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8 Of The Most Incredibly Designed Restaurants In The World


Astor Grill, Doha, Qatar

People who visit this amazing place that can be found at the St. Regis Hotel of Doha are for sure going to be amazed! This place, despite the fact that its name suggests otherwise, is named after the founder and owner of the St. Regis restaurants chain, John Jacob Astor the Fourth. It boasts with its more than 15 feet tall curved entrance that was designed and inspired by Tony Cragg who was an artist in Britain. The pine strips on the ceiling of the dining section give this place a unique feeling but don’t hide the luxury that it offers! The wooden texture that is continuous throughout the whole restaurant gives it a warm and cozy feeling that everybody seems to love!

Ma Cocotte, Paris, France

This relatively new restaurant on two levels is a beautifully designed piece of art that will live you in awe. It is an amazing addition to Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen which is a well-known part of Paris, a market street to be exact. The best part of this amazing restaurant is the dining room. You can find it on the lower level, normally it is surrounded by garage doors, which on beautiful sunny days open up and transform into an outdoor terrace. The vintage feel of the upper level of the restaurant looks like a living room of some sort. That feeling is given mainly by the little sculptures and goods that décor up this floor!

NoMad, New York, New York

This amazingly designed and built hotel has both a bar and a restaurant… It can be found in North America, but despite that, it looks and feels as luxurious as some of the more expensive European ones. Jacques Garcia is the person behind this work of art. With his amazing attention to the little things, and using some one of a kind materials gives this restaurant a historical vibe which transfers to the bar as well. The NoMad has a beautiful looking fireplace which is located near the dining area. The design here is based on an antique stone centerpiece which originates from France. You feel warm by the colors of the room despite the fact that the fireplace is not actually lit.

 Cinco, Berlin, Germany

The Cinco is a restaurant in the new German hotel – “Das Stue” that can be found in the capital of Germany, Berlin! This restaurant is the first restaurant ever that the Catalonian Chef Paco Perez opened outside of the borders of Spain. The Cinco is opened in the former Royal Danish embassy which was built way back in 1939. This beautiful looking place was designed by Patricia Urquiola. The attention to detail is amazing, and not a lot of people can achieve this. The number of copper boats and pendant lamps that can be found in the dining room perfectly showcase Spain, where the main chef Perez is from!

French Blue, St.Helena, California

St. Helena, California, Napa Valley, The French Blue. One of the best looking places that boasts with the warm weather and all year round summer that California is known for. The designer of this place, Howard J Backen, and his wife Lori who is an interior designer, a pretty well-known architect and designer duo in California, have designed lots of California’s beautiful wineries. The couple and the main chef of the restaurant – Philip Wang, are also the owners of this restaurant. The tall windows found in the French Blue are a signature design of the architect Backen, but the way that he used them to connect the dining room to a terrace with a fireplace is truly surreal.

Volkshaus Basel, Basel, Switzerland

This place was built back in 1925, and its architects, Herzog, and de Meuron wanted the place to include a library, a concert hall, a restaurant, and a hotel. If we take the architects of this amazing place into consideration and their previous work we come to the conclusion that they held their horses when they designed it as it looks to be pretty held back in its design. But, after a couple of renovations and rebuilding processes, this building has lost its original flavor and look… But, the architects came back to the saving of the place, because instead of making some changes and adding some things, they decided to remove lots of stuff and bring the place back to its original looks and feels. They doubled the number of ceiling lamps and made a couple of subtle changes and at last, they got back the original Volkshaus Basel.

Atera, New York, New York

The famous Tribeca neighborhood in Manhattan, New York, is the home of the amazing Atera restaurant. It holds only 18 seats in its dining room around the bar. This place was designed by a New York construction firm which is led by a diverse group of people and that is how they manage to sculpt along so many styles into one place! The look of this place, with a couple of styles of design blending into each other, perfectly matches the cooking of chef Matthew Lightner which combines lots of ingredients and loves to experiment with his food. In the main kitchen, where he does all the cooking, you can find a private dining room for the best of the best costumers. The subway tile, the school chairs, and the leather high club chairs, perfectly depict the style of Parts and Labor Design, the company that was working on this project.

Lily and Bloom, Hong Kong

The designer of this place tried to blend Shangai, Paris and London’s urban street styles into one. This place was designed by a design firm all the way from New York, and they managed to capture all the urban and eclectic scenery that they were trying to capture when they were creating it. Despite the fact that you will find gritty edges, you still feel how sophisticated the place really is. The tiled walls in the interior of the building, the iron fixtures, and the red leather seats give out the best vibe when you find yourself in this amazingly designed restaurant.


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