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An Old Video Of Steve Irwin Is Going Viral For The Most Adorable Reason


Despite the fact that he isn’t here with us anymore, you cannot neglect the fact that this guy has left an eternal mark on our planet. Yes, I am talking about Steve Irwin, the fearless crocodile hunter who came from Australia. Steve was a huge sensation during the 90s and the 00s. He was a well-known animal enthusiast who would’ve done anything to help animals out. He saved endangered animals, and he ran his own ZOO, animals engulfed his free time, and he was working with animals as well. You could even say that animals were his life. But, he also loved spending his time with his family, and before he passed away, he snapped this video of him and his family that will tear you apart.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

A Devoted Worker and Father

Steve was devoted to animals, he got famous with animals, and I am sure that he loved them even when he was a kid. So, he started his celebrity life with animals, and animals were the cause of the end of his life. Namely, a stingray sting was the cause of death for Steve Irwin, a fatal sting to the chest to be particular ended Steve’s life. But, we didn’t only lose a legend, what’s even sadder is the fact that Bindi and Robert Irwin, Steve’s kids lost a father. The two kids were just eight and two years old at the moment when they found out about Steve’s death. And, despite the fact that Robert was little and he might not remember much about his father, Bindi was a big girl, and not only she remembers her father, she even has videos of them.

The Content of the Video

Today, Bindi has grown significantly, she is twenty years old to be exact, and she is committed to doing the things that her father loved. Bindi is surrounded by social media followers, and she has a lot of presence there, and April of 2019 was the month when she decided to pay tribute to her father by sharing a fantastic old video of Steve Irwin on her Facebook. In the video, you could hear Steve talking about his family, but more particularly, he was talking about his kids and the role that he had as a father. At the beginning of the video, you can hear him say that he never intended to be a father because he never saw it as a part of his life journey. But, after he met his wife, he changed his opinion, and he further changed it when Bindi came to this world.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

He Loved His Family

After being a devoted fan of Steve’s, I can tell you he really loved animals with all his heart. You can see it in each and every series that he has recorded. You can notice it in the way he spoke about them and the way he looked at them. But, it’s nothing when you compare it to the way that he talks about his daughter. In the video, you can see him choking up when he speaks about her, and he also mentioned how happy and proud he was of the little lady that Bindi has become. Sadly, he cannot be even more proud of her now when she’s following his food steps.


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