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A heartwarming high school dance proposal goes viral


It is always lovely when you see a heartwarming video or story appear on your social media. It is even better when you see videos or stories go viral because of someone doing a kind gesture or something else that can make your day better just by watching or reading the story. In September 2019, the story about David Matthew Cowan asking his cheerleader girlfriend Saris Marie Garcia to the high school dance went viral. The story was special because they both have Down syndrome, and they weren’t going to make that stop them from going and having fun with their friends.

Unfortunately, it isn’t common for people with Down syndrome to have relationships, get married, and have children. The statistics show that 15 to 30 percent of women with trisomy 21 can’t get pregnant, and if they do, there is a 50 percent chance that the baby will too have Down syndrome. Having this disability or not, it is wonderful being in a relationship with someone that loves and cares for you. Having a relationship helps you build and grow as a person and is a chance to see how it feels for someone to love and you returning that love. Loneliness is out the door because you always have someone next to you to share every great and bad moment in your life. So for people with Down syndrome, who manage to find someone who loves them for who they really are and really enjoys their presence, even if they too have Down syndrome or not, encouraging that relationship is very important.

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David surprised Saris at a football game in which their high school was playing, back in September. The Seminole High School senior, ran up to the field where Saris was cheerleading and surprised her with a bouquet of flowers, balloons and a sign that said: “Will you be my sunshine to Homecoming?” Saris had no idea this was about to happen, and of course, she only had one answer, and it was yes. A video was posted on Sari’s social media, where you can see her dropping her pom-poms and running to David as soon as she sees him. She then grabs the sign and can’t stop smiling and laughing at this beautiful gesture that her boyfriend pulled. He then proceeds to drop on one knee and ask her to the dance. Everyone should take notes and try to recreate David’s way of asking someone to their high school dance.

After agreeing to go with him to the dance, David kisses her hand and stands up, waving his hands in the air. Sari’s cheerleading friends and the crowd in the stands at the game all started screaming and clapping for the couple. Sari’s mom, Wands, who took the video that went viral, after this all happened, has said that they have always been true and genuine to each other and that why everyone likes and admires them. She has also said that she is very happy that her daughter is in a relationship with such a fine and kind young man.

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The video that Saris’s mom took when instantly viral when Saris posted it on her social media getting close to 350 thousand views, and her mom also posted it on her social media and got nearly close to three million views. Wanda has said that it is so inspiring to see how much people have seen the videos and how much of an impact it has made to people and families that also have children with Down syndrome. It shows them that they too can have a relationship and go on to live a beautiful life. Wanda has added that David and Saris have known each other since they were very young. The first met when they took speech therapy class, and they have been inseparable ever since. It is fantastic to see how their relationship has grown since they were three years old.

Saris’s mom, after the Homecoming dance on the 28th of September, had a fantastic time together and with their friends. She said that the most wonderful thing was when the principle of the school called them to join him on stage and recognized them as the most special couple of the night. All the students in the crowd went nuts when they came up on stage, and they couldn’t stop smiling and laughing all together.

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Saris and David are an amazing couple, and seeing their story inspires so many others, not just people like them with Down syndrome but everyone who is in a relationship. They together are excited about the future after high school and have big plans and dreams. They show us that even with a disability, you can go on and do amazing things if you have your partner and best friend always next to you.

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