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Answering the most asked questions about your cell phone battery


Having almost no battery on your phone and trying to save as much as you can till you can get your hands on a charger is truly frustrating. Even worse is when your phone dies mid-conversation, whether a phone call or through some of your message apps, browsing the internet, or just scrolling through your social media. Searching here and there you can find a lot of tips on how to keep your battery at a safe zone where you don’t have to panic if your phone will turn off or not. So, here you will find some of those tips, solutions and answered questions about your phone battery.

Charging your cell phone overnight

A lot of people have asked, and others even believe that if you leave your phone charging overnight or let it be connected on the charger for more than it takes the battery to reach 100 percent, your phone will be left damaged or overheat, which is definitely not true. On almost every phone, there is a mechanism implemented in the device itself that when your battery reaches 100 percent, charging is immediately turned off.

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There is something called trickle-charging, which can cause problems for your phone’s longevity. This occurs when you leave your phone on the charger for more than the amount that is needed, so the battery is full. After your battery is fully charged, your phone goes to function normally so that it will go down to 99 percent, which again that charging is activated so it can go back to full again. This is what is hurting the longevity of your battery and if you can don’t let your phone charge for more than it needs to.

Your battery getting too hot

With some phones, when let to charge their battery can get a bit hot, this isn’t a very serious thing, but you can be precautious. To not get it to potentially overheat, when leaving your phone to charge don’t put in a place where it can cause overheating, out in the sun, in closed hot places. Put it on some sort of surface that won’t let it overheat. When talking about extreme conditions, also avoid cold places as well. As much as it can get damaged from the heat, it can get damaged from the cold.

Are all chargers the same?

Of course no. Buying a cheaper charger for your phone, you do not get the best product to charge your phone. Overloading, overheating and charging at a really slow pace is the downside or these chargers, and in the long run, they will cause serious problems. And let’s be honest they don’t even last that long. While talking about charging, the new fast chargers can also cause problems to your phones because they stress out your phone trying to charge faster. The best solution is to get a charger that is of high quality and charges your phone at a normal pace.

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Letting your phone go to zero percent

Again the answer is, no. It was true back in the day with the older generation of phones and their batteries to let them go to zero percent and then charge them. But the newer generation of phones and their batteries, function at their best when you keep them between 20 and 90 percent. If you plan on leaving and not using your phone for a while, you should leave it at least 50 percent.

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Tips on how to save battery life

First of all, taking down your screen brightness reduces and preserves battery life, on some of the newer phones there is an always on display which you can also turn off to save battery, lower down the time it should take for your phone to lock on its own if you leave it without locking it, use darker backgrounds and themes on your phone which take less battery and there is always the saving power feature on almost every new device. These are a few tips and ideas to take in mind, and you can ask the people where you bought your phone to give you more tips on how to save battery life.

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