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After Homeless Man Leaves Note On A Bus, Teen Helps Him Turn His Life Around


Sometimes someone’s belief is all we need in order to start changing our lives. Well, this homeless man wrote a note that helped him get noticed by someone who believed in him and actually changed his life for better!

Asking for Any Kind of Help

The 36-year-old homeless man from England named Anthony Johnson. And, with the stereotypes following homeless people Anthony found it hard to find any job that could help him stand up on his own, this was when he decided to write a note and leave it at a bus shelter. In the note, Anthony asked anyone who would see this note to allow him to try and prove himself. This way, he hoped, to find work and start improving his life for the better.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

A Long Time in the Fight

As it turns out, the problem with Anthony was the fact that once in his life he made a bad decision and got caught up with the wrong people in his life. And it was from that point on that he decided to change his life, and improve his lifestyle. And, despite the fact that he has managed to turn most of his life for the better, he was still unable to find any kind of work. He needed the work so that he could make money which would help him pay for his home. And, as the cherry on the top of his problems was the fact that for the last couple of years Anthony was fighting his mental health problems, and all he was asking for was somebody to give him a chance to prove himself.

His Brake is Finally Coming

Once the 16-year-old Charlotte Howard actually noticed the note, it seemed as though Anthony’s long-awaited break in life was finally coming for him. Youngsters nowadays can help you a lot if you just let them do it. Charlotte had a plan of how to help Anthony get the break he needed. So, she started a GoFundMe site. The teen planned to raise around $300 to $400 to help the homeless man buy a trailer, and with the rest of the money, she wanted to cover the repairs of the trailer.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

Surpassing the Initial Goal by a Lot!

Charlotte’s page quickly started taking the nation’s hearts, and she got to her goal in no time. Not only she got to her goal, but she also exceeded it by a lot, her initial plans of making $300 to $400 bucks quickly became a reality, and she even raised a bit more than $2300 in donations for Anthony. And none of them expected this kind of response to the GoFundMe page.

Found his Dream Job

But, what’s more, incredible about Anthony’s situation was the fact that people’s generosity didn’t stop at the $2300 that he got from the GoFundMe page. Namely, quickly after he got the money from the page, he also got a new job offer from Nelson Smith, this was the perfect time for Anthony to put his skills to great use and prove himself that he can do it. The job that he got was as a landscape gardener, this was the big break that Anthony needed in his life, and now he can entirely change his life and lifestyle, and the main reason that he got this chance was the young teen who helped him as well as his note!

Charlotte might not have thought that she could do a lot with the GoFundMe page, but she sure changed Anthony’s life once and forever. It doesn’t matter what you think, and the important thing is always to do good, and let time do its job!

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