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After Female Soldier Boards Plane, Man In 1st Class Refuses To Let Her Sit In Coach


Airplanes are one of the means of transportation that most people tend to choose nowadays. But, it is not that comfortable flying back in economy or coach. Namely, there are problems such as the fact that there’s not enough room so that passengers could stretch their legs. This makes flying with the economy or coach, not a pleasant experience that no one looks forward to.

Oftentimes people dream about being bumped up to the first, more luxurious class during their flight in the cheap and tiny seats.

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People that are working in the military oftentimes have to travel around the world in order to get to the place that they are needed. But, in lots of those cases, they oftentimes don’t get the benefits that they should get when they’re flying. These people are keeping our country safe, so why not give them some well-deserved benefits. So, when one man flying in first-class saw a military woman who was dressed in her uniform and was sitting in the coach he wanted to do something about it, and what he did for the lady will blow your mind!

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The company that the servicewoman and the man were using already boarded the people from first class, and after them, the passengers from the military were next. But, when the man from first class noticed that the servicewoman was quietly waiting in a row to get to her seat, he stood up from his seat, got to the woman and told her that he was sitting in her seat. At first, the servicewoman was confused and thought that she had the right place, but after a bit of talking, she happily switched seats with the man.

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And, where most people would like to get some kind of recognition from this act of kindness, the man that we’re talking about in today’s story, wanted to stay completely anonymous. Once he told the servicewoman, he happily took her seat 31B back in coach.

Luckily, there was another passenger on the plane that noticed what the man did for the servicewoman. Her name was Jessica Titus, and she was the witness of the exchange of seats between the anonymous man and the servicewoman. After seeing what the man did for the soldier, she was inspired, so, she offered to pay for the man’s food and drinks. But, he was fast to decline her offer.

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I think that it is crucial to mention that the man wasn’t rude by declining the woman’s offer. Yes, he was happy, and he recognized that his act of kindness inspired other people on the plane to do good too, he didn’t want Jessica’s money. After Jessica got to the place where she was traveling, she quickly sat on her laptop and wrote about the whole experience that she had on the airplane. She wrote a heartwarming story that she posted on a Facebook page named “Love What Matters.” Quickly after she posted the story, it started getting traction, and it went more and more viral. In a short period of time, the story got more than 40 thousand likes and thousands of shares.

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Jessica mentioned that people like anonymous men are making the world a better place to live in, and she is happy to see that there are still good people on this planet. And, despite the fact that the man wanted to stay anonymous the story of the anonymous man exchanging seats with the servicewoman went viral, and thousands of people are thanking the mystery man for the kind gesture!

If you liked the story, and like the fact that there are still kind people on this planet, then make sure to like it and share it with your friends. Would you exchange seats with a serviceman or woman the way the mystery man did? Tell us in the comment box below!


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