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After 28 Days In The Wild, This EMT Refused To Give Up On Saving His Missing Therapy Dog


Not a lot of people take into consideration that they’re not only saving the pet’s life when they’re adopting one. Namely, when you’re adopting a pet you will also improve your life, simply because of the fact that pets can be pretty soothing for us. Take Justin Scott for example, his therapy dog pulled him out of a really deep depression. But, something unexpected happened one day when they went out on a camping trip. To find out what really happened that day read on and learn how much his therapy pet actually impacted his life.

He was an EMT

The amazing job that Justin had taken its toll on him. His EMT job was pretty emotional, and although during his career he saved a lot of lives he also lost a few patients, and all of that is hard to take in. One time he was even called to rescue one of his closest friends, but unfortunately, all of his work experience couldn’t help his friend. After this event, he fell into deep depression, and he thought that there wasn’t any escape out of it, but once he got his therapy pet he understood that there was a great, furry, four-legged escape out of his condition!

Image Source: Honest to Paws/Justin Scott

He was Prescribed Pure Puppy Love

Justin and Sara, his wife, were determined to get him out of the state that he was in. So, one day they came up with an amazing idea, they decided to get Justin an emotional support animal. They walked around the shelter for a while, and soon enough, a dog with a cute face and pointy ears caught their attention. Justin felt the connection at the same moment. The cute little thing’s name was Shelby. The therapy dog worked for Justin, he looked happier immediately after they got the furball back in their home.

Image Source: Honest to Paws/Justin Scott

But, One Day…

Justin’s family decided to go out on a camping trip one day in order to celebrate the 4th of July in the Sierra Mountains. Justin, Sara, their two sons, and their dog went out on the trip. But, when they heard some kind of noise in the woods, Shelby got scared away and she bolted away from her family. The family was tireless in the search for Shelby, but even after the day went by they couldn’t find her. The day went by, the next day Justin went out into the forest to look for her again, and the next day, and the next day… The dog helped him get out of depression, and he was determined that this time he was going to help her and find her.

Image Source: Honest to Paws/Justin Scott

The Search for Shelby Continues

Justin was tirelessly searching for his puppy for 13 days, and he decided that he will contact the organization called “A way Home for Animals”. This non-profit was dedicated to searching and finding lost puppies, and they looked like the only way out for Justin. He spoke to the organization’s founder, Babs Fry, and she wanted to help them. They had a short meet up, told her the story, after the meetup, they started to put up posters of the lost dog all around the community, they spoke with the locals and were constantly searching the forest. And not too long after, they found a camera shot of Shelby on the campsite.

Image Source: Honest to Paws/Justin Scott

Found Her at Last!

Fry was determined to find Shelby, so she set up humane traps around the place where Shelby was last seen. And after a couple of days, Shelby walked in into one of Fry’s cages. And, finally, after 28 days of tireless searching Justin and his dog were finally back together again. Shelby saved Justin’s life, and he was decided that he was going to pay back the favor!

Image Source: Sara Adcock/Facebook

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