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Amazing Senior Citizens That Prove That Age Is Nothing More Than A Number


At some point in our lives, we’ve all heard famous sayings like “age is just a number,” or “you’re only as old as you feel.” Yet, people are still fixated about their age, oftentimes fearing the inevitable transformation our lives goes through as we get older. However, there are a few senior citizens who defy common perceptions about the elderly –  mainly, that they are reserved people who don’t live life on the edge. We’ve taken the time to compile a list of these people so that you can get to know them a little. Care to find out about some of the most reckless citizens who make it their duty to live life to the fullest even in their old age? Keep reading!

Chan Berbary

Who said you couldn’t lift when you’re over sixty? Well, Chan Berbary is living proof that you can! In as recent as 2010, he participated in the National Master’s Weightlifting Championships which happened in New York. There, he took part in the 65-69 age group where he demonstrates that age is really just a number!

Credits: CBS

Isobel Varley

Kicking things off is Isobel Varley, a woman who couldn’t possibly defy the status quo more than she is already doing. Varley was born in 1937, meaning that as of 2019, she is 82-years-old. The photo below was taken in 2009 at the II ‘Expotatoo,’ which was a tattoo fair held in Gijon, Spain. Varley is no ordinary elderly woman – she has tattoos, loads of them at that. Actually, the Guinness World Records recognized her as having the most tattoos among senior females worldwide. Clearly, Varley isn’t your average 82-year-old!

Credits: Business Insider

Darlene Larson

Darlene Larson is a living example of what most people aspire to do when they get older: love the skin they’re in. Even though Darlene is by no means a spring chicken, she definitely believes that she’s only as young as she feels! Here, in this picture, she was all glammed up for a photoshoot for prospective models at “The Wilhelmina Models 40+ Model Search” – boy, did she leave an impression!

Credits: MDIG

A Tired Couple

We’ve all heard stories about the crazy stuff that some elderly people do – still, there’s nothing quite like what we see in the photo below. Sometimes, when you’re tired, you need to take a snooze, even if it’s in the middle of a busy road. Well, maybe they thought that the traffic jam would have bought them some time …

Credits: GoogleUserContent

Someone’s Not Happy

Meet your all-around, loving grandmother – well, not quite. When some people get older, they tend to not hold back on their feelings towards others. This old lady is clearly unafraid to let her feelings be known!

Credits: Pinterest

Dorothy De Low

Now, who said that 99-year-olds can’t play table tennis? Below, we see Australian female Dorothy De Low playing table tennis at the World Master’s Games. This photo was taken in 2009 – Dorothy was 99-years-old. Although she subsequently passed away in 2014, she was living proof that you can do some pretty strenuous activities even when you’re old.

Credits: ABC

Pa’O Elderly Woman

Burma is a Southeast Asian country which is immensely rich in culture and diversity. Among the major ethnic groups found there are the Pa’O people, a group which is as equally rich in food and traditional culture as they are in diverse lifestyles. Take for instance this elderly woman pictured below. One would think that old age might make her reconsider puffing another cigarette, but clearly, old habits die hard.

Credits: Pond5

Tattooed Head

Despite gaining in popularity over the years, getting your body tattooed is oftentimes seen as taboo in certain circles. What’s worse, depending on where you get the tattoo, you might run the risk of being seen as a rebel or a punk. This man pictured below clearly doesn’t care what people think: he’s rocking his tattoo proudly and couldn’t be bothered with who’s staring at him.

Credits: BuzzNick


Speaking of inappropriate, I can’t think of a more awkward photo than the one below. I mean, who’s feeling more uncomfortable: the woman, old gramps, or the person taking the shot? Well, judging by the look on this man’s face, I don’t think it’s him!

Credits: BeMeThis

Ruth Flowers

Ruth Flowers isn’t exactly your typical senior citizen. She likes to live on the edge and live life a little. So, when she was 68-years-old, she decided to try her hand at deejaying. She felt that she could add some life to parties, and she’s been doing so ever since! She’s been deejaying for over five years and hasn’t looked back yet, so I think it’s safe to assume that she’s happy doing it!

Credits: Youtube

Living Dangerously

Even though we grow old, some of us still have the heart of a kid which rages on. It doesn’t matter how many grey hairs we pluck out – some people will always be young at heart. Be that as it may, it’s still a bit shocking to see someone who could be our grandmother holding on for dear life to a bottle of liquor.

Credits: Pinterest

You’re Never Too Old

Speaking of young at heart, sometimes, there’s always this one senior citizen who constantly tries to channel that spirit child lurking deep within. At times, it manifests in one of the most inappropriate ways possible. How often do we see a man who looks to be at least 70 riding a pony?

Credits: Pinterest

Too Old – Says Who?

If someone ever tells you that you’re too old to exercise, remember the photo below. Granted, she should still take it easy – after all, she’s not a young, budding woman anymore. Still, to say that she’s not full of life would be an inaccuracy – she’s proving that you can live life when you’re old, no matter how dangerous it may seem.

Credits: Imgur

Octavio Orduno

Photographed below is Octavio Orduno, a 96-year-old man who religiously rides his bike every day. Living in Long Beach, California, Orduno enjoys the simpler things in life. For him, taking in the fresh breeze while he peddles away on his bike is a true luxury, one that he hopes to enjoy until his very last breath.

Credits: Youtube


Some senior ladies enjoy taking long walks on the beach. Others feel at peace reclined in a chair knitting their favorite garment. And others like to lounge in car seats with chains around their necks. Now does she look like she fits right into the mafia or what?

Credits: ThePeoplesCube

Duan Tzinfu

Duan Tzinfu is a man who serves as an inspiration to many throughout the world. At the seasoned-age of 73, Tzinfu decided to delve into a new realm of fitness: yoga. For Tzinfu, practicing yoga has had such an incredible impact on his life. He always feels relaxed and is extremely flexible. We guarantee you that at his age, Tzinfu can bend his body in a myriad of shapes that will leave you dizzy – just look at the photo below!

Credits: Medium

Robert Marchand

In January 2014, all eyes were on Robert Marchand as he aimed to break a world record set by the International Cycling Union. With his bike, the cyclist was able to pedal his way through 26.98 kilometers in just one hour. At the time, he was 102-years-young!

Credits: USA Today

Don Fleming

Pictured in the photo below is none other than Don Fleming, a hockey player waiting patiently on the bench for his turn to hit the ring. What’s the catch? At the time this photo was taken, Don was 82 – he was a participant in a geriatric hockey tournament which took place in British Columbia, Canada. Judging by Don’s face, it seems like he meant business!

Credits: CBS

Jim Morris

Although Jim Morris passed away at the age of 81, he was known for being a leading example in fitness and bodybuilding even in his old age. Up to the time of his untimely passing, Jim was dedicated to going to the gym. What’s more, when he was 50-years-old, he became a vegetarian, eventually transitioning into becoming a vegan several years later.

Credits: ForksOverKnives

Stanislaw Kowalski

At the time this photo was taken, Stanislaw Kowalski was living life to the fullest. He was 102-years-old at the time and was the oldest Polish sprinter. For him, apart from being a great way to exercise, Kowalski thoroughly enjoyed the thrill and excitement of sprinting.  To him, making it across the finish line was one of the greatest feelings ever.

Credits: EPA

Dion Friedland

Move over Arnold Schwarzenegger, here comes Dion Friedland! Friedland is a bodybuilder who’s not letting his age hold him back. Even though he’s over 70, he still keeps a rigid routine at the gym and follows a strict diet. But don’t be fooled by his age – he’s not the kind of guy I’d want to get into a fight with!

Credits: Youtube

Jhoon Rhee

Jhoon Rhee was a South-Korean grandmaster who brought taekwondo to mainstream popularity in the United States during the 1950s. His prowess in taekwondo was lauded, with him being as highly ranked as a 10th Dan. What was incredible about him was that even when he was in his eighties, he would showcase his taekwondo skills for the public. Although he passed away in 2018 at the age of 86, he will go down in history as one of those senior citizens who lived life to the fullest right till the very end!

Credits: BlackBeltMag

Fumie Takino

Meet Fumie Takino, the Japanese cheerleader in her eighties who has no intention of stopping! As a young girl, Fumie had always enjoyed cheerleading, so much so that she decided to make it a life-long commitment. She loves being a cheerleader so much that she is considered to be an active member of “Japan Pom Pom,” a team of cheerleaders where all the members are senior citizens.

Credits: SBS


Ever heard of the term ‘TMI?’ If you don’t, it’s an acronym for the phrase ‘too much information,’ – something which a lot of people provide unnecessarily. Sometimes, the information given can be boring, other times, plain gross – like the sentence written on this old guy’s shirt.

Credits: BoredPanda

Tao Porchon-Lynch

Yet another senior citizen who continues to mesmerize the world with her tenacity and will to live is Tao Porchon-Lynch, the 100-year-old US-American yoga instructor. Having discovered the wonders of yoga when she was just a little girl in India, she decided to incorporate the exercises in her daily routine. She has even stated that she intends to continue teaching Yoga until she “can’t breathe anymore.” When she was 93, the Guinness World Records cited her as the oldest yoga teacher alive, a title which she still carries to this day.

Credits: TheNational

Cecilia Villegas

We all know the joys that fishing can bring to someone even during old age – it can be such a relaxing feeling. But, would you enjoy fishing every single day out of necessity? Well, such is the life of Costa Rican woman Cecilia Villegas. Just over 80 years of age, Cecilia lives on Cano Ciego Island but leaves every morning to go fishing. She lives off of seafood, so for Cecilia, even at her age, she has to do it.

Credits: Twitter

Artin Elmayan

Meet Artin Elmayan – the 95-year-old Armenian-born Argentine whose old age won’t stop his love for tennis. Elmayan has had a love affair with the sport since he was a child. Even as he’s older, he plays the sport very often, practicing at least three times a week. For Elmayan, when he was younger, tennis was a way of life. As far as he’s concerned, he can’t imagine his life without it!

Credits: TennisWorldUSA

Carmen Dell’ Orefice

When it comes to models who have a larger-than-life catalog, Carmen Dell’ Orefice is probably second to none. At 87-years-of-age, this woman stands tall and proud as a professional model and legend within the fashion industry. To this day, she is considered a working model, often times making appearances on the covers of major magazines including Vogue. Every day, she strives to live her best life, enjoying every moment of it. Clearly, she’s living life to the fullest!

Credits: Edmontonjournal

A Friendly Announcement

Sometimes, you got to let folks know that you mean business. This oldie is definitely letting people know that he’s up for grabs – who wants him?

Credits: TheLaughterward

Werner Schweizer

If you’re looking for a senior citizen with guts, ambition, and a whole heap of energy, Werner Schweizer’s the man! In 2010 when he was only 71-years-old, he decided to take part in a major, physically-demanding race known as the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc. In preparation for the event, Schweizer underwent some serious training, often times physically mapping out the route to get a feel of what he was in for. Even though the race was subsequently canceled, the mere fact that he was willing to do something like that at his age is commendable!

Credits: The Atlantic

Inge Natoli

I bet that you’ve never heard of a synchronized swimming duo quite like Inge Natoli and Barbra Miller before! Both Natoli and Miller have already passed the golden 80 age-mark and are enjoying their retirement the best way they know how: practicing synchronized swimming! For these ladies, age is really just a number – they prove that you can do anything once you put your mind to it.

Credits: Europapress

Ruth Frith

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, along comes Ruth Frith, the athlete who shocked the world with her incredible drive and determination. Pictured below at the World Master’s Games, Frith was 104-years-old when she decided to grace the world stage yet again and show what she was made of. Although she passed away not too long after the event, she will forever be remembered as everyone’s favorite granny who showed that age is truly just a number.

Credits: PhotoBucket

You’re Never Too Old

Pictured in the photo below is yet another senior citizen who is living life on the edge. His argument – why can’t seniors skateboard? They say you’re never too old to learn, so why doesn’t the same apply to skateboarding?

Credits: Freaking News

Min Bahadur Sherchan

In 2008, Min Bahadur Sherchan broke history by being the oldest human to ever reach the top of Mount Everest. For him, it had been a life-long dream to climb to the summit of the mountain – he could have never expected to have achieved his dream when he was 76 years old! He was heavily interviewed by media houses who were interested in knowing how he managed. As far as Sherchan was concerned, he had fulfilled a major goal in his life, and for that, he was happy.

Credits: AllThatsInteresting

Fauja Singh

As we get older, we tend to focus a lot more on our health and fitness than we did when we were younger. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see some elderly citizens participating in some form of physical activity. But how often do you see a 101-year-old man taking part in a marathon? Fauja Singh (pictured on the right) took the world by storm when he decided to take part in the Hong Kong Marathon in 2013 – he was 101 at the time.

Credits: Independent

Lloyd Kahn

Lloyd Kahn is a man who took the concept of enjoying his retirement to a whole new level. Fascinating by skateboarding, Kahn decided at the age of 65 to learn just how it’s done. Since then, skateboarding has become something of a hobby for him which helps him to relieve stress and to relax. Talk about living life!

Credits: Tujawellness

Lynn Ruth Miller

Stand-up comedian Lynn Ruth Miller is living proof that you’re never too old to start something new. Known for her sassy jokes and dry humor, Miller didn’t start off as a comedian. Actually, she only began when she was 70-years-old! With over 10 years in the business, Miller is truly enjoying her new-found act!

Credits: NewsAPI

Annette Larkins

Pictured below is Annette Larkins, a woman who is believed to have found the Fountain of Youth. Believe it or not, in this picture, Larkins is 70-years-old. She attributes her youthful appearance and glowing smile to her decision to implement a strictly raw vegan diet in her life. Let’s face it, whatever she’s doing is working wonders for her – she looks better than most 30-year-olds!

Credits: EileenzFuentes

Doris Long

How many 85-year-olds do you know that do industrial climbing? Probably none! Well, Doris Long has her family on the edge of their seats. When she was 85-years-old, she decided that it was time for a change. She couldn’t imagine sitting idly by at home – she needed some excitement. What did she decide to do? Start practicing industrial climbing, of course!

Credits: BBC

Greta Pontarelli

For those of you wondering who this gorgeous dancer is, her name is Greta Pontarelli. She’s a professional pole dancer, known for her exotic moves and near-perfect execution. She’s a real beauty both on and off the stage. The best part? She’s already passed the 60-mark.

Credits: Beautiful Humans

Paul Fegen

When he was younger, Paul Fegen had amassed so much wealth that he was considered a multi-millionaire. He had built a career as a magician and had garnered immense success. Unfortunately, he ended up losing his millionaire-status. Still, at the age of 78, he gave frequent shows, indicating that he hadn’t lost his love for magic!

Credits: Pinterest

Jacqueline Murdock

It’s no secret that the fashion world is tough to get into: it would seem as if this world is only for the young sector of society to dominate. Well, Jacqueline Murdock is definitely breaking down stereotypes in the fashion industry! At 82-years-old, Murdock has been a model featured on a few major magazine labels. She is a testament to the fact that you can still rock a camera even when you’re old!

Credits: Googleusercontent

Dr. Jefferey Life

Internationally-acclaimed author and fitness freak, Dr. Jefferey Life has made quite the name for himself. He is an expert when it comes to health and fitness, and it shows on his chiseled body! In the photo below, Dr. Life is shown with an incredible physique!

Credits: DrLife

Yvonne Dowlen

Yvonne Dowlen was a 90-year-old ice skater who could do tricks on the ring that many couldn’t! She had a genuine love for the sport and enjoyed it till the very end. Sadly, Dowlen passed away at the age of 90 while ice-skating in Colorado. While her death was tragic, at least Dowlen was doing what she loved the most.

Credits: Trendzified

Alexander Rozental

I think it’s fair to say that there’s no man quite like Alexander Rozental. Pictured below at 96-years-old, Rozental is an avid fan of extreme sport. Curiously enough, he also loves chocolate. He definitely has a bit of a sweet tooth. Old age definitely doesn’t seem to be holding him back!

Credits BlogSpot

Cindy Joseph

When Cindy turned 60, she knew that she didn’t want to slow down. She wanted to keep herself as active as she possibly could. Since hitting her retirement age, Cindy has started her own video blog where she covers various lifestyle material, including fitness. She also does some work as a photo model.

Credits: ColoradoMountainMom

Valentin Badich

Judging by the photo below, it’s clear that Valentin Badich loves to dance. In fact, he’s a huge fan of vintage dances such as the Rockability and the Boogie-Woogie. Despite being 75-years-old when photographed below, he’s showing that you can’t be too old to let loose sometimes!

Credits: ViralityFacts

Lynda Fox

When Lynda Fox was 62-years-old. she decided that she needed to add some spice to her life. She had always loved horses, so she figured: why not learn how to ride them? With that, Lynda Fox began riding horses, something which she truly loves. It’s been over five years since she first started and she hasn’t stopped yet – clearly, this will be a vocation which shall last for a while.

Credits: TribLive


Practically everyone has a group of friends that they love hanging out with. Sometimes, when you’re young, you take really crazy photos with each other to make memories to last a lifetime. But what about when you’re older? Well, these ladies are showing the world that they’re a crew with attitude!

Credits: FunnyOrdie

Qian Jinfan

In the photo below, you can see Qian Jinfan holding a photo of herself when she was 59-years-old. For Jinfan, even though she was born biologically male, she had always felt that she was a woman. Therefore, when she was 60 years old, she felt that it was time to live her life as she wanted. She underwent a series of hormonal experiments in order to transition to being a female. She is considered to be the oldest openly transsexual in China.

Credits: TheWorldofChinese

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