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7 Firefighter Dads From Oklahoma Did A Photo Shoot With Their 7 Newborns, And Their Pictures Are So Adorable


There are tons of stories on the internet being posted at this moment. And, this one caught my eye for some reason. And, if this doesn’t catch your attention and emotions, then I don’t know what will. So, let’s not stall it, and let’s dive into the story!

Today, we’re going to talk about seven firefighters that are working in the same fire station, and that is glad to be each other’s colleague. But, that’s not the only thing that all seven of them have in common. In fact, each and every one of these seven firefighters has recently achieved the role as a new dad. They are all from Oklahoma, and they got the title fifteen months difference from the first to the last firefighter.

The first to get into the “dad club” has a fifteen months old baby, and the one that got the role most recently has a four weeks old baby. You didn’t believe me that this story will catch your eye, didn’t you?

Image Source: The A Post

The Glenpool fire station in Oklahoma is the home fire station to all seven firefighters in question. But, the more bizarre thing is the fact that all seven of them were at the same age, and they were all recently married. And, this rare occasion couldn’t pass silently. So, they all wanted to celebrate it. The seven co-workers, along with their wives, would soon become something more than friends. I would even call them a family.

Image Source: The A Post

Keeping your memories and celebrations is always an important thing to do, and we all know this. And, one firefighter was also working as a part-time photographer, so they had someone who could catch all of their celebrations. And, the photographer was happy to save this fantastic moment on her camera. So, she decided to film a photo shoot at the moment. This photo shoot would revolve around the seven firefighters and their babies. What’s more adorable than seven cute firefighters with babies in their hands?

Image Source: The A Post

The girl who was supposed to shoot the photo shoot wanted to save this moment of their lives, even despite the fact that she was battling toddlers, and they are always hard to deal with. The mother of one of the babies, the photographer, quickly took a couple of photos that showed the connections that the babies and their fathers had. There’s one photo where all the toddlers are sitting in their fathers’ hands, but one of the babies is out of the sitting place.

Image Source: The A Post

The photographer made some fantastic photos. In this photo, she made them all wear similar clothes, a black shirt, and dark trousers. Some of the firefighters liked hats, so they put them on, and some of them don’t wear hats. But,t the most important thing about this picture is the way that the fathers hold their children. In another one of the images, she had the babies seating on the fire fighter’s truck. There are many more pictures, but, one thing is for sure… They’ll have their parents to thank once they all grow up.

Thousands of people were amazed by how charming the whole story is. There’s time for everything, and we should not neglect friendships just because we think that we don’t have time for them. Did you like the photos and the story? If you did, make sure to share it and like it. Comment which picture of the seven firefighters was your favorite!


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