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Adulting Day, held for high school seniors to teach them everyday skills


Bullitt Central High School, which is located in Shepherdsville, near Louisville, Kentucky, decided that their seniors would benefit if they leave high school with more than just knowing and learning about American history, algebra or chemistry. They decided to have an event where the kids will learn skills that they will use after finishing school. They called it ‘Adulting Day.’ And, at school that day they could sit down and take a class about how to pay your bills, how to pay your taxes, making dinner, how to change a flat tire, how to talk to police officers when you get pulled over, how to use your credit card and other things that they will experience when they finish their education. The high school seniors also spoke to people from the army about pursuing a career in the military and had a few exercises to know what to expect when they joined.

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Bullitt Central High School invited guest speakers and people from the community who could help teach the seniors what they can expect when they leave high school and go to college or go on to get a job. On the social media of the high school, the director explained and sincerely thanked all the people who contributed. The people who helped make ‘Adulting Day’ possible and held classes so the seniors could get a little glance at what life is when you finish high school. The seniors could pick some classes or workshops from eleven that were held. They could hear and learn from everyday people and professionals on topics that you don’t study as subjects in school.

Image Source: En News Ner

After the high school made the post about Adulting Day, the idea had fantastic feedback, and schools around the country are now thinking about implementing the concept as well. Not just positive feedback, a lot of people have already suggested what could be added, and with time, more and more classes and workshops can be held.

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