worse than finding out your child is heartbroken, chronically sick, or worse of all, is nowhere to be found.

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Maureen, who was a mother to several children, one day discovered her 14-year-old daughter Rosemary went missing. While it was common for Maureen staying out late and even returning home only the next morning, this time it was different. Rosemary didn’t come back after a whole day of being outside.


Rosemary’s mother felt devastated when she found out her teenage daughter was nowhere to be found…She couldn’t understand what could have caused her to react this way. Was her daughter hiding something?

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Sure, Rosemary wasn’t the easiest to deal with, but for Maureen, she was still a beloved child to whom she always showed affection. So what was the real reason behind Rosemary’s strange behavior? Maureen decided to stay calm, hoping her daughter was just somewhere hanging out with her friends.

Worried Mother

Of course, living with Rosemary wasn’t easy for Maureen, especially in the last few years. They had arguments here and there, but it never escalated to anything major. So why would she suddenly vanish? This poor mother couldn’t get through her head why her daughter wasn’t answering her calls.

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Maureen was waiting and waiting for Rosie to answer the phone, but it didn’t happen. She instantly started thinking of possible reasons of her daughter running away from home. It wasn’t easy for her to live with Rosemary as they did have some issues here and there.

Some Challenges

Like any other mother of a teenager, Maureen was going through a series of difficulties at that time. Raising a teenager is a challenging process. Rosemary just turned 14, and as we all know, it is quite a challenging age to get through. Kids around her age tend to feel thousands of emotions at once without even being able to express their feelings. Rosemary was frequently feeling emotional and even upset; at times, Maureen felt hopeless.

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When Rosemary was a little girl, she was a piece of cake. Maureen barely had any difficulties raising her daughter. Though, as she grew older, things became much tenser between them.

On The Day

Even though Maureen and Rosemary were having a hard time getting along, she would have never imagined one day her daughter would leave the house and never come back. Unfortunately, it did happen.

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On the day she went missing, Maureen said that she woke up and proceeded to her daily routine as per usual. She wasn’t suspecting anything atypical that day. In the morning, Rosemary wasn’t in the house, and Maureen assumed she was outside hanging out with her friends. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

Rosemary Is Missing

Maureen was waiting for her daughter to come home in the evening, but she didn’t show up. She wasn’t that worried at first and assumed her daughter decided to sleepover at a friend’s house that night. Rosemary wasn’t answering her mother’s calls either, but what could Maureen do? She decided to wait until the next morning.

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To her surprise, Rosemary didn’t come back in the morning either. What was she doing? Why wasn’t she answering the phone? Many worrisome questions were running through the poor mother’s head…Maureen was worried her daughter could be in danger and decided to contact the police.

Calling The Police

Maureen phoned the police and explained the situation. She was sick to her stomach, thinking that something horrible could have happened to her. She had no idea where Rosemary could even be. Perhaps, the police would be able to help her locate Rosemary.

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Maureen was convinced something terrible happened to her daughter. Despite all of the fights they had, she would always return home, sooner or later. The police, on the other hand, thought Rosemary ran away from home and is probably somewhere with her friends. After all, she was a reckless teenager, confused about her life, feelings, and life purpose. Maybe she just needed a little break.

Not Convinced

The police’s opinion didn’t make Maureen feel any better. Of course, her daughter wasn’t an angel, they had many fights and arguments, but running away wasn’t the solution. Maureen knew her daughter wasn’t stupid. There must be another reason for her sudden disappearance…

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Rosemary’s mother refused to believe the police, running away, was definitely not the answer. Something must have happened to her daughter, but how could she find Rosemary when she wasn’t answering her phone or trying to reach out to anyone at all.

 Big Tragedy

Maureen felt heartbroken and devastated. How could she let this happen? One moment her daughter was next to her, and then she was gone. Someone must have kidnapped her at night when she was sleeping. There were many theories in Maureen’s head, but soon she would realize that this indeed was not the case.

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At that moment, Maureen was sure Rosemary was being held hostage, crying for help and trying to get in touch with her. But how could she help her? The search for her missing daughter had already started, although the police weren’t very helpful. Their opinion remained the same; Rosemary ran away on her own due to her raging hormones and emotions.

Maureen’s Investigation

Maureen was determined Rosemary was in danger. She wanted to rescue her as soon as possible. The police weren’t showing much effort in finding her missing daughter, so Maureen started her investigation.

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She made the missing person posters, hoping someone could identify her daughter. Rosie’s attempted to make the description of her daughter’s appearance as detailed as possible. Also, the worried mother contacted everyone online she could think of who might know anything about her daughter.

Time Goes By

Even though Maureen was putting so much effort into finding Rosemary, she was still unable to get any sort of clue about where she might be…Weeks turned into months, Maureen felt absolutely helpless. The police also couldn’t find any leads despite the active search going on.

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Maureen began to lose hope. There were no positive leads at all. If the police weren’t capable of finding her daughter even with the latest searching techniques, then who would be? At some point, Maureen thought she would never see or hear about her daughter again. Though, when she least expected it, she heard some strange news about Rosemary.

Strange Behaviour

As it turns out, Rosemary’s behavior was already weird even before she ran away from home. According to some of the girl’s friends and even relatives, she was seen on the streets a while before she disappeared. And no, Rosemary didn’t look like she was having fun or only taking a walk, her behavior was indeed strange.

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Apparently, they tried to approach the girl and take her home, but every time they did so, she would run away without saying anything. This was not the reaction you would normally expect from a teenager. Something was off…Why wouldn’t she want to return home? Maureen felt heartbroken; how could the streets be more comforting for her daughter than her own home?

Six Months After

Just when Maureen started to lose hope in finding her beloved daughter Rosemary, she stumbled upon a strange post on Facebook. She surely wasn’t expecting to see a post like that…

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The fact that the post was published precisely six months after the day Rosemary went missing made Maureen feel even more anxious. She knew it was more than just a coincidence. But what was it? Who was behind the screen?

Rosemary’s Photos

Maureen couldn’t believe her eyes… Exactly six months after disappearing, Rosemary somehow managed to post a few photos of herself on the internet. They were new photos too. Maureen was instantly relieved; her daughter was still alive.

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The mother felt confused by what she saw. How come Rosemary couldn’t answer the phone or at least let her know she was alright when she clearly had access to the internet? Her daughter looked normal, even happy in all of the photos. At first, Maureen assumed her daughter didn’t want to be found, but later she would learn there was something more behind her strange behavior.

Strange Behaviour

Maureen was confused about why her daughter looked joyful in all of those photos. She refused to believe Rosemary ran away from home. Her daughter had uploaded a few new selfies on Facebook as if nothing was wrong.  How could she be happy somewhere alone without her mother?

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Despite Rosemary’s apparent well-being, Maureen still felt deeply disturbed by the photos. Something was definitely wrong with Rosemary and the way she smiled in all of her selfies.

Fake Happiness

Rosemary looked very different in her new Facebook photos. Before the strange disappearance, she had beautiful red hair. Now, it had been dyed and bleached. Maureen thought it was weird as her daughter always loved her hair color. So why would she suddenly change it?

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Also, Rosemary’s smile looked fake. Maureen knew the genuine smile of her daughter. It looked like someone had forced her daughter to act normal to make things seem normal. Then, it hit Maureen; her daughter must have been in danger. Someone had possibly kidnapped her. These photos were posted on purpose by the kidnappers to make everyone think Rosie was doing fine.

In Panick

Maureen felt a thousand times worse than before when she saw these photos. Rosemary didn’t run away; she was kidnapped by someone and was now in danger. At least, that’s what she thought at the moment. But how could Maureen help her daughter? She had no idea where Rosemary was being held…

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The poor mother immediately assumed someone had access to her daughter’s Facebook account and posted those photos on Rosemary’s behalf. Maureen felt absolutely crushed. How could she ever let something as horrible as this happen to her daughter?

Human Trafficking

She was sure her daughter was in the hands of human traffickers. That’s why she couldn’t contact her mother and return home. Inseatd, these criminals attempted to post some photos of the girl to make it look as she was fine when she clearly wasn’t…

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What now? How could she rescue her daughter when not even the police were able to locate her. Millions of thoughts were running through Maureen’s head at that moment.  Her poor daughter was in danger, hurting, and crying for help. At least, that’s what Maureen thought when she saw those photos.

Kidnappings in the U.S

Sadly, kidnapping and sex trafficking are very common in the U.S. The rates are rising drastically; everyday children become victims of human trafficking and kidnapping. Despite many precautions that parents take against their children, sometimes it’s simply not enough.

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The people behind this horrible activity know all of the tricks, making it very difficult to prevent children from being taken away from home. Then, these kids become slaves at factories, brothels, farms, and other places. Some children are even forced into becoming soldiers in third world countries. Maureen was terrified, was her daughter one of those poor children too?

Seeking Help

Maureen felt desperate. What else could she possibly do to find her daughter? The police were already involved, but this was not working…Her daughter was still out there in danger, probably crying for help and hoping to get rescued as soon as possible.

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Maureen was thinking of additional ways of helping the search of Rosemary. She knew she needed to reach as many people as possible and make it known her daughter is in danger. Perhaps, someone had recently seen her but wasn’t aware that she is missing, and therefore, didn’t report it. Eventually, Maureen thought of another way to grab everyone’s attention…

Social Media For Help

Social media sites are very popular among people of different age, especially teenagers and young adults. Maureen decided to give it a shot by making a post about her poor missing daughter. The world needed to know that Rosemary was in danger. Maureen went ahead and shared what she witnessed in her daughter’s Facebook profile.

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Maureen quickly made a post and published it online. She was hoping her post would get reached by more people. Someone must have seen her daughter. But where was she?

Crying For Help

“She is missing and endangered and is presumed to have fallen into the hands of child trafficking criminals,” she wrote. Since she disappeared, I have found images of her online.” shared Rosemary’s mother with the world.

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Maureen was praying her post would quickly go viral. She was begging for help. It was apparent her daughter was still alive…Unless the pictures were shared to make people believe so. Either way, Maureen had no other choice but to keep trying and hoping for the best.

The Silence

Despite all of the effort Maureen had put in, there were no other updates on her missing child. The Facebook photos were the first clue in half a year, but it certainly gave her hope. What if those horrible individuals had punished Rosemary after they had seen the social media posts? Maureen had no idea what to think or do anymore…

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Weeks went by after Maureen reached out on social media, there was still no news or any kind of clues. Was this the end? Maureen feared her daughter wasn’t alive anymore. Otherwise, she would have heard or seen something by now.

Waiting, Waiting…

Maureen was waiting and waiting to hear news about her daughter, but there were no updates. All she wanted was at least some sort of a clue about her beloved daughter. Was she still alive? Maureen was praying Rosemary would be found soon.

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Just when Maureen was starting to lose hope again, she finally heard the news she wanted to hear. After making posters, reaching out on social media, and even helping to organize a statewide search of Oregon, on January 16, 2016, she received the news about her daughter Rosemary.

The Good News

After months of searching and worrying about her missing teenage daughter, on January 16, Maureen was able to catch a break. The news came out soon after Maureen made yet another post on Facebook begging for help in finding her dear daughter.

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Rosemary was found alive! David F. Gullet, the girl’s father, was the one who broke the news to the world. “I want to reach out and thank everyone for your Prayers and Support. Rosemary has been found after an anonymous tip. Several situations are still in play to provide an amicable return to home…”, He said. Maureen was on cloud nine. Her daughter was alive, and she was going to see her very soon. But was that what Rosemary wanted as well?

Relived And Happy

Maureen couldn’t wait to see her daughter. After so many tears and sleepless nights, she was going to be reunited with Rosemary. This time, Maureen swore to herself she would do anything to protect her teenage daughter.

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What happened next was not what Maureen was expecting at all. She was sure that some horrible people had kidnaped her daughter; that’s why she didn’t come home that night. However, Rosemary’s side of the story left her speechless.

Who Would’ve Thought

Soon after Rosemary was found, the police began questioning the girl about her strange disappearance. What Rosemary had shared with the police was utterly shocking. It turns out that the girl wasn’t kidnapped after all…

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Maureen’s theory of kidnapping was indeed wrong. Rosemary wasn’t in danger all of these months. She was safe and sound. But where had she been for such a long time? Apparently, Rosemary had her reasons…

In Shock

What Rosemary told the police completely blew Maureen’s mind. No, she wasn’t kidnapped by human traffickers.  The young girl decided to run away from home due to some personal reasons. But how come? What could be better than living with your family?

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Maureen couldn’t believe her ears. Her daughter ran away from her family, wasn’t even attempting to contact anyone at all. There must have been something more to this strange story.  And there was…things got even more complicated when Rosemary was finally found.

Foster Care

Rosemary and her siblings are currently in foster care. Those who know the girl described her as a sweet, friendly, respectful young girl. If so, then how come her and Maureen had so many problems at home?

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It is clear something was not quite right in this family situation. Otherwise, the kids would not have been placed in foster care. Soon, Rosemary shared her reasons for running away with the rest of the world and why she was placed in foster care.

Strange Behavior

To everyone’s surprise, Rosie’s mother became distant once the girl’s word got out. She was very communicative while trying to locate her daughter but suddenly became silent once the girl had been found. Others were expecting her to be thanking people for help in finding her daughter, but this was not the case. It looked like she was hiding something from the very beginning…

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Rosie’s mother had been hiding some details about her relationship with her daughter. Or else, how could this strange behavior be explained? According to Rosemary, living at home was very toxic for her and the siblings. Hence why she decided to run away. But what exactly was going on inside the walls of Gullet’s house?

Rosie’s Side Of Story

Rosie’s childhood was indeed very different from other children her age. However, when the girl was little, she couldn’t tell what was right and what was wrong. She assumed this lifestyle was normal and acceptable. Though it was much later when she realized how unhealthy this living situation was for her and her siblings…

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She shared that her biological parents were living  “a nomadic lifestyle, a hippie lifestyle.” ever since she was born. The girl believed living in such conditions were unhealthy, abusive, and not acceptable. But what exactly did she mean by that?

Constant Traveling

“I was pretty much homeless living with my biological family. We traveled to the United States. Mostly living in Portland but traveling around, living in different Volkswagens and RVs, going to music festivals and hippie communes,” said Rosie.

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“A lot of time running from the state and the law,” she added. How could her parents think it was okay for the kids to be living this crazy lifestyle? Rosemary was deeply traumatized and wished for this to be over as soon as possible. Soon, her wish came true

In Tennessee

The police got involved when Rosie and the rest of her family were spending time in Tennessee in the same horrible living conditions. The officers were shocked to discover that Gullets were living in a tent with no running water and food. At that time, the couple had six children with them suffering in a tent and a trailer.

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The authorities quickly took the children away from the parents as these living conditions were clearly not tolerable. Rosemary and her siblings spent their first night in a child welfare office. These children had no idea what the future was holding for them, but they were hoping for the best…

First Foster Home

Rosemary and her siblings were placed in a foster home soon after they were separated from their parents. The girl described this experience as a “nightmare.” Could it really be worse than the conditions she lived in with her biological parents?

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The children were not allowed to even mentioned their biological parents at the new foster home. Besides, there was also a lot of abuse and negligence. Luckily, the kids were able to leave this place after about a year when their biological parents got custody.

Isolated And Alone

Rosemary wasn’t sure what was worse, the conditions she lived in with her biological parents or that awful foster home. As much as she wanted to let the child welfare system know that she didn’t feel safe living with her biological parents, she decided to remain silent and let fate do its job.

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Rosemary felt incredibly alone and isolated, which prevented her from reaching out for help when she needed it the most. Instead of turning to a trusted adult for help, she came up with a different solution to her problem, and not the safest one…

Running Away

After two years of depression and sadness, Rosemary ran away from her home. She was an emotional teenager who needed a quick escape. Living on the streets alone were far from safe, but Rosemary felt like she didn’t have a choice back then.

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“That the situation I had was so terrible that I could live by myself, on my own as a 14-year-old and feel safer on the streets than in that home. I had more confidence in myself protecting myself than I did in the system that had already failed me.” the girl added. Rosemary was missing on and off for about nine months. Then, she re-entered the child-welfare system by entering a youth shelter in Portland.

Rosie’s Current Situation

Rosie is now in a safe environment and is living with the parents of a friend she made in the kindergarten. The girl was always in touch with her friend, despite the fact she was moving so often over many years. Gullet can finally relax and get to experience living in safe, healthy conditions.

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Rosie later explained that she wanted to join the foster care so she could get the rest of her siblings away from their biological parents. And she succeeded at her plan. But where are her siblings now?

Separated But Safe

Unfortunately, Rosie and her siblings are currently separated and living in different foster homes. But the most important thing is everyone is finally in a safe, healthy environment.

Credits: St. Catherine’s Center for Children

It is a big relief to hear these poor children are finally in the hands of good kind-hearted people.“The way the system has been treating me over the past two years — it’s definitely been the best I’ve ever received, but it doesn’t feel like enough,” Rosie said.



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