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Adorable Bernese Mountain Dog Charms And Tucks In Guests This Aspen Hotel


Not every hotel offers you being tucked into your warm bed by their personnel, in a cold winter night, after an exhausting day discovering the landmarks and surroundings of the place where you are situated. But, the St. Regis Resort, one of the most service-oriented hotels located in Aspen offers you just that! Read on and find out how they do it!

Who Pampers the Hotel Guests?

Well, I don’t know if you will believe me about this fact, but I assure you that it is the truth. The staff at St. Regis Hotel has trained their mascot, Kitty Jacob Astor the IV, the Bernese mountain dog, to provide something to their guests that they have never experienced in any other hotel! This amazingly clever dog helps this service-oriented hotel make their guests feel even cozier and people love him! You can even find him on Instagram! This smart puppy will wish the guests good night by tucking them in their beds when she’s asked to.

Astor is named by the founder of the hotel chain, and she helps the hotel grow more and more!

She Helps Even with her Furry Guests

This canine is also trained when the guests want the best care possible for their furry friends too. She is amazing at taking care of the furry guests. He makes it easier for his human guests, and the people visiting the hotel know, that when they’re coming here there’s no need of leaving their pets at home because there’s someone who will take care of their pet at the hotel! Astor would gladly welcome each and every animal at the hotel,  and he will even accompany them and comfort them if they’re nervous! Here, on the video, you will be able to see the pouch’s hosting skills!

An even better fact about this hotel is the fact that even the hotel’s staff will take care of your pets. If you as an owner are out and about, doing your thing, you can leave your pets at the hotel, and the staff there will take care for them for as long as you’re out!

Astor Grows in Popularity with Each and Every Day

Welcoming guests and making them comfortable is not the only trait that the St. Regis’ mascot has. Actually, the canine gained in popularity on social media too! Her Instagram profile has more than thirty thousand followers and they’re all loving the photos of the puppy!

Image Source: Instagram_kittythebernese

There are photos of the puppy’s work life as well as her private life. There’s one photo where she’s running around the hotel. And there is another where she’s showing off the luxurious puppy beds that the hotel owns. And, all of the photos on her profile show her connection with the staff at the St. Regis’ hotel.

We know one thing about the St. Regis’ hotel. And that is that it wouldn’t be the same without Astor. But, we also know that Kitty would not be living the life that she is living now if it weren’t for the staff at St. Regis’!


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