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8 Photos Improved By Genius Photoshoppers


All those photographers with +100k followers on Instagram whose photos look amazing have one thing in common, and that is, of course, Photoshop. Enhancing the colors, adjusting the angles, and aligning objects are few of the improvements that can be achieved with this amazing program. While for most users that may be enough, there are photoshop geniuses who take this art to a whole different level and do unimaginably creative things using ordinary photos as their base. These are our 8 favorites:

Looking at the first photo, you are probably wondering why would someone even think of taking it in the first place. There’s nothing special about a nicely dressed man sitting on a chair surrounded by vandalized graffiti walls and brick ruins, but the photoshop version puts the artist’s perspective in focus. By adding the lamp and photoshopping the bricks into tree branches and moss, the artist managed to successfully create a beautiful, yet mystical and wizardly setting.

We can all tell that the original picture is a guy submerged in water, possibly bathtub, with his clothes on. That alone does not stir up some complex feelings in us. But if we look at the much darker, deeper, and visually enhanced photoshop version on the right, it is a completely different story. The whirlpool

These cute siblings in a sweet embrace melt our hearts away and if you ask us, the original photo is perfect as it is. But photoshop geniuses have the power to even enhance sibling love by adjusting the colors a bit and add some falling leaves. The ‘summer is gone’ effect makes the final result much warmer, cuter, and welcoming.

 The first photo perfectly captures the messy room of this teenager staring at the ceiling deep in thought, but it doesn’t quite convey what he is trying to achieve. That’s where photoshop comes in. The final result perfectly pictures his dazed and confused state of mind, emitting rays of sunshine from the ceiling of a darkened room. Drunk, high, or both? You guess.

This photo is a perfect example of how sometimes you can use photoshop knowledge to create illusion in real life. Looking at the first photo you are probably wondering what good can come out of a girl wearing bikini and kneeling down on the side of the street surrounded by bushes. Well, take a look at the result, as it’s a perfect example that you can create extraordinary photos in very ordinary settings.

The picture on the left is the original one taken by a photographer and it doesn’t look like it’s lacking anything. On the contrary, the photographed woman is so beautiful with a perfectly symmetric face that it inspired a genius photoshopper to create an incredibly human-like robot version of her. And we can all agree, it is truly mind-blowing.

How to create a 70s photo setting today without paying bunch of money? Easily – don’t do anything at all. Follow this photographer’s example and the only thing that you’ll be concerned about is choosing the right outfit for the model, and your photoshop skills. The plain background is perfectly filled up in the final photo with a touch of retro effects to add authenticity. Amazing!

With this set of photos it would’ve been impossible to tell which one is the originals if it wasn’t for the slight drawing-like effect that the photoshopped version has. Both photos depict a sweet girl, starting out of the window, but the night cityscape sends forth a much different interpretation. Is this innocent girl looking back on her life and regrets becoming just another face in the crowds of bustling New York city? It’s definitely a possibility.


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