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After surviving 6 major brain surgeries this woman wants to become a doctor


Claudia Martinez, an undergraduate student at the University of Houston, back in 2012, was given the bad news that she has a rare condition and that she will require several surgeries. It is really hard to take in that you need to have surgery, but it is really scary to know that you need to have brain surgery.
Claudia was constantly having headaches that were so bad that sometimes she couldn’t even feel her arms and legs. After consulting with a doctor and many tests later she got her diagnosis and was told to go visit a brain surgeon. Her diagnosed was Chiari Malformation, and she was told that she will need numerous surgeries and that the first one must be done in a week times. If left untreated, Chiari Malformation can paralyze her from the neck down, and that is why they needed to operate really quickly. Chiari Malformation is a condition, an illness that expands your brain tissue all the way to your spinal cord and because of this paralysis is really likely to occur.

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Fast forward to 2017, and by this time Claudia has had six big brain surgeries. Unfortunately, she also had a stroke which was unexpected and really made thing a lot harder then they were, it paralyzed her from the neck down. But Claudia wasn’t about to break down or give up, a lot of time passed until she could train and learn to speak, walk or eat. Because of that stoke, her stomach was not functioning properly so she has to use a tube to ingest her food and drinks.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

After a long time spent at the hospital, undergoing more treatment and rehabilitation, Claudia made a slow but full recovery. She had to get some other minor surgeries as well, but she never stopped fighting and pushing through. Over those tough times, she always had hope and that everything will pass and that everything will be okay. Going through huge pain and stress, now Claudia wants to the pursuit and to start to study to become a doctor. She would like to get in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. After surviving hard times and countless surgeries, Claudia wants to finish her studies and help others that are or will be in a similar or same situation that she was.

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