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A teacher adopts her former students who has special needs


Chris Barrington, who is a 30-year-old Waco, Texas special needs citizen, never really had the childhood like most of his friends. He never had the chance to throw a birthday party or celebrate any holidays when he was growing up. Some time ago, he was seen wandering the streets of Waco, lost and confused. Fortunately, an old friend and former teacher would step in and be the guardian angel that Chris needed. Michell Girard, Chris’s former teacher, decided that she was going to help Chris. When most people think of a teacher, they think of kindergarten and all the way up to college. They think of a person sitting in a classroom teaching math, geography, or history. But, a teacher is also a person who can inspire and motivate children to accomplish their dreams and are there for support whenever they need it.

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Chris only had his dad in his life, living together at their home. Things went wrong when Chris’s dad got ill and couldn’t take care of his son as much as he should. On August 1st, Chris’s dad passed away, losing the battle with leukemia. Chris was all alone with no family or friends that could help him manage his life. A few months back, police were called about a person walking on the highway, looking like he was lost and scared. When the police got there, it was Chris wondering about and didn’t know where to go. Having a mental functionality of a six-year-old kid, Chris was at risk of being institutionalized. They brought him to the police station and started asking him questions and does he have anyone to call and come and help him. The only person that Chris mentioned to the police was his junior high teacher, Mrs. Girard.

When word out and Mrs. Girard hear that Chris’s needed a place to stay, a home, she didn’t hesitate and opened up her home to him. Firstly, she was very excited to see him because they haven’t seen each other for more than a decade. When she was his teacher, they had a really strong bond, and she was one of the first people that was not in his family to have such an impact. Right away, when she heard the story of him being found on the highway, she opened the doors to her home and made Chris a part of her family. She said that it is sad that Chris didn’t have a normal childhood like her other students. He didn’t have any birthday parties, not being able to celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays. Because he didn’t get to enjoy all of these things when he was a kid, Mrs. Girard went on her social media and posted about Chris, and the results of that were terrific. Jimmy Bennet of JMB Fishing, saw what she posted and wanted to help out, Chris was not only going to enjoy his first birthday party, he was also going to go on a boat ride on Lake Waco. It was all going to be a surprise, and the boat was going to be decorated for Chris, and he had a Spider-man theme cake. That day on the lake was beautiful, and Chris couldn’t be happier and thanking everyone who came along for the boat ride.

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The online stories that were posted went viral, and everyone was happy that Chris could finally have a normal life. A lot of people shared his story, and more and more people got to know Chris. Generally, Chris is a timid person, but with the help of Mrs. Girard, he can finally experience things that were not possible when he was a kid. Mrs. Girard has said that he deserves to have a normal life after everything he has been through, and everyone online agrees with her. YouTube videos started popping up with Chris, and they have gotten a lot of views and likes. People commenting how much they have been moved by Chris’s story and are now happy that he can live the life he never had, others commenting that the story made their day and how tears started coming down when they saw how much Mrs. Girard was helping him.

Though all of the attention that he has been given, Chris remains to be the happy, positive person he always has been and every day more and more people fall in love with his positivity and energy. For those four years that Mrs. Girard was Chris’s teacher, she was able to make Chris the man he is today, and she deserves all the praise in the world. Teachers like Mrs. Girard are an example of how much you should care for your students and how much they look up to you in their early lives. More news stories like this should be published frequently and give an example to people on how much educators care or their students.

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