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A small act of kindness sparks a friendship that lasted forever


With all the bad news and stories, we hear every day, and it is necessary that we just keep the focus on the little acts of kindness and ultimately with small steps make our world a better place.

These small acts of kindness can make a massive impact on someone’s day, even if you do not know that someone. All in all, being polite and kind can be very beneficial.

A little while back, a story went viral from a Texan lady named Brooke Ochoa. Brooke, while walking towards a restaurant for lunch, saw an elderly woman walking behind her and she just stood at the door and held it so the lady could come in as well. Considering it to be mere politeness, the 30-year-old didn’t anticipate what she would hear from the old lady just minutes after entering the restaurant.

After sitting down and getting ready to order her lunch, Brooke unintentionally heard the woman ask for a single table. Also sitting down to eat alone, Brooke thought why not join the old lady and went over to ask if she could join her and would she like to have lunch together.

According to various news websites, the old lady named Dolores, not only accepted the offer from Brooke to join her but also was really excited and overjoyed for the company. The immediately sparked a friendship, and during the lunch, they couldn’t stop talking to each other.

Image Source: Facebook / Brooke Ochoa

Later on, Brooke, on her social media, wrote about the experience. She wrote how Dolores was talking about her life and how hard has it been the past few months, with her mother passing away and that her aunt not too long ago had to be put in a nursing home. Brooke said that Dolores had a hard time being alone at home, but along the conversation just kept smiling and couldn’t stop thanking her for joining her for lunch and listening to what she had to say.

After finishing their meal together, Brooke and Dolores from that point on made a deal that they would have lunch every Thursday at that same restaurant.

Image Source: Facebook / Brooke Ochoa

Not too long after their little encounter for the first time, Brooke revealed that Dolores had passed away, realizing that she with that small gesture she made for her made her final weeks more beautiful form the ones that she previously talked about.

This story can be an example to others on how a small act of kindness and a small gesture can change a persons’ life even if for a little while. Neither Brook nor Dolores knew that Dolores’ days were coming to an end, but what is more important is that in those last few weeks of Dolores’ life, both of the women found comfort and joy in each other’s company.

Image Source: Facebook / Brooke Ochoa

As previously said, this world has a lot of negative things, so doing something beautiful for someone can ultimately make the world a better place for everyone.

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