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92-year -old woman beaten horribly in a taxi cab


Hanka Fogelman was a survivor of the Holocaust. Decades after she was lucky to survive the horrible things done to people during World War 2, she went through something she couldn’t believe. While taking a taxi to go visit her daughters, she was attacked in the back of the cab by a stranger and brutally beaten. The cab she took on November 11th, 2018, was a company that provides transport to people who have mental or physical disabilities. Hanka had said that before she came in the taxi, the driver told her that the passenger who was riding in the back was known for being violent and unpredictable. So he warned her not to talk to him the entire ride to her destination. She took the driver to advise, sat next to him and didn’t even look at him, let alone say something to him.

Image Source: En News Ner

At the time, another woman was sitting in the front seat, and the dangerous man was sitting in the back. Hanka told reports that even though the driver knew the person was dangerous and aggressive, he told her not to speak to him and it will be fine. She also said that even though she didn’t say a word to him, after getting in the taxi. Minutes after they started driving, he turned to her and started hitting her in the head. He started punching her, and after just one or two punches, she started bleeding and couldn’t do anything nor try to stop him. The driver noticed right away, but until he stopped the taxi, and went to help her, the damage was done.

When the police came to the scene, an ambulance was called. And, they saw the man sitting peacefully in the back of the taxi playing a puzzle game. He wasn’t aware of what he had done. The police officer who was at the scene told the reports that the man couldn’t be charged for assault. This was because of the fact that he is suffering from a mental, intellectual disability and that they couldn’t do anything, only to let him go. Hanka, on the other hand, was immediately taken to a hospital. When her daughter arrived at the hospital, she was furious that someone would do this to an elderly woman. She had a swollen face with cuts and bruises and had a broken nose. She told news reporters that the driver was wrong to let her in the taxi with the man sat next to her and that he should have called another cab for her. She couldn’t protect herself at this age, and she was powerless.

Image Source: En News Ner

A lot of people after hearing the news about Hanka took to social media for support and that some kind of justice should be served. A lot of lawyers have stated that this is a flaw in the system and that in these kinds of situations and events, nothing can be done. Changes have to be made in the system, and new laws have to be brought up, and the old ones changed. People with disabilities, mental or physical shouldn’t live in fear of being attacked, and some kind of justice should be served.

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