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A new fitness routine invented in Australia is shaking up the world


With summer already upon us and you are still trying to get that summer body and looking to get in shape faster this is the routine for you. Created in Australia, it is meant to burn 750 calories in one session. In the F45 training, you are using numerous cardio and strength exercises, but at a very intense pace. Created in 2014, it has just now hit the gyms and training centers in America. A lot of people have gone to these types of workouts and training and are highly recommending them.

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The classes last for 45 minutes. Thus the name F45 and the F stands for functional, they are team-based, and people participating go from on to another exercise for a period of time. While only lasting for 45 minutes, they have high-intensity interval training or HIIT for short. When going from one to another exercise, which includes jumping, squatting, lifting, kicking, biking, you have short breaks but once your time for brake runes out you instantly go to the net exercise. The creators want the F45 training to be held in a team environment, so if you finish your workout fast and have time to spare, you are encouraged to help another with their exercise. More than 350 franchises have completed the F45 training successfully back in Australia and are urging others to start. With more than 3000 exercises, spread in 27 sessions, you can’t get bored because every session there are new exercises to try. The founder of the F45 has said in an interview that they tried and obviously succeeded in creating something that has never been tried before in fitness and is happy that the world has recognized their program.

This fitness craze has already been implemented in 40 countries across the world, including the United States, Sweden, Wales, and others. The F45 has primarily struck South California, specifically San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County but there is already word spreading that states like Alaska, Texas, New York, are planning to open and start doing these training sessions. The HIIT program, is why the F45 has had so much success, but what got people to continue going to sessions is the team environment. A lot of people after a couple of sessions realize that they must have with them a training buddy to continue and finish the training. Rob Deutsch, the founder of F45, in a recent interview, has said that the assistance and working together with your friend is what makes the sessions so enjoyable. When you have a friend with you, it drives you to do better and even form little competitions with other couples doing the exercises.

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The cost, of course, will be different in every franchise because it is owned by separate individuals their franchises have different weekly, monthly, and per session costs. Some may even have special offers, offering free trials for new customers, so you can go a session or two and see if F45 is what you are looking for. 60 to 65 dollars is the usual cost for a weekly session in most franchises, and this may seem and can be more expensive than your monthly gym membership, but as the founder of F45 says, some of the people that get a gym membership rarely use it unless they are really motivated or the pay for a trainer to accompany them, which can get up to 100 dollars a session. This is where F45 training can be a replacement. On average, members go to 3.25 sessions a week, and if you do the math, for instance, if you pay 60 dollars a week, that equals to 20 dollars per session which doesn’t seem so much.

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With all this said, it seems as though the F45 training is the perfect replacement if you don’t like to go to the gym, plus is more intense, is more fun and entertaining because you do it with a friend, and because of its intensity, you get in shape a lot quicker.

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