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8 Traits People Find Attractive, According to Science


Finding a good partner is not done with the help of some rule book, or guide that helps people tailor their personality and looks. It really is a subjective thing and it depends on the person’s taste. Despite all of this, scientific studies have compiled a couple of personality traits that are more likely to be desired by people. And to be honest I am a bit excited to talk to you about them. Because the traits we’ve written are not just the ones we’d expect to see, I mean yeah who wouldn’t like a perfect smile or beautiful eyes, but these are not that kind of traits. So read on to find if you possess any of these traits yourself!


Good sense of humor is the thing of the modern women. I mean think about it, who doesn’t like smiling. And if you have a good sense of humor, then everyone around you will like you and you’ll make them smile! A study has shown that women look for partners with this predisposition. And, given the fact that these traits are inheritable, women are probably genetically predisposed to look for a partner who possesses these traits. And sure a good sense of humor is one of the top 8 traits!

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Another study has proven that women who have a higher pitched voice might sound healthier and younger to men, and that might be the reasoning why lots of men enjoy hearing women with higher pitched voices. And on the other line of the spectrum, women like men with a deeper pitched voice, it seems to give them a feeling of security and the baritone vocals are associated with higher testosterone.


We all joke around that we like people who own pets more than those who don’t. But, this has been proven with a study. The study was conducted by a man who was asking for women’s numbers, the catch was that fifty percent of the time, he was walking a dog, and the numbers he got with the dog were 3 times bigger than the ones he got without the dog. But this study isn’t the only one that associates pets with people’s attractiveness. In fact, there are quite many more studies that show why some of you should thank your pets for your partner. ‘Cause if it wasn’t for the pet, you would’ve still been single! (Just kidding guys!)

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This one is for the guys out there (I mean, DUH!). Anyways, a study conducted on 8520 women has shown that they mostly liked the men who were just starting to grow a beard or what’s called “Heavy Stubble”, when compared to men with lots of beard, and cleanly shaved men. The bad thing is that these men, the heavy stubble ones, were seen just as a short-term relationship material. And, women liked fewer men with big beards, but they liked them for a long-term relationship.

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A study conducted back in 2014, has shown that people that are constantly socializing and talking to other people, have more chances at looking attractive to other people. There are a couple of theories why this is happening, but none of them can be certain about it. And as the person who conducted the study stated: “It likely has to do with our brains scanning the faces of all the people in the group and finding an “average attractiveness” among the combined members.”

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He also said that people are more likely to be seen as attractive if they’re seen in their groups of friends, and not as attractive when seen alone. Not to be rude or anything, but the reason might be because of the fact that when we’re in a group, our face is compared to the others and we are measured on an average scale of the beauty of the group.


This goes without saying. Being nice can help you out a ton when trying to look more attractive. I mean who likes those yelling, and nervous people that you see every day when you go to work…? Let me help you. NO ONE! A study has shown that the facts that our parents taught us to be nice have paid off. Namely, the study was conducted on three groups with 120 people in each group. The groups were mixed with males and females. They were shown 60 pictures of people they didn’t know and they were asked to rate the attractiveness based on their neutral facial expressions. After a couple of weeks, the same groups of people were given the same 60 pictures, but now there was a twist.

Namely, one of the groups got the positive attributes of some of the people on the pictures, another group saw the negatives in some of the people on the pictures, and the third group was a control group and was left without any attributes with the pictures.

The results were as expected. The first round of the experiment, the results were pretty similar, people liked the best looking subjects on the pictures. But, things got a bit interesting in the second phase of the research. Namely once they got the attributes of some people their opinions started to change. And, yeah, People loved the subjects with the positive attributes more, and said that they seemed to be turned off by the negative attributes and the subjects that possessed them. And as we said earlier, your parents taught you well! Be nice, and you’ll get your reward!


You don’t need a fit body and lots of money to seem attractive to someone. Knowing how to handle your financial future, and your future in general for that matter, is all it takes for others to start noticing you. Discover and Match Media Group, conducted a study in which a whopping 69 percent of 2000 people thought financial responsibility to be extremely important, or at least very important when looking for a long-term relationship.


No! Fit body didn’t make it on our top 8 list! And here is why. Lots of people seem to find people who know how to manage their finances well more attractive than people who look good. That’s why sometimes personality is a better thing to focus on than your six-pack and ripped body… A study has shown that fifty eight percent found a good credit score more important than a fancy car on online dating sites, and fifty percent of the people their put good credit score before a fancy job title. So there you go, stop wasting your time on training and start focusing more on your credit score!

So there you go guys, the top 8 personality traits that people look for in their future partners. Do you possess any of these? Well go out there and show them what you’ve got!

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