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They Adopted Triplets, Then The Doctor Gave Them News That Would Change Everything


Andy Justice and Sarah have been trying to conceive a baby for a very long time but unfortunately, it wasn’t working out for them. After some time the couple decided to turn to the “Plan C” and adopt a child instead. The adoption process was quite long and nerve-wracking but luckily, in the end, everything worked out and they were chosen as parents. Little did they know their lives were about to completely turn around…

They Were Happily Married

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Andy Justice and Sarah were residing in Tusla, Oklahoma and were happily married. Though after three years of the marriage had passed, they decided it was the time to share their love with another human being and finally start a family.

Conceiving a child is one of the most important goals for couples who have been married for quite some time as Sarah and Andy Justice. You grow together, share your ups and downs, help each other in many different ways, and love one another no matter what. Bringing another human into the world is the most precious thing for two people who love each other unconditionally and these two wanted to experience it as well. Unfortunately, conceiving a baby was harder than they could have ever imagined it to be.

Something Was Missing In Their Life

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The couple was happily married for three years but soon they came to a realization that something was missing in their family. Having a baby would complete their marriage, however, Sarah was having a very difficult time conceiving.

Many mothers all over the world are struggling to conceive a baby and sadly turns out Sarah was one of them. The couple tried to get pregnant for nearly three years with absolutely no luck. This problem started to affect the Justices’ marriage and they began looking into other options. The couple came to an agreement to visit a fertility doctor.

Traveling To See A Fertility Doctor

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Andy Justice and Sarah wanted to look for a fertility doctor that would help them find a solution to this saddening complication. They understood that neither of them was at fault of not being able to conceive but seeking help was mandatory in their case.

Turns out, there was another problem – there were no well-known fertility doctors in the area where the couple lived, meaning they had to find one outside of Tusla. The closest specialist they could find was located in St. Louis, Missouri. Traveling all the way to St. Louis was definitely not very convenient for Andy Justice and Sarah but, in the end, they believed all the effort would be worth it. Having a baby of their own was their dream for a very long time and they decided to fight until the end.

Traveling Six Hours Only To Hear More Bad News

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In 2014, Andy Justice and Sarah spent six hours in the car driving from their home in Tusla to St. Louis to see a fertility doctor. The drive was tiresome but they did not pay much attention to this fact as they knew, Sarah really needed to receive the fertility treatment.

As soon as the couple got to St. Louis, Sarah followed the fertility treatment suggested by the doctor. However, soon they received even more bad news. The treatment didn’t work for Sarah. Both of them were shattered by this horrible news but decided to not give up and find another suitable option. Having a baby was very important for these two and they wanted to do whatever they could to achieve this goal.

In-Vitro Fertilization

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Andy and Sarah considered trying in-Virto fertilization instead and asked the fertility doctor for an opinion on the procedure. The doctor mentioned both of them were good candidates and it would be possible to perform, however, the chance of conceiving would still be extremely low, only 10%.

In addition to the low success rate, if Sarah went with the in-vitro fertilization, she would have to go through an exhausting procedure as this type of fertilization is very invasive. It requires some months of hormone treatments following Sarah’s eggs being eventually harvested from her ovaries. Having to go through all of this with only 10% chance of conceiving seemed to be way too much for this couple.

It’s Too Much Risk

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Another con of this invasive procedure was the very high cost. The price of one cycle of in-vitro fertilization is around $12,000-$15,000. Therefore, this draining process could be very risky, especially for those having financial limitations. This amount of money is certainly not little.

In addition, the in-vitro process is often not covered by health insurance and the couple was expected to pay approximately $60,000 if they were to give IVF a shot. The very low success percentage and high price were giving these two doubts. And turns out there was one more option for Justices.


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Adoption was another opportunity for Sarah and Andy to finally become parents. They came to a conclusion the IVF procedure was way too risky and costly. But there was nothing this couple wanted more than to raise a child of their own. Adopting a child was the next option for the Justices.

Soon Andy and Sarah started with the adoption procedure. The process itself is far from easy. Couples are required to complete many time-consuming applications and obtain the required documents which often results in sacrificing personal lives along the way before bringing a child home.

Adopting A Child Is Not Easy

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Those who had adopted a child before know the fact that the process itself could sometimes take years. It’s especially true if a couple is planning to adopt a newborn. However, the Justices did not care about all of the implications as having a kid was their number one goal at the time.

After the adoption process had started, the couple experienced additional difficulties along the way. The only wish the Justices had was to take a baby home and raise it with love but for some reason, everything appeared to be against it.

The Adoption Process

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Another big requirement in the adoption application was to evaluate Justices’ home. This is done in order to make sure the child would have good living conditions. The most important part of the home evaluation was the interview.

This is a stressful time for a lot of couples, however, the Justices were confident they would make a great impression on the prospective birth mothers that wished to give up their child to a loving family. The adoption agency organized a few interviews with the couple and the mothers and unfortunately, this was also a difficult process.

Things Went Downhill When They Were Finally Chosen

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After many long interviews with birth mothers, Justices finally heard some good news for a change, one of the mothers picked Justices to raise her child.

Andy and Sarah were extremely happy to finally raise a child with an unconditional love they were dreaming of for years. The Justices built a strong relationship with the birth mother and supported her as much as they could during her pregnancy. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until it was the time for the child to finally arrive in this world. Things took an unexpected turn…

Last Minute Change

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As the due date came closer, the birth mother suddenly changed her mind about giving her child to Sarah and Andy Justice. However, the Justices didn’t want to give up so easily and contacted the adoption agency to inform them about the bad news. The Justices told the agency they still wanted to be parents and asked to be set up with more interviews.

Soon the Justices were chosen by another birth mother after attending some interviews. Sadly, at the last minute, the birth mother backed out as she decided to keep her baby. The Justices were crushed but decided to keep trying. Why wasn’t anything working out for them? All they ever wanted was to have a baby it seemed as fate had other plans.

They Decided To Keep Trying

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Andy Justice and Sarah supported each birth mother through every step of their pregnancies but in the end, both mothers changed their minds about giving their baby away to the couple.

Of course, this is understandable as giving your child away is a very hard decision for mothers and often they end up keeping the baby. However, it was also difficult for the Justices, as both times they thought they were about to become parents and were preparing for the arrival of the baby only to find out it wasn’t going to happen. However, the couple decided to keep trying, especially since they have already gone through so much, why not keep trying more?

One Phone Call That Changed Their Lives

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After so many bad news, the couple was very upset as they couldn’t understand why wasn’t anything working out for them. They tried so many times with no absolutely no results. But they kept praying for good news as being parents was something they wanted very much.

Finally, their prayers were answered and they received the news they were waiting for. The Justices were glad they didn’t give up before after two birth mothers decided to change their minds the last minute. After seven years of trying to have a baby, the lucky couple was about to receive the phone call that would change their lives for the best.

Third Time’s The Charm

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The Justices were devastated after the second birth mother changed her mind and they didn’t have much hope yet. Then, suddenly, the unexpected happened, the adopting agency called them.

Finally, for the first time in a while, they heard some really good news. A third birth mother picked Sarah and Andy to raise her baby. The couple was very excited to finally become parents, however, they were about to find out something very unexpected…

A Big Surprise

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The Justices were extremely happy with the news and of course, supported the birthmother through every step during her pregnancy. They even attended the ultrasound together with the mother.

The ultrasound appointment was very exciting for the Justices, as they would finally see their future child for the very first time. To their surprise, the scan showed something nobody expected. The pregnancy was healthy but instead of carrying one baby, the birthmother actually had three of them.

Expect The Unexpected

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Everybody was very surprised to hear all three heartbeats on the monitor. Sarah and Andy certainly didn’t expect this at all. They were praying to have one baby and have been through so much but turns out now they are going to have all three.

They understood that it was meant for them to raise three kids. The Justices were never planning to adopt three babies at once but now it felt so right. Super excited, the Justices began preparing for the babies’ arrival and proceeded with the adoption process.

Preparing For The Babies

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The Justices were certainly not prepared to have all three babies at the same time. They put in a lot of time and effort in trying to have one child and the thought of all three kids was overwhelming for them.

Though the Justices wanted to have more than one kid in the future, they were not prepared to have all three at once. However, they decided to do their best to be prepared as the adoption process was very difficult for them in the past and this birthmother was giving this couple a real chance to become parents.

New Purchases

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The Justices knew raising three kids would definitely not be easy and the house needed to be prepared for their arrival. Instead of purchasing one crib and a stroller, the couple needed to purchase all three. The baby shopping was not cheap but still way less expensive than the IVF.

Sarah and Andy were ready to do anything to make sure their babies would have everything they needed and more. Their wish of being parents finally became true and they couldn’t be more happy about that.

Early Arrival

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The birth mother ended up going into labor eight weeks early when her water broke in May 2013. As soon as that happened, Andy and Sarah went to the hospital right away to meet the babies. The delivery was exhausting for the birth mother but after some hours the Justices finally saw their babies.

Each baby was only about three pounds. The names of the babies were Elizabeth, Hannah, and Joel. The couple was very excited to take their babies home but there was something else standing in the way of that and this time it wasn’t because of the birth mother…

The Waiting Period

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The triplets were considered premature because they were born eight weeks early. It was a little bit scary for the Justices but they had to be strong. In the end, they were finally parents and that was the most important thing.

The babies had to spend some time in the neonatal intensive care before going home with Andy and Sarah. The hospital treatment helped Joel, Elizabeth, and Hannah to grow bigger and stronger. The Justices didn’t have a choice but to wait for the newborns to be strong enough before taking them home.

Something Unbelievable Happed To Sarah

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Sarah started to feel sick a week after the triplets arrived. Of course, the last couple of years and the adoption process has been extremely difficult for both of them but Sarah still decided to visit the doctor just in case.

She wanted to make sure she would be healthy enough to provide good care for the babies when they would come home. Sarah went to the doctor and undergone an extensive evaluation. But the results showed something she didn’t expect at all.

Unexpected Pregnancy

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Sarah completed many tests by the doctor to figure out why she was feeling sick. Eventually, she found out what was going out. Sarah was feeling sick because she was actually pregnant!

The Justices were in shock, they certainly didn’t see it coming especially now when they just adopted three babies. Nevertheless, they were very happy indeed. They knew it was going to very stressful to raise four kids at the same time but they were prepared for anything. However, this was not the end, they had more blessings to come their way.

Raising Five Newborns

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Sarah was sure she was infertile due to not being able to get pregnant for years even with the fertility treatments. The Justices gave up on trying to conceive a child and went with the adoption option instead. This is why they were very surprised to hear about Sarah’s pregnancy.

After a couple of months had passed, the family found out that Sarah was actually pregnant with twins. It seemed like a miracle and now the Justices had to raise five children instead of one how they initially planned to.

Raising Children And Being Pregnant At The Same Time

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The Justices decided not to stress about it and stayed optimistic even though they knew raising five children is going to be a lot of hard work. They were grateful to finally be parents to these beautiful triplets and future twins of their own.

Sarah and Andy Justice did everything they could when their triplets finally arrived. It was an amazing feeling to be able to experience pregnancy for the very first time and raising three newborns. It felt like the universe was finally giving them back everything they ever wanted.

A Family of Seven

Credits: Andy-Sarah Justice

Sarah went into labor just a few months before the triplets turned one year old. The delivery was quite long but soon Sarah and Andy met their beautiful twins, Abigail and Andrew. Now instead of a family of only two, they were a family of seven!

Their lives completely turned around when they welcomed so many babies in just one year and the Justices were super excited to find out what was coming next for them. Welcoming additional two babies was not very difficult for them as they had a lot of previous practice with the triplets already. Nevertheless, it was a huge step for the Justices as they were used to just living with each other before.

Some Life Adjustments

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Lack of sleep is a known factor for parents with a newborn, but can you imagine how exhausting it would be raising five babies? The Justices were definitely sleep deprived but luckily they had family and friends who helped them.

Not only did they receive help from friends and family, but also from the local community such as Tusla’s Eastland Baptist Church, which cooked them meals, provided baby formulas, and even donated food to the Justices. The couple was very grateful for all of the support from the community, friends, and family. However, the food wasn’t the only thing that was provided to this couple.

Help From The Strangers

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Not only the community and close friends were supporting this young family, but also the strangers who heard about this miracle were helping out the Justices.

Family and friends were babysitting the babies while the parents were at work, however, strangers from Oklahoma were showing an incredible amount of support to the Justices. They gave blankets, clothes, bottles, diapers to the family. Five newborns required at least 84 bottles and 200 diapers in a week so the additional help was very much needed.

A Special Trick

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Sarah and Andy had to implement a lot of changes in their lives due to the number of children they had now, including spending most of their free time raising the newborns and also purchasing a bigger van to fit them all.

However, telling their babies apart was the hardest task for the Justices. Soon they found a solution, to paint their babies’ toy nails in different colors. This system worked for some time until the babies started growing up and showing unique personalities and features.

More Surprises

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The Justices’ story was very unique and beautiful indeed. Soon, it went viral. First, it happened due to many shares on Facebook but after this story has been shared enough times, this family earned some serious fans.

This family started gaining a lot of followers from all parts of the planet who wished to see photos of the kids as they were growing up. Besides sharing photos, the followers also wanted regular updates on how the lives were going for the children. However, this was not the end of it, something even more shocking happened after.

Another Pregnancy

Credits: Andy-Sarah Justice

When the twins and the triplets were already toddlers, the Justices were about to receive more news that would changes their lives even more.

Turns out, Sarah was pregnant! As shocking as it might have sounded, the couple was super excited to raise another baby. They have already practiced enough on the twins and triplets, so raising another newborn should have been easy. In 2016, Sarah gave birth to a healthy baby boy and mentioned on Today that they just really love having all these children.

Preparation For Raising Another Baby

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Sarah found out she was pregnant when her babies were around two years old. After so many years of practice with raising the triplets and twins, raising another baby didn’t seem like a big problem after all.

Many people thought adding one more child to this already very big family wouldn’t be a problem after all. Although, parenting is never easy, no matter if you have one child or six. The Justices definitely experienced some difficulties when the sixth child had arrived.

 Hectic Times

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Imagine having eight people under one roof? This can definitely be stressful. It was especially hard for the Justices as all of their babies were around the same age so it was impossible to make them take on some of the responsibility around the house.

Sarah and Andy happily accepted this challenge though, as their dream finally came true and they were parents to six cute babies. The couple was actively raising the twins Andrew and Abigail and the triplets Elizabeth, Joel, and Hannah and couldn’t wait to meet their new baby. Despite having a difficult time keeping track on the babies, Andy Justice and Sarah still regularly took their kids on outings.

Things Got Busier When The New Baby Arrived

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The youngest son of the Justices came to this world in 2016. When Caleb finally arrived, his brothers and sisters were around four years old already. Can you imagine how busy were Andy and Sarah?

As the rest of the kids grew a little older, the Justices experienced some relief and had more time to focus on the newest addition to the family. It was a big relief for Andy and Sarah as now they had to make sure to give a lot of attention and care to Caleb.

A Dream To Come True

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The Justices were swamped with the number of responsibilities they now had especially since Caleb arrived but they didn’t mind that at all. They now had so much love that nothing could ever stand in the way of that.

In 2016, Sarah had an interview with Babyology where she openly shared, “Having a number of children is a dream to come true. When you wait for something you appreciate it that much more when you get it”. This is the happy moment the Justices were waiting for and finally, their dream became a reality. Andy Justice and Sarah became the happiest they have ever been when the babies became a part of their family.

Adjusting The Beds For Toddlers

Credits: Andy-Sarah Justice/Facebook

At first, the parents were the ones who had to adjust their sleeping schedules, but soon it was the time for the toddlers to do the same thing. The kids could no longer fit into their cribs and had to be switched to the toddler beds. In 2016, they had upgraded to toddler beds.

“Having five in toddlers beds is an adventure. But we are getting there”, Sarah mentioned during her interview with Babyology. It was definitely a big transition, as the toddlers were now sleeping in beds without walls. The parents were a little worried about them falling out of the beds or getting out of them when it was time to sleep.

A New Routine

Credits: Andy-Sarah Justice/Facebook

Taking care of one kid can be difficult enough, can you imagine raising six infants? It is a tough job that requires almost no time off. How do Justices make it work? Being very organized is one of the most important things for sure. The couple thoughtfully plans out every day with a tight schedule.

When you have a big family, having a constant schedule is very important. The day for the Justices’ family usually starts with a morning walk, then playing with relatives and friends, and finally doing chores in the evening all together.

Potty Training Five Toddlers Is Challenging

Credits: Andy-Sarah Justice/Facebook

Potty training five children is the biggest challenge for Sarah and Andy. Training one child is difficult enough but five at once can be very exhausting. “Potty breaks are a big part of our day when you have five children at the same life stage”, Sarah mentioned.

However, what’s most challenging is that the kids’ toilet needs are not in sync, so it requires a lot of time and effort for the Justices to properly train every single one of them.

A Close Bond

Credits: Andy-Sarah Justice/Facebook

The good thing about having many children around the same age is the fact that they will never feel alone or left out. They all have each other to play with and grow together. The Justices are excited to hear about all of the new friends that kids are about to make when they go to school.

“We never lack playmates and work to promote love and care between the siblings. Our children will always have a friend and will never need to feel lonely”, Sarah said during her interview with Babyology. 

Baby Brother Love

Credits: Andy-Sarah Justice/Facebook

The Justices were very well prepared for Caleb’s arrival. Having a lot of experience with the first five newborns, they knew exactly how to raise their baby boy the right way. The Justices were happy to go from using 300 bottles in one week to only a few when Caleb arrived, which is definitely way less stressful!

The older siblings absolutely loved Caleb as soon as he came to this world. “All of the kids absolutely adore their ‘baby Caleb.’ He has the best fan club ever and we cannot imagine life without the sweetest, most loved little guy in the world,” Sarah shared during her interview with Babyology. 

Happily Ever After

Credits: Andy-Sarah Justice/Facebook

After so many years of struggling and trying to have a baby, this couple is lucky enough to have all six beautiful babies in the end. This story inspired many people from all over the world to keep trying and never giving up.

The Justices are extremely grateful to experience parenthood and love their little ones very much. “They bring a great deal of joy to our lives and we enjoy watching them love life,” Sarah told Babyology. This beautiful story shows we have to remain patient no matter what as in the end we might receive something even better than we initially hoped for.

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