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After being raped a 13-year-old girl writes a letter to warn other and then commits suicide


Cassidy Trevan, a 13-year-old girl from Melbourne, Australia, was a subject of not only mental abuse but physical abuse as well. Everyone has been affected by bullying at least once in their lives in some way or form, whether you have witnessed someone getting bullied, you were getting bullied, or even you were the one doing the bullying. People of all ages get bullied in some way or form, and not everyone can do something about it and stop it, so their lives become extremely hard.

Cassidy, was bullied for a long period, at first it was all verbal and psychological, but at one point it turned physical as well. Getting called names all the time, at school, on her way home and on the internet. Since that wasn’t enough for her bullies, they started attacking her at school. It even got to the point where someone got in her house to try to get to her.

With all of this happening, it got too much to handle for Cassidy, even after talking to her bullied things didn’t get better, and she stopped going to school. After months of getting the help, she decided to give it another shot and started going two days a week so she could get used to the school again and it wouldn’t be so hard for her. After going for a couple of weeks, the girls who bullied her previously started talking to her again and said that they were sorry for what they had done to her. They started being her friend, and they invited her to go with them to a festival. She didn’t have to think twice about being friends with them and about going to the festival with them. She was shut out from everywhere and every one before that this seemed like a great way to forget about the past even though those girls were unkind to her always.

Cassidy didn’t have the slightest clue that the girls had something else in mind, something despicable. After she meets with the girls, they brought her to an unknown house where they locked her in with two older boys, and they waited outside while the older boys raped her. Bear in mind Cassidy was only 13-years-old at the time of the rape.

With her mother, Cassidy went to the police and reported the crime made against her, but because the police couldn’t get enough evidence the case was dropped and everyone who was involved, both the girls who pretended to be her friends and the older boys who raped her, were let go.

Linda, Cassidy’s mother, took Cassidy and they moved to another house and even transferred Cassidy to a new school, but that wasn’t enough, because the bullies continued to find ways to find her and attacked her in shops, in the streets and they were crazy enough to constantly call at their house to try to get Cassidy on the phone. They literally tried everything they could so Cassidy would feel safe, but nothing worked, and Linda felt like she was slowly losing her daughter. Cassidy again stopped going to school and didn’t even want to get out of bed or her room. After two years of bullying and abuse, in December 2015, Cassidy committed suicide.

After the passing of her daughter, Linda came across a letter. In that letter, Cassidy wanted everyone to know what happened to her and that everyone who bullies and who is getting bullied should read the letter.

In the letter, Cassidy wrote, what school she went to and that she was raped by students older than her, who also went to the same school. She didn’t want people to think that this letter was a way to seek attention, and after reading the letter, everyone will understand why. She continues to explain that the gold of this letter is to warn other students of that school and also parents that if what happened to her, it could also be the case for anyone and that they all had the power to stop it. She continually emphasizes that the ones who raped her are still attending that school, and everyone could be their next target. She also says that the point of this isn’t to get revenge on the students who set her up, the students who actually raped her and the students who afterward made fun of her about what happened. She says that she is doing this because she feels a duty to the other 1500 students, kids, that are currently attending classes are at risk and need to be warned. Also that no one at the school was able to help her before and after the rape. Also, she says that she is doing this for herself because almost two years after she just wants to be left alone and feels at peace. Even though she transferred to a different school, moved to another house how people wouldn’t stop talking about her and wouldn’t stop making up rumors. She even would not stop getting messages on her social media accounts and was non-stop getting cyberbullied. She says if the students won’t stop talking about her, she will start talking and will start telling and warning others of what could happen to them. She finishes the letter by saying that if someone is bullying you, it is worth the fight and that you are stronger despite what anyone says and does to you.

After keeping to herself before she found the letter, Cassidy’s mother wanted everyone to know about what happened to her daughter, and the sent the letter to a couple of media outlets and news sites. After the publication of the letter, Linda received enormous support and is now a fighter against bullying and wants others to join her in that fight. Even though her daughter is gone and she can’t come back, Linda stays strong and believes that a change can be made.

No one should feel alone, and after this sort of thing happens to someone, they shouldn’t believe that the only way bullying and abuse will stop is to take their own life.

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