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A Day in the life of a minimalist


Minimalism… what do you think about when you hear this word? Maybe you think about minimal clutter, or perhaps you think of an empty house, simple clothes, and no personal stuff? Well, do minimalists really need these things, they don’t, right? Hold on a second, that isn’t how minimalism works. Minimalists spend a lot of time thinking about the things in their lives. They value everything, and they never hold on to items that they can’t use, and don’t have any advantage from.  By eliminating lots of things from their lives, they manage to have a better experience with less clutter. But, have you ever wondered how a day in a minimalist’s life looks like? Well, in today’s article we’re going to talk more about it!

They’re Just Normal People

Minimalists are not the special kind of people we all think that they are, and they don’t raise from bed when they need to without any alarms. They are ordinary people like us, and they need alarms to rise from bed. They do all the things that we do, take a shower, brush their teeth, eat healthy, exercise, etc. But, the critical difference that makes them minimalists is that they don’t have a lifestyle that is similar to ours. The one key difference that separates minimalists from everybody else is the fact that they don’t own what they think they don’t need. The only thing that they own is a couple of pieces of clothes and some personal belongings.

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They Work just Like Normal People

Once they rise to the sound of their alarm, they get ready to go to their workplace, and they do the same things that we do. Some minimalists work in an office, some of them work as freelancers, and some of them never work at all. The point I am trying to make here is the fact that minimalism doesn’t stop them from chasing their dreams and pursuing their passions.

They Make Lunch Like Normal People

Healthy food and simple eating is everything that minimalists try to do differently from most of the people. Natural and organic foods are the go-to foods for them, and there are some minimalists who practice cooking extra portions of their meals in order to store them for the week. This way they spend much less money on food and eating out because they know that they have something waiting for them back home, this is what they also practice when they’re dining. They’re preparing larger portions and store them for later down the week.

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How are They Different

Some of the more critical specifications that make a minimalist – a minimalist are the things that they actually don’t do. Remember how we mentioned that they have a couple of pieces of clothes. That’s so they don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what they should wear. They don’t waste their time on social media, seamlessly scrolling around their social media profiles. And, they only do the things that need to be done. For example, they eliminate items that they don’t need in their lives, and also keep just what they think would be helpful to them. People that are not minimalists actually don’t know how a minimalists day goes by, there are some things that are really off for minimalists in people’s imagination, and today’s post was written to clear things up once and for all.

So, as you read in this article, minimalists aren’t all that different from everybody else. They eat the things we eat, the work at the places we work and they wake up and go to bed just like we do. The only thing that separates them from us is that they try to keep the clutter in their lives at a minimum. So, now when you know how minimalists spend their days, do you think you could spend a day as a minimalist?


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