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Are we becoming more efficient, but less creative?


I cannot believe how much we’ve progressed in the past 30 years… Who would’ve thought 30 years ago that we would have the technology that we all possess today at our fingertips? It all was a science fiction movie back then. The wireless smartphones, the electric cars or even the internet! We don’t realize how fast we are progressing and how that might affect us. Might this be hurting our creativity? And does it make us more productive at the things we do? Are we losing our ability to think deeper on projects, and the ability to “think outside of the box”? And did striving for more efficient ways of finishing our work hurt our creativity? This is the puzzle that we decided to deconstruct for you in today’s article. Enjoy!

Which One Are You?

In the perfect universe, we would strive to be as productive as possible and do our work in the most efficient ways that we can while being a creative individual at the same time! But, with the rate our creativity is degrading I am not seeing this happening any time soon. How do I know this? Well, it’s pretty simple! Productivity and creativity are not two things that go well together, if you try to be creative you will lose a lot of time in trying to figure out the best way to do something, and if you try to be more productive, you lose the attention to details that we tend to have when we’re creative!


Productivity is a thing that will help you finish your tasks more efficiently and to do that somebody needs to be focusing on the task, and the creative people need time to breathe and think about different parts of the task.

Technology – The Destroyer of Creativity

Technology has made it possible for us to be as efficient and as productive as we can today. And this is going to get better and better. Have you ever felt like there is no way to find a way to answer some question? No, we have the power of the internet at our fingertips and we can simply “google it”. And despite the fact that this is great for some theoretical questions that have a universal answer for everybody when it comes to some more “deeper” question and questions that require a bit of thinking we tend to struggle. And this process that we go through when we’re googling things and don’t think of how we could answer them ourselves is clearly hurting our ability to use our brains at the rate that we’ve used it before the internet!

So, how much of an impact does the “Googling” have on our creativity? I’d say a pretty big impact because if we constantly reach for Google and the internet when we find ourselves in a place when we cannot answer some question, we would forget how to think outside of the box, and that is how our creativity fades away! Instead of trying and thinking of a unique way of finishing some job, you’ll try to be as efficient as possible and look at how everybody is doing it, thus hurting your creativity!

Disorganized = Creative

Having this in mind and knowing that the most creative persons at our workplace have their desks cluttered, and their workspaces are a mess, it shouldn’t be a surprise to us when they come up with a unique way of finishing some job, despite the fact that they took longer than everyone. These people might seem to be lazy and slow or bad at the tasks they’re finishing, but we should keep in mind that the fact that they have their own unique ways of solving problems is a big plus! And that they might be productive in some other, more creative way!


We don’t expect to see cluttered desks at the office, and we tend to clean everything up. But, that might be the environment that someone finds it better to work in and they might even be more productive in a messy environment. By breaking the norms of other people they tend to come up with unconventional and unique ways of constructing their ideas. If you are not able to allow your brain to drift off in the distance, then your imagination would never improve. And yeah, you might be productive and efficient, but, you will never be as creative as your “messy” colleagues!

We’ve just touched on this problem today, and efficiency and creativity would take more than one short article in order to even start getting how different and opposite they are. And, there are lots of facts that prove it that it is impossible to be both creative and productive, but that is a topic for another day! Given the direction our world is moving towards, we can be pretty sure that productivity will improve, while creativity disappears, and that is the scary part of our future!


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