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8 Signs You Might Be an Introvert


In recent years, everybody seems to be fascinated by the introverts in some way or another. Our personality is important to us, and that’s mainly the reason why lots of us are trying to find out if we are introvert or extrovert. And researching this topic on the internet would be a walk in the breeze, but the great thing is that there are a couple of clues that might tell you well before you spend time on researching. If the majority of these clues feel like you and you go “Hey, I am this person!” well, guess what… You are an introvert!

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  1. You don’t want to waste time on small talk!

Conversations and small talks are not your cups of tea, simply because you naturally want to listen to people. You love hearing people out and helping them, that makes you an observer, you don’t really enjoy engaging in conversations that require you to talk a lot. And the matter of fact is, that you don’t really want to hear all about what happened in the last “Real Housewives of Orange County”, the night before!

You would much rather engage into deeper much meaningful conversations like discussing the political situation in your country, the things that are happening in the world or something more serious. You will soon start realizing that the conversations start turning to the much deeper side once you start discussing them. And the most simple of conversations like “Have you seen Orange is The New Black?” is quickly going to turn into a discussion about the problems happening with all the prisons in the country! You never seem to stay out of the deep when you are talking!

  1. You’re Feeling Like You’re Socially Awkward! (No Offense)

Yeah, you want to talk to your friends, but when you engage into small talks, another, false persona starts appearing, and you don’t really like that persona. You never like it when the spotlight is on you, and even a mention of the next big Fortune 500 Company and sharing your teamwork philosophies might bring you anxiety!

As we mentioned earlier none of the introverts love having the spotlight on them, they would much rather stay in the dark (Take your birthdays, some kinds of awards, and for some of you, even your own wedding (You loved it when all those things were over, right?). And all of them try to deflect the attention off of them as much and as fast as they are able to. No matter how much you hate talking, once you find yourself in a networking situation you must speak up. That is if you want to get that job you have been dreaming about! But, even if you do that, it oftentimes feels uncomfortable and it drains you!

  1. You’d Much Rather Stay in Than Go Out!

Source: https://fun.lovetoknow.com/image/205676~womanrelaxing.jpgYou often times feel like you don’t want to stay out and you’re praying for someone to say that you’re going home so you can plunge on the couch and just lay down doing nothing! And no, we are not trying to tell you that the introverts don’t have friends. What we’re trying to tell you is that they don’t want too much social interaction, because they love alone time even more than going out!

Introverts love spending Friday nights at home, and they don’t see them as a bad thing. They would much rather stay at home and read a book than go out. Books help them for a richer imagination, and they open up a new, more beautiful world in their minds (where they often time spend their alone time). Or, if reading is not an option, they love binge watching on Netflix!

  1. You Limit The Social Energy You Are Willing To Burn

And even when you decide to go out, you feel exhausted from going out more than your extroverted friends. You start feeling burnt out, and you don’t really like it, you feel like an anville fell on you and you can’t wait to go home and stop hearing them talk about that stupid new Kanye West song!

A good old trick up your sleeve is when you tell them that you would wish to stay but you have lots of work waiting for you at home and you’ll need to get up early the next morning, and the best thing of all is if you’re driving, and you don’t have to wait for anyone to give you a lift. You don’t have anything against your friends all you need is a bit of recharge. An Introvert’s safe place – as they want to call it is their home. And, only when they get there they start feeling better and recharged!

  1. You Hate Being in the Audience of a Show!

Ever wanted to go to “The Price Is Right”? Well, I’d guess you wanted to, I mean who doesn’t want to. But, the slim chances of getting picked to walk on stage is enough to steer you away from it, and it sends shivers down your spine (that’s the anxiety). And even if you went there, you would love to watch the show not to participate in it. And when the time for “Winner’s pool” comes, you’d be out on a bathroom break (You probably timed them to be like that).

And on the odd chance that you’ve been chosen, you start overthinking stuff, like what you should say, you start constructing sentences in your head. Yeah, it’s fun playing the game in front of the TV, but things get more difficult and scary once the spotlight’s on you!

  1. You Are A Mystery For Some of your Friends!@

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“Why do you have to be so mysterious?” or “You should just try to open up more”? Are just everyday things for you to hear? And no one understands that it’s not that you don’t want to be mysterious, the problem is that you don’t really want to overshare!

You’re not making a lot of friends because of the high guard you’re keeping. And this is the area where the extroverts shine – making introverts feeling more comfortable. Just think of a room fool of introverts… who would start the conversation? Everyone would be sitting and doing nothing!

  1. You Are Constantly Communicating – In Your Head!

The imagination is the best and most valuable thing that an introvert has! And they love that about themselves. You may not be talking, but, you’re constantly communicating silently in your mind. And if we take extroverts, for example, they might get exhausted and drained from staying home, introverts love this and that’s where they thrive!

And, even at times that you’re not at home, you keep noticing details that a lot of extroverts wouldn’t. That is because extroverts are the ones that love paying attention to the details. Extroverts are the people that are already thinking about a step five when the others are still at step one! And it seems to you that you cannot stop your brain.

  1. Anti-Social? No! Just Selectively-Social!

The idea that introverts are anti-social is not a real one. In fact, they love their social lives, they just pay a bit more attention to their social circles. And if they don’t know lots of people from the group they’d probably be silent because this would mean exchanging lots of words, and they don’t like that!

Not all shy people are introverts, and not all introverts are shy. This is another one of the countless myths surrounding introverts. The thing is that they are better off in smaller groups of people. And they love spending time with the ones they love and trust! And the bigger the group is the bigger your thought process of whether you should go out or not!


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