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A Look Into Some Of The Most Bizarre Jobs That People Actually Get Paid For


When you were younger, what did you dream of being when you turned older? A firefighter? A police officer? A racing car driver? How about a pet food taster or professional mourner? No, us neither. In this list we explore some of the most bizarre and disgusting jobs that actually exist and that people actually get paid real money for!

1. Professional Pusher

Photo credit: scoopwhoop.com

Depending on where you live in the World you may be familiar with just how busy public transport can get, especially during rush hour in the mornings and evenings during the week. If you are from, or have ever travelled to Japan, you will definitely be familiar with just how crowded the train stations can get in peak times. To help resolve this situation and enable passengers to get to where they need to in time, Japan have “Oshiyas” which are also known as professional train pushers. They push passengers through the doors of the train when the carriage is getting too full to make sure that people don’t miss out.

2. Rental Boyfriend

Photo credit: www.blogspot.com

This may sound like the dream job to some, getting paid to be a boyfriend. It sounds a little crazy but this is a genuine profession in Tokyo. Eligible men can put them selves forward to become a paid boyfriend and ladies who are seeking an other half can choose the one that they want the most and hire them out. It is not known exactly what the rules are within this profession, but it’s generally seen as a boyfriend is hired to keep a lady company by going to dinner with her and watching movies with her, all the things that normal boyfriends and girlfriends do.

3. Stand In Liner

Photo credit: Washington Post

To become a professional stand in liner, you don’t have to have any qualifications or any prior experience, you just have to be really patient! You can hire someone to be your stand in liner so that you don’t have to stand in line yourself. It might sound a little weird, but this is exploding all over the World. With the latest technology launches and concert tickets, some people can stand in line for days on end. So now instead of having to do it yourself you can hire someone to do it for you. You can pay them hourly.

4. Professional Sleeper

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Out of all of the jobs on this list, this one sounds like the dream job. Professional sleepers are people who test out new beds for companies to make sure that they tick all the boxes. Professional sleepers literally get paid to go to work and sleep! There are a number of things they need to look out for though such as the softness of the mattress, how it feels when you sit on it and how comfortable it is for sleeping in. Hotels will hire professional sleepers too, to make sure that their beds meet all the requirements for their guests.

5. Wedding Guest

Photo credit: tokyofromtheinside.com

In Japan if you are invited to a wedding but have no plus one to bring, don’t worry, you can hire a professional wedding guest. This profession is becoming more popular as with todays society people are very photo conscious and don’t want to appear in a group wedding photo without a plus one. If you hire a professional wedding guest you can either pay them hourly or a daily fee, and they are also entitled to free food at the reception. At the moment this profession is mainly found in Japan but in the near future it could become popular in other countries too.

6. Vomit Cleaner

Photo credit: scoopwhoop.com

Have you ever went on a rollercoaster after eating a meal? Hopefully you can answer no to this, but if you answer yes I’m sure you know what happens. You get sick and vomit. This can be a common occurrence in theme parks and waterparks when both adults and kids get on a high speed adrenaline filled ride after eating a full meal. As it is such a common occurrence to deal with this, waterparks and theme parks will often hire a vomit cleaner specifically to clean the vomit up around the park. The good thing is that the vomit cleaner gets to enjoy the rides for free! The bad thing is that he or she has to clean up vomit all day.

7. Deodorant Tester

Photo credit: nster.com

Deodorant testers or odour testers, as they are sometimes named, are hired by deodorant manufacturing companies to ensure that their products are doing the job they were created for. Deodorant testers work both outside and inside, testing volunteers at different intervals over the space of a number of hours to see how their bodies react to the deodorant and if they have an odour. The testers then have to write up a report on their findings. The deodorant testers have their sense of smell tested once a month to ensure that their senses are strong enough so that they can do the job correctly.

8. Water Slide Tester

Photo credit: leteget.com

This job is as fun as the title states, unless you do not enjoy water slides. Water slide testers are very important in water parks and theme parks because somebody has to test the waterslides out before they can open to allow the public to use them. The tester will test out the waterslide multiple times to ensure that first of all it is 100% safe. They do this by checking each corner to make sure that there are no possible hazards. They also need to note how much water is needed to make sure the slide runs smoothly along with working out how long it takes to get from the top to the bottom.

9. Paper Towel Sniffer

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This job may not be for the faint of hearted, or those that feel sick quite easily. Professional paper towel sniffers are similar to deodorant testers, but this time for paper towels. Paper towel companies hire these people to ensure that there is no unwanted odour from their product before, during or after use. Some paper towels are supposed to have a scent, so the testers need to ensure that this can be smelled even after use. This job will not be for everyone because besides needing to have a strong stomach, paper towel sniffer jobs are quite scarce.

10. Specialty Toy Tester

Credits: Mirror

With the rise of the internet, there’s also been in increase in demand for toys that cater to the adult population. Some companies will pay you to write product reviews and/or descriptions, respond to customer inquiries, do video reviews (not necesssarily anything in the bedroom), and attend occasional company meetings. For the most part, this job will allow you to work from the comfort of your own home.

11. Professional Cuddler

Photo credit: Pixabay

This new trend that is professional cuddling could be your answer to getting rich quick. Professional cuddlers can get paid up to $60 – $80 per hour depending on what part of the World they are in. They are hired by people who just need a cuddle and nothing more! They know exactly how to give the best types of cuddles and hugs, which is what makes them worth every cent! It almost sounds like the perfect job, you get to hug someone and you get paid to do so. The golden rule in this profession that it is strictly cuddles and hugs only – nothing more!

12. Car Plate Blocker

Photo credit: www.pixable.com

In Iran there is a lot of congestion on the roads and around rush hour people can sit in traffic for hours! As a way to prevent this and to hopefully help traffic run smoother, the Iranian government brought in legislation where on certain days only cars with numbers plates ending in an odd number could use the busy roads, and on other days only cars with number plates ending in even numbers could use the busy roads. This should have helped with congestion but some Iranian drivers now pay people to walk behind their car and block their number plate so that cameras can not pick it up, so that they can use the busy roads on any day of the week.

13. Professional Mourner

Photo credit: jobisjob.com

Professional mourning is a growing profession. It started off in China and India but is now spreading more throughout the western parts of the World. Professional mourners are hired by a family member or someone close to the deceased to go to the funeral and mourn for the person who died. They aren’t just there to make up the numbers, they take on a role like an actor or actress and really get to know the person who passed away so that they can mourn them in a respectful way. They need to be able to cry on cue and sometimes it can get very awkward if other family members or mourners get suspicious over who they really are.

14. Ostrich Babysitter

Photo credit: richmondsfblog

Ostrich babysitting is a legitimate and very important job. It’s very well known in South Africa where ostrich farming is huge. Ostrich babysitters are employed to watch over the baby ostriches to make sure that nothing happens to them. They need to make sure that no wild animals attack them or that they get ill or that they fight amongst each other, as there is big money in ostrich farming. This job can be very dangerous as these particular animals can be quite volatile. They have a very powerful kick and can be very territorial. However, baby ostriches are also very cute so the job does have its perks!

15. Gross Stunt Tester

Photo credit: scoopwhoop.com

This job is certainly not for the faint of hearted! Have you ever watched any tv shows such as I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here or Fear Factor? Shows like these tend to have gross stunts where they push the contestants to eat things that you normally wouldn’t dream of putting in your mouth such as insects, spiders and different animal parts. This is entertaining for the viewers of the show and not a pleasant experience for the contestants. Before it gets to that stage though, someone needs to try it out to make sure it’s safe to do and this is where the gross stunt tester comes in.

16. Furniture Tester

Photo credit: brainjet.com

Furniture testing is a very niche specific job and unfortunately there are not an abundance of them in the World. Furniture testers can work in-house for furniture companies or work freelance. They are more commonly known as quality assurance technicians and their job is to test out furniture. They test to check how comfortable the piece of furniture is, how safe it is and then write up a report on it. This all takes place before a company will ever release a new piece of furniture into a showroom. Bigger companies such as Lazy-boy and Ikea will have an in-house furniture tester.

17. Bicycle Fisher

Photo credit: flickr.com

This job stems from Amsterdam in Europe and as random as it sounds, it is a necessity in the city. Amsterdam is one of the most bicycle friends cities in the World and it also has lots of canals running through it, this is where the issue stems from. Every year thousands of bicycles end up in the canals and somebody has to fish them out before they harm the wildlife that uses the canal as its natural habitat. The fishermen go in with huge metal machines to remove the bikes from the water in some years they can take out as many as 15,000 bikes.

18. Drying Paint Watcher

Photo credit: www.capitalberg.com

This might possibly sound like one of the most boring jobs on the planet, but it is a genuine profession. Huge paint manufacturers will hire somebody specifically to test out new paints that they have created, to see how long it takes them to dry. The chosen person will test out the paint on several different surfaces and then watch the paint and record how long it takes to dry, if there are any changes in color or any changes in texture. This has to be done with each new type of paint before it can hit the shelf for consumers to purchase.

19. Full Time Netflix Watcher

Photo credit: www.postgradproblems.com

As professions go, this may just be the ultimate dream job for any avid tv viewer. Not only does Netflix pride itself on it’s Google like work place, Netflix have a very specific role for one lucky person called a full time Netflix watcher. The role of this person is to watch every single new movie or episode that comes out on the platform in order to categorise it correctly. Wether the show will be a romantic comedy or a teen horror movie, the full time Netflix watcher will make this decision. They do this for all programmes before they become available to the public.

20. Snake Milker

Photo credit: everlastingfootprint.com

This role may not be for the faint of hearted, or in fact for anyone who has a fear of reptiles and snakes. A snake milker is someone who works with snakes to extract their venom and they can also be called to hospitals to extract venom from a patient who has been bitten by a snake. They extract venom from snakes so that this venom can then be used for research and creating anti venom. To become a snake milker you need to be highly trained and study for a number of years as this job requires a lot of skill.

21. Marmite Taster

Photo credit: express.co.uk

For many people this could either be their dream job, or their worst nightmare come true. A marmite tester is somebody who is employed by the company and works in the factory where marmite is made. Their job consists of tasting every single batch of the product, before it leaves the factory to ensure it fits in line with the companies standards. The tester needs to make sure that the taste is correct, along with the smell and consistency. There are only a limited number of marmite testers employed in the World as there are only a limited number of marmite factories.

22. Professional Apologiser

Photo credit: yougov.co.uk

This industry is really taking off in Japan where there are agencies who offer personal apologies on your behalf. You can contact them and they will arrange for one of their staff to apologise on your behalf. This can be to break up with a lover, or to call in sick to work, as we all know that sometimes apologies can be a little hard to make, especially face to face. These agencies offer bespoke services where you can choose between a face to face apology, an over the phone apology or an apology via email. Some airlines also hire professional apologisers to contact customers on their behalf when a flight may have been severely delayed or cancelled.

23. Bed Warmer

Photo credit: ibtimes.co.uk

This job initially began with a hotel company in the UK and since then has moved to some other hotels in Europe. Professional bed warmers are people who will wait in a guests bed before they are ready to get in, in order to warm the bed up for them so that they don’t feel chilly when they get under the covers. This idea may sound a little outdated as surely it would be cheaper to have a hot water bottle in the bed for an hour before the guest decides to call it a night, but there is a lady in Russia who is starting up her own company to fill this exact role as she has been so successful in doing it herself.

24. Human Scarecrow

Photo credit: dreamstime.com

This very bizarre job could pay potential candidates up to $300 per week! Human scarecrows are employed by farmers to help scare away unwanted animals, when stationary old school scarecrows don’t seem to work. For anyone who works as a human scarecrow the job can be quite enjoyable as you spend most of your day sitting in a field where you can read as many books as you want or listen to podcasts all day. This is only interrupted when you need to scare away the unwanted animals. Although this job has its relaxing perks it can get freezing in winter time and you have to be ready to face different climates throughout the year.

25. Professional Elephant Dresser

Photo credit: flickr

This is a highly prestigious job in countries where elephants appear in more than just the local zoo. In countries such as India and Sri Lanka elephants are iconic animals and are often used as part of an entourage when there are festivals or shows taking place, in the streets. These highly respected animals are clothed in handmade garments which can take a long time for the elephant dresser to create. Each one is handmade individually by the elephant dresser and they are tailor made to the elephants measurements. The garments are made in various beautiful colors to really stand out and often there will be jewels added to them.

26. Ear Cleaner

Photo credit: YouTube

If you have ever traveled to India you may have come across a professional ear cleaner as this is where they are most popular, especially in Delhi. Professional ear cleaners will wander the streets with their small tool kit which includes cotton to make their own cotton buds along with a small number of metal items in which to extract the ear wax. Some ear cleaners have their own seats set up in the street, others will sit you down on the side of the road to carry out their work. They do not charge a lot of money, but provide an excellent service that can help you hear more easily if your ears were particularly full of wax.

27. Pimple Popper

Photo credit: fhm.com

This profession has become increasingly popular as pimple popping videos have become a huge hit online. Strangely a lot of people take great satisfaction in watching videos where people have their pimples popped and squeezed. The proper term for this role is a dermatologist. If you want to be a fully qualified dermatologist you will have to be prepared to spend a lot of years in medical school to get your degree before you can legally practise. Although this seems like a task that anyone can do, although it is best to pay a visit to a dermatologist to deal with your pimples because they can identify exactly what type of pimple it is and what is the best way to extract it from your skin.

28. Body Painter

Photo credit: Pinterest

Body painters or body artists as they are also known, paint canvases on people rather than paper. They don’t use permanent paint but instead use oil based colors. Body painters work in a range of different field from painting bodies for art shows and galleries or the more common type of body artists work at festivals and parties. If you want to work as a body painter you can also work in the tv and movie industry. A lot of films and tv shows require body painters especially those of a sci-fi and horror genre.

29. Fake Facebooker

Photo credit: Pinterest

Social media is a big part of our daily lives today. Although Facebook only started in 2004, it has become a hugely important part of online businesses and over half of the World’s population have a Facebook account. With any platform like this becoming highly important to businesses, there comes a trend of people trying to look bigger than they are by paying for likes to their posts or followers on their Facebook page. So naturally companies have started to spring up that offer this as a service, where they have tonnes of fake Facebook profiles so that they can offer customers hundreds or even thousands of “followers” for their page.

30. Flavorist

Photo credit: Pinterest

This job may sound like possibly the most delicious job ever. A flavorist is a scientist who, using chemistry, combines different combinations to create natural and artificial flavours. It’s quite similar to perfume creators. To get a job in this field requires qualifications and a lot of studying as it is a highly skilled profession. The work carried out by a flavorist has to be very precisely done as there cannot be any mistakes due to health and safety reasons, as the food they are creating is for human consumption.

31. Fire Breather

Photo credit: circusperformers.co.uk

This dangerous profession is often performed alongside other dangerous and highly entertaining acts. Fire breathers don’t have to have any formal qualifications. They normally learn from other fire breathers who have been doing it for a long time. It is not advised to try and self teach yourself the act of fire breathing. The fire breather puts fuel in their mouth and then spits it out over an open flame to create one huge flame. This job does come with the risk of a very serious injury if not performed correctly, however most of the people who have been injured by fire breathing have been under the influence of alcohol when performing.

32. Nail Polish Namer

Photo credit: fashionista.com

Professional nail polish namers are the wonderful people who come up with the amazing and intriguing names that you see on the front of a nail polish bottle. This might sound like an easy occupation where you just have to think of names all day long, but it’s really a lot more complex than that. The person who comes up with the name of the nail polish will be heavily involved in the branding side of that particular company so before they can just string a name together they need to do a lot of market research. They need to see what is working within the market and what isn’t along with looking at the latest trends and predicting future trends.

33. Pick Up Artist Instructor

Photo credit: Pinterest

A pick up artist instructor, also known as a dating coach, teaches a person how to pick up or date another person of their choice. It is a lot more common for pick up artist instructors or dating coaches to teach men how to pick up women. You can book an hourly session with your coach and they will go through different techniques and ideas on how to pick up women. It’s not just about the women that they are picking up, it’s more about the person that they are teaching. It’s all about building up confidence and knowing how to speak to people. Then hopefully with the right direction and practise they may land themselves a date.

34. Ethical Hacker

Photo credit: Pinterest

When you hear the word hacker the first thing you think of is illegal activity. This is true for the most part but not for ethical hackers. Ethical hackers are hired by companies who challenge them to hack their systems so that they can see how easy or difficult it is for their company systems to be hacked so that they can take the proper security measurements in the future to protect themselves against illegal hackers. The requirements for this role are strict and the right candidate must be able to hack into almost any network, as they will need to ensure that you can try everything to get into the system, before a harmful hacker comes along.

35. Garbage Detective

Photo credit: calgaryherald.com

This profession started in Germany where the country has a very strict policy on recycling the right materials. The policy is so strict that they have employed garbage detectives to ensure that people are recycling as they should be and putting the right contents into the right waste bin. These detectives take their job extremely serious and will put in the time and effort to prove that you are not recycling properly. They will trawl through your thrash to see if they can find something that shouldn’t be there, they will watch you put your bins out and even speak to your neighbours!

36. A Fake Business Man

Photo credit: Shutterstock

Have you ever dreamt that you could get paid to wear a suit and look like a business man without actually having to work full time for a company and know anything about business? Well now you can. Companies throughout the World particularly in America, will hire men in another country to pretend that they work for their company, and pay them up to as much as $1000 a week. This helps to create the image that the company is well connected locally. Some countries including China appreciate when a company has a local presence. The person pretending to be the business man just has to turn up and shake a few hands.

37. Professional Passenger

Photo credit: Wahsington Post

Did you know that in Jakarta in Indonesia you can get hired to be a professional passenger? Professional passengers don’t earn a lot of money but they don’t really have to do much except from sit inside a car. Professional passengers became a thing over 20 years ago when the government in Jakarta introduced new legislation to help reduce congestion on the roads. The legislation states that only cars with 3 or more people are allowed to drive on the road during rush hour. To help drivers overcome this law, professional passengers wait on the side of the road so that drivers can pick them up so that they will meet the requirement of 3 passengers.

38. Face Feeler

Photo credit: Pixabay

Face feelers work for skin care manufacturing companies. Their job may sound very simple, but it takes a lot of skill to do the job right. Face feelers have to feel the skin of people who are testing out new facial skin products. They use their hands and fingers to feel the skin to see if they can feel any change in the pressure or texture of the skin after the person has used the product on a trial. It takes a very heightened sense of feel to be able to feel the slightest changes. Face feelers report their findings and ultimately can be the decision makers who decide wether a product is shelf ready or not.

39. Body Part Model

Photo credit: Pixabay

This profession is only for the select few that fit the bill, just like a normal model. A body part model only uses certain parts of the bodies to model all kings of things such as clothes or accessories for companies. An example of this is a hand model who will model nail varnish, bracelets or watches for a company. The person needs to take extreme care of the particular body part in which they use to model. So a hand model will wear gloves for the majority of the day to protect their hands and will have them treated daily. To become a body part model you will possibly just get spotted by a talent agent if you are very lucky, but normally you will have to go through an agency who will see if you are the right fit for the job.

40. Nude Model

Photo credit: brightside.me

To become a nude model, you do not need to have any qualifications, but you do need to be able to pose without any clothes on. Nude models are often used in art to pose for artists to paint them so that artists can learn to paint the human body. Depending on what type of art class you are posing in, you can start off as a volunteer but you can also get paid a lot more. Posing nude to let people draw you is said to help with your confidence levels and can be very empowering for the model.

41. Pet Food Taster

Photo credit: www.womansday.com

This sounds like the ideal job for a dog maybe, but certainly not a human! However this role does exist. Pet food tasters are hired to chew on different types of dog food and other pet foods to check for consistency, texture and flavour in comparisons to other pet food brands. The food that they taste ranges from dry food, to wet dog food. Not a job for people who have weak stomachs.

42. Golf Ball Diver

Photo credit: brightsideme.com

Have you ever wondered what happens after you play a round of golf with your friends and you lose a few of the balls because they’ve landed into a pond? Professional golf ball divers dive into the ponds to retrieve the balls. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds, as the visibility can be very limited in ponds making the job quite hard. Golf ball divers usually work in teams of two or three as diving equipment can be very heavy and incase the diver has a run in with any wildlife under water. The balls are then cleaned and resold. This is either done by the divers or the golf club themselves.

43. Dice Quality Inspector

Photo credit: amazon.com

This may sound like it’s not a real profession, but trust us it is. There are six sides to a dice and someone needs to test each one out to make sure that it has an even chance of landing on each number. They are also known as quality control inspectors. Dices are used in family board games but also in gambling, sometimes with very high stakes so the precision and quality of dices are extremely important.

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