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Accountant from Colorado adopts eight unfavorable dogs from a dog shelter


Let’s be honest, when you go to the dog shelter you first cast your eyes on puppies and not so much on the older dogs. The majority of older dogs that are brought to the dog shelter, whether they are brought by families that can’t take care of them anymore or they are brought in from the streets, have a very slim chance of finding a new permanent home. After the passing of his own dog, Steve Grieg decided to go to the first dog shelter he came across and adopt as many senior dogs as he could. This idea came after his dog passed away and quickly his home became heaven on earth for these unwanted older dogs. From small to big, black, brown or white, Steve didn’t care what breed the dogs were, he just wanted them to have a home again. With so many dogs to care about, he doesn’t feel any stress and he loves every minute of every day.

The Colorado accountant was surrounded by pets since he can remember. Like him, Steve’s parents were huge animal lovers who let Steve have any pet he wanted under one condition, to take care of it. He fell in love with every pet that he got. So growing up Steve had all sorts of pets, and he was always surrounded by animals. This passion continued even when she grew up and moved to his own home, where again he continued to adopt animals. Even though, growing up with so many pets and of course he felt and witnessed lots of them pass away, Steve never got used to saying goodbye to his pets. After his last dog passed away, he was so hurt and sad that the sadness didn’t go away for months. After a couple of months of feeling this way, Steve started to feel that he had to make some kind of change so that he can get better. Knowing that getting a new dog would have some kind of improvement, Steve decided to do something that most the people wouldn’t normally do.

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He needed to do something so he was determined to change his life into something better. One day Steve got in his car a drove to his local dog shelter and asked the people working there to show him the most unwanted dogs they had at that time. The workers at the shelter showed Steve the dogs that were previously chosen to be taken to home but later brought back because they had some kind an illness, condition, disability or were just plain old. In his first visit to the shelter, Steve took only one dog with him home. Eyeore, a 12-year-old Chihuahua, was in a bad condition with a heart problem and all of her legs didn’t function normally. But after a couple of weeks with her, Steve went back to the shelter and took seven more dogs, knowing that it wouldn’t be a problem because he used to care for a lot of pets in his home. With the two dogs that he already had at home, the number went to ten dogs, and that brought to him a huge task to care for all of them. It took him some time to get used to caring and finding out what every dog needed from, medicine, what sort of diet they needed, and how are they going to fit in with the other dogs. Even though it is really hard work, Steve doesn’t complain and even loves to have so much work to do.

Steve has created a schedule for every day so he doesn’t lose track. He gets up early every morning and starts making breakfast for himself and his dog, which all have different diets and amounts that they require. He then has to make sure every dog is comfortable, he often takes them to the groomers and to the vet for check-ups. After he has served lunch, they all have a rest before he takes them for a walk. All of this while maintaining his accountant work. You may think by now, how does Steve put up with all those dogs but not only does he have to take care of them. Besides the dogs he adopted, Steve also has other pets at homes such as chickens, fish, rabbits and a big adorable pig named Bikini.

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Steve recently had an interview because he got noticed and gained huge attention on his social media, where he posts pictures and videos of all his pets. Steve answered a question on how he keeps up and how doesn’t he have stress having to take care of so many animals at once, to this Steve answered that they are what makes him happy, makes his day amazing and that he always has something to do. He especially loves hanging out with the adopted senior dogs, because it was so easy building a relationship with them because they already know how to behave and act around at home.

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Let’s hope that Steve continues this wonderful thing of caring for so many animals and patiently wait for his next social media picture or video to see all of those beautiful animals.

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