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A Heart-Wrenching Discovery Has FBI Involved In Home Renovation


It all started when an Ohio couple decided to renovate their 1940s home. They thought they were going to end up with a newly renovated living space, but instead, they experienced something completely shocking.

A 35-year old DIY remodeler and his wife decided it was time to do some renovations after living in their new Cleveland home for a few years. They came to an agreement to focus on the basement, first and second floor of the house. Although, they were a little nervous as they discovered some weird engravings on the walls and were not sure what else they may find while renovating the home. Little did they know what they were about to uncover…

A House Full of Secrets

The renovation of the house did not exactly go as planned from the very start. The house owner was completely shocked after finding some drawings and writings on the walls of his own home. However, they certainly were not realizing this was only the beginning…

Hard Work

Renovating a home on your own is definitely not easy, although it would all be worth it in the end. As it was time to tackle the daunting task of removing the ceiling, things got complicated. Eventually, all the hard work this couple put in would pay off…

Back To 65 Years Ago

After pulling back the boards, the man noticed a green suitcase located next to the pipe. This left him speechless. It doesn’t happen often when you accidentally discover a random suitcase hidden in the walls of your house. The object was covered in dust, meaning it was most likely been laying in the same place for years. But why would it be hidden there in the first place?

One Heavy Suitcase

The man reached for the suitcase as he could not wait to find out what was inside of it. He was very thrilled about his finding and called his wife to come as soon as possible. He wanted her to be present during the exciting moment of opening the suitcase.

The Secret Behind a Suitcase

The couple decided to open the suitcase in their garden. Different questions came to their mind regarding what could be inside of the suitcase: Would that be cards? Cash? Recipes? The renovator did not expect much though, maybe some old sports cards at most. Turns out, he was completely wrong…

Going Back in Time

There was a newspaper inside of the suitcase which indicated exactly how old it was. They noticed an old copy of Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper, which was printed on March 25, 1951. Meaning this was most likely the time when the suitcase got placed. It was hard to believe that more than 65 years ago someone stashed away this treasure. But how come?

Three Strange Packages

They continued to dig around the suitcase in hopes of finding more clues to this case. Eventually, the homeowners noticed three separate packages inside the box. After carefully placing them on the table, they realized there were stacks of green American dollars in each package.

The Lucky Moment

They could not believe their eyes. There was a stack of twenty dollar bills laying right in front of them. “This kind of stuff doesn’t happen to normal people like us! Where are the cameras!” they cried from happiness. However, this was not the end of it. They still had two packages left. What would they contain?

Next Package

The next package was even more exciting! Instead of another pile of 20 dollar bills, this one included a bunch of fifties. They were completed shocked. The final package had a stack of hundred dollar bills. Although, this was not the end…

The Total Amount

After carefully counting the dollar bills, the couple realized they had $23,000 right in front of them. The bills were all extremely rare and old with some of them coming from 1928-1943. They were now the owners of a quite large amount of cash and some unknown star notes. However, there was more to this mysterious treasure…

Another Suitcase

The couple spent the next week celebrating their amazing finding and speaking to multiple lawyers. However, sooner or later they had to continue living their normal life, including finishing DIY renovations. They may have $23,000 extra in cash, but this certainly did not mean they had to postpone the renovation process. Everything seemed ordinary again until the DIY remodeler found another suitcase in the ceiling.

A Little More Heavy

He was alone when he noticed the second mysterious suitcase. The renovator was super excited and confused at the same time, how come he did not notice the second suitcase before? He wanted his wife to present for yet another astonishing discovery and decided to wait until she arrives home from work. He had no idea on what to expect this time but was hoping it was something even bigger…

More Cash

As soon as the wife came home, they opened the second suitcase. This one also contained cash inside, but the amount was much much larger than the first…

The Final Amount

The total amount of cash found in both of the suitcases equaled to $45,000. The couple made some photos of the cash and said, “This was a wild ride for us and I hope you all enjoyed it, too. We are boring people and have been dumping our extra money to pay off our mortgage and that is where this money will go, too.” They thought this was the end of it and proceeded to their renovations.

A Secret Door

After another few days of celebration and happiness, the couple continued with the renovations of their home. On the second floor of their house, there was always a weird door they were curious about. It was there since the day they moved. When the homeowners finally opened the strange door, they noticed mysterious crawlspace. The couple never attempted to explore what was behind this door before as the realtor mentioned it was just a simple area for storing hot water or what not. After finally opening the door, they realized it was something else…

A Hidden Hallway

As soon as they entered the door, this couple admitted they have been fooled. This space was definitely not meant for the “water heater” purpose. They were amazed when they saw a hidden room in their own house. It was also much bigger than they imagined it to be. There were several pieces of carpet on the floor which directed the homeowners to the next unexpected surprise…

Another door

The man was nervous about what he might come across next and told his wife to wait. As he was walking through the room, he noticed another door. The man was very curious about what he was about to find behind the next door. Can you imagine realizing the house you have been living in has a whole hidden side of it?

Locked Out

Unfortunately, it was impossible to enter the second door as it was secured by a bolt and had a master lock on it. Although, the renovator did not want to give up so easily. He went downstairs and returned with a hammer. He started to pound on the door in hopes of eventually breaking the lock.

The Reason Behind Soundproofing

There could be different reasons for installing soundproofing system in the house. However, the most obvious and suspicious reason behind it would be an illegal activity. The ceiling, walls, and even the floor were covered in a plastic tarp and white soundproofing board. Why would someone go through all of this? They certainly did not want anyone to hear what was happening down there.

A Briefcase Full Of Secrets

The second room, of course, was not empty. The first thing which grabbed the man’s attention was a briefcase lying on the floor. At first, he was a bit scared because of not knowing what he was about to find, but then he finally opened it…

The Inside

The briefcase contained a lot of valuables such as an ancient wooden box, watches, envelopes full of money from different countries, a jewelry box, 4 1 oz silver ingots, and rings. It seemed like someone had packed all of the personal valuable items into this box. But what was the purpose of that? Who were they hiding these valuables from?

A Secret Safe

Besides the strange briefcase, this room had more secrets soon to be discovered. As soon as the man glanced away from the briefcase, he spotted a big black Sentry Safe on the wall. The homeowner had a weird feeling about the safe. He knew that whatever was inside of it was even darker than what they have discovered so far…

The Scariest Warning Ever

Being only two words long, this note was still completely terrifying. The phrase was written in thick black ink on a white piece of paper saying, “Save yourself”. But from what?

Inside The Safe

Many would think such a scary warning would be enough to stop investigating the safe. But not for this man. He was suspecting it was just a bad prank. Although he quickly changed his mind when he saw the inside of the safe. There were six videotapes labeled “I94”, “II95”, “III95”, “IV”, “95, V” and one without a label placed on the bottom of the mysterious dark safe. What could be inside these tapes?

The Beginning of a Nightmare

The man tried to convince himself that it was all just a very bad joke from the previous owners and nothing more. But the voice inside of his head would not let him get over this horrible finding. After some days, he finally got the courage to watch the tape and learned the horrific truth about the previous owners…

The Horrible Truth

After the horrible discovery, he posted the story on Reddit. The FBI got in touch with the man pretty quickly though. All of the details still remain under police investigation, however, rumor has it there are horrible criminal acts recorded on there. The other items that were found are all evidence to the content of these tapes.


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