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At Adoption Hearing, Toddler Yells One Word That Confirms Judge’s Ruling


When we’re young, most of us grow up with dreams and aspirations of starting a family. We often think that it will be a bed of roses and that everything will fall in place in due course. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. One Ohio couple who understood this all too well was Tyler and Mandi Palmer. The road to building the ideal family for them has been filled with potholes and obstacles which made the journey all the more difficult.

Thankfully, a ray of hope came when they became foster parents of a young baby boy. Still, life kept throwing them curveballs. Just one year later they had a court date which would decide the fate of their family. With anxiety and tension in the air, they waited with bated breath for the final verdict. They could have never expected that their little baby would have chimed in one word to break the silence in the room, a word which would seal their fate forever.

Tyler Palmer’s Duty

Before Tyler and Mandi even met and began the journey of life together as a married couple, in 2010, Tyler made a life-changing decision, one which showed his devotion and love to his country in the highest way possible. He enrolled in the US-Army. He had to undergo strict and severe training. However, he was able to pass the necessary preliminary stages, and with that, he was sent off to participate in perhaps one of the most dangerous missions ever.


He was sent to Afghanistan, which, at the time, was undoubtedly one of the most dangerous war zones ever. The war between Afghanistan and the US lasted for several years after the US forcefully invaded the area in 2001. The war is still underway and has led to much bloodshed and death, both for Middle-Easterns as well as for US-Americans. Thankfully, he was able to come out unscathed, but the experience he had in Afghanistan will forever be etched in his mind, as is the case with many war-survivors. However, he has managed to move on with his life, establishing himself as an upstanding member of society. He had hoped to start a family, although he could have never expected the journey towards realizing his goal would be so challenging.

Enduring Warfare

For Tyler, there was nothing worse than being a soldier in war. While he loved his country and loved to participate in such an important national initiative, he couldn’t get over the fact that he was risking his life in a big way. If anything were to go wrong, he could lose his life.


He lived each day in Afghanistan with this crippling fear. He tried to be positive about it: after all, he was doing an honorable deed. That said, was he willing to die a martyr for the cause? He trudged on, clinging to life as if it were the Holy Grail. As the days drew closer for his return to the United States, he grew excited. Finally, he was going back home!

A Chance Encounter

Tyler was lucky to have his life when he came back from Afghanistan, especially considering that so many of his colleagues fell in battle. He knew that tens of thousands of people lost their lives in the war, so for that, he was extremely thankful and was full of life. He made his way back to the United States, ready to start living the life that he was so thankful to have. He wanted desperately to be back with his loved ones. For so long, he spent time away from them in perhaps one of the worst conditions possible. Knowing that he was always on the verge of death made him appreciate the relationships that he had.


When Tyler returned to the States, it was difficult for him to readjust to living a relatively normal life. For years, he was fighting a war: at any point in time, he could have been sleeping with the fishes. For so long, he lived a life filled with tension, anxiety, and constant adrenaline rush. However, he eventually managed to enjoy doing the simpler things in life. He started going out and meeting new people, trying his best to recover the years of enjoying life which he missed when he was in Afghanistan. By chance, he met Mandi, a woman who would have had such an impact on his life as he got older. The year was 2013 when they had their first encounter. Ever since then, it was clear that they had a strong connection which would grow into something beautiful.

An Instant Connection

From the moment they met, the two felt an instant connection. It was as if there was a magnetic pull which they felt for each other: to them, it was like magic. They truly enjoyed being in each other’s presence. The more time they spent with each other, the more they grew to love each other. It was like a dream come true for Tyler. For so long, he wasn’t able to enjoy life.


He frequently remembered the months he spent in Afghanistan. He would remember going days without seeing his loved ones. For nights on end, he would be concerned about his own life. Would he make it out alive? Would he ever be able to see his family again?

Something In Common

Tyler and Mandi had shared a lot in common. Both of them were young people filled with a desire to experience life. They were both buzzing with energy and youthfulness which just drew them together like magnets.


What’s more, both of them had aspirations of becoming parents one day. It couldn’t have been more perfect: he had found someone who was like him. Could they have spent the rest of their lives together?

Grateful For Life

Tyler couldn’t have been happier. Not only was he able to serve his country in one of the most dangerous missions ever, but he was also able to come out alive. Now, he had reintegrated into society as a worthy citizen who had done a good deed for the US. Finally, he could start living life.


With Mandi, he finally found peace and love. She fulfilled the void in his life, giving him good love and company. He was happy and glad to have met her for she came into his life and changed him forever. Then, Tyler received a bit of life-changing news which would send his relationship with Mandi down a rollercoaster.

Shocking News

Despite the great relationship and start to his life, Tyler knew that there was the possibility that his life could once again be sent into turmoil. As much as he tried to enjoy his time with Mandi, he was haunted by his dangerous past, and also the fear that he might have to return to it. Then, the fateful day arrived when he received some distressing news. It was Tyler’s worst fear which became a reality. He knew that this day was going to happen.


He got word that he was due for another trip to Afghanistan. This would mean a second time in the landlocked country and one which he was definitely not looking forward to. He was devastated. What would he do?

Tough Decisions

On one hand, he was scared to return to war. He remembered his last occasion, and he was simply mortified. Going back to Afghanistan could mean the end of his life. He could die as a soldier in war, never to see his family again. Then, there was the other problem of his new-found love with Mandi. Just when things were looking up for him, life plucked him right out of happiness only to drop him into a difficult place.


Knowing that this could be the end of the road for him was an overwhelming feeling. How could he look at his family members knowing that it was possible that it would have been the last time that he would have seen them? It was all too much for poor Tyler. How was he going to do this?

Coping With War

Unfortunately for Tyler, he had no choice in the matter. The Army’s decision to send him back to Afghanistan was something over which he had no say, nor could he dispute it: it was final, and he had to live with that reality. With that, he began to put preventative measures in place. Naturally, he was extremely afraid.


He had no idea how things could have gone this time. The war was intensifying, and he could end up on the wrong end of the stick in a dangerous cross-fire. Then, with the advent and rise of ISIS, only God knew what new resources the Taliban insurgents could have pulled out in the war.

Saying Goodbye

Then, he was also extremely dejected that he would have been leaving his new-found love. He had already established a relationship with a woman who had become a central part of his life. With that, he bid her farewell with the hope that he would be with her if he got back to the States after serving yet again in war.


He understood that in leaving for Afghanistan, not only would it signal his own possible death, but it would also put tremendous strain on his relationship with Mandi. Little did he know that this second trip would have had an impact later on in his life in such a big way.

A Return Trip

While he was in Afghanistan on this second instance, Tyler found it difficult to keep his relationship going steady with Mandi. He was barely in contact with her. Understandably so, considering that he had duty calls overseas: he was fighting a war, after all. That said, it made it extremely difficult for both of them in general and also jeopardized the very fabric of their relationship.


To make matters worse, the trauma of warfare was beginning to have a negative effect on Tyler’s mental wellness. Thankfully, he was able to serve time in Afghanistan again without any hiccoughs. He returned to the States and back to Mandi’s arms in one piece.

Reuniting With Mandi

Needless to say, he was extremely happy to leave the war-zone. For so long, he felt as if each passing day was a true blessing. At any given point in time, he could have been killed or worse, captured as a prisoner and tortured mercilessly.


He was glad to go back to his girlfriend, Mandi, who was also extremely happy to see him. Finally, the lonely nights were over and she was with her true love once more. What’s more, she herself was going through her own personal challenges. What was wrong with Mandi?

On The Edge

Mandi had her own challenges to deal with. For years, Mandi had been battling an illness which threatened her life. She had been diagnosed with this terminal illness from since she was 15-years-old, one which followed her throughout her adult life. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.


This is an inflammatory bowel disease which can cause immense abdominal pain. Consequently, Mandi suffered from these pains. However, she tried her best to be a positive person and make light of her disease. She radiated positivity outwardly although internally she was suffering.

Battle To Better Health

She went through several surgeries all in an attempt to correct her disease. Unfortunately, those surgeries took such a toll on her life that she began to experience certain challenges in her adult life. She had several chunks of her large intestinal tract removed and also had her stomach reduced.


However, that still didn’t cure her of the disease. Crohn’s disease is one for which there is no known cure. She struggled with maintaining a healthy nutritional intake, but she tried to smile through it all. Then, something was about to happen to her which would brighten up her life in a big way.

Tyler’s Back Home

As soon as Tyler returned home, he was back to his normal, joyful self. He was so elated to see his girlfriend and to be far away from the dangers of war and fighting. He was at peace yet again and ready to continue where he left off with Mandi. They continued to date and enjoy each other’s company.


Both of them were happy to be with each other: their love was strong and true. As time went on, they got even closer and closer. It was only a matter of time before Tyler popped the question.

She Said Yes

It took him only a month after returning to Afghanistan to propose to Mandi. He knew that she was the woman with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. He also felt that she was the right person with whom he should start a family.


A few weeks after he proposed, they got married. Now that they were legally tied, they were ready to start a life together. The military was now a thing of Tyler’s past life: he had a new-found purpose to live and was content.

Planning The Way Forward

It didn’t take the couple long to begin putting plans in place for their future. As far as they were concerned, they loved each other deeply. For them, engagement and marriage was only a natural step in their plans with each other.


They couldn’t imagine living life without the other. They felt that they were soulmates, and nothing was going to come in the way of the love they felt for each other. They began planning a family, although they were aware that that posed its challenges.

Overcoming Trauma

After all, Tyler had only recently made his way back from Afghanistan. While he came back physically unscathed, the mental trauma he suffered from being involved in a war still troubled his mind. Then, there was the added problem of Mandi’s deteriorating physical health.


To think about having a child at that time was difficult. But the couple was determined to make it happen. They loved each other and were ready to bring a beautiful baby into the world with whom they could share their love.

Starting A Family

Tyler and Mandi were determined to start a family together. While there were doubts as to whether they might have been able to have a child through biological means, they were hell-bent on having a new addition to the family.


It didn’t matter: they were going to make it happen come hell or high water. However, they soon realized that things were proving to be a bit challenging for them when it came to making a baby.

Mandi’s Dilemma

For years on end, they tried time and time again to have a baby but to no avail. They soon realized that Mandi’s body would not be able to handle a baby. She had had so many surgical operations that her body had grown incapable of going through such an ordeal.


They were disappointed. After all, ideally, Mandi would have wanted to carry her own baby. But they didn’t give up: they began to explore ways in which they could have had the baby of their dreams.

Looking Around

With the reality that Mandi was not going to deliver a baby settling in, the two were initially sad. Having a baby was extremely important to them, so with the most natural option being now obsolete, they had to explore other ways of attaining their goal. What’s more, they also couldn’t cause Mandi any more physical trauma given that her body wasn’t functioning at its optimum. With that, they figured that it might be best to adopt. That way, they get the baby that they always wanted and also avoid any bodily harm which could have come to Mandi had she given birth naturally.


They could have never expected that the journey towards adopting a child as their own would have been so challenging. Still, they went in with the energy and fervor of a couple desperate to have their own family. They were determined to make their dreams come to. Still, unfortunately, they encountered more challenges. They had so much difficulty in adopting a child that after months they decided to call it quits. Perhaps there was another way to get the baby that they always wanted?

Looking At Foster Care

Realizing that adoption was proving to be a challenge, they began looking at other options. During the months that they were hunting at various adoption firms, they recalled that there was a demand for foster parents. Apparently, there was a need for several foster kids to be placed in temporary homes. They never ruled out this possibility when they had initially heard it. Now that adopting was becoming a difficult thing to do, they thought about being foster parents. Maybe it would have been a great preparatory experience for them?


They didn’t think about it for too long: in no time, they registered to be foster parents. They knew that this was what they wanted, although it wasn’t in their initial plans when they got married. But they felt as if it would have been a great help for them, especially in terms of giving them some early lessons in parenting. What’s more, they didn’t want to waste any more time. They had spent so long without a child of their own that they felt the need to give that love to someone else even if it were just for a while.

Getting Things Started

Although Tyler and Mandi were zealous about becoming foster parents, the journey to getting licensed wasn’t an easy one. At times, depending on where you apply to get licensed, it can take several years before you’re approved. Tyler and Mandi weren’t looking at waiting another four years to raise a child. They had waited so long: it was time for their dreams to come true. The couple was aware that in order to speed things up, they would have had to jump a few regulatory hurdles. But, they were ready to do so.


They were determined. They wanted to become foster parents, and that they did! The couple was overjoyed! Words couldn’t express how thankful they were to have made a step in the right direction. For once, they felt as if they were making process. However, they were about to receive some shocking news which would put the joy of becoming licensed foster parents on the back-burner.

The Unthinkable

At last, they could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Their journey was riddled with so many challenges that it seemed as if they would have never accomplished their dreams. Thankfully, the couple was extremely happy to know that things were finally looking up for them. Then, they received a call which would change their lives forever: it was from a social services representative, and boy did that rep have some good news for them! There was a baby in need of a home!


This little bugger was only 8 days old and was in need of a loving home where people could take care of him. Needless to say, Tyler and Mandi were so happy to hear that. Finally, they could take care of a baby. They graciously accepted the offer to raise the child. They rushed to Target in a frenzy to purchase the necessary baby-products in order to take care of their new addition to the family. They were positively thrilled. That said, there was one factor which they had to bear in mind.

Looking Towards The Future

It was all such great timing. Shortly after receiving their official license granting them the right to become foster parents, along comes baby Hunter in desperate need of a home. Soon after welcoming him into their home, the couple formed a bond and love with Hunter. Now that they finally had a little baby of their own, they couldn’t fathom giving him up. They wanted to keep him and raise him as a part of their family. However, in light of the challenges they faced with regard to adopting, they knew that it wasn’t going to be easy.


Still, Tyler and Mandi were optimistic about their chances. They knew within their hearts that having a child was what they had always wanted, and now that they had one, they weren’t going to give him up that easily. They were going to fight tooth-and-nail to keep Hunter, and nothing was going to get in the way of that. That said, nothing could have prepared them for exactly how challenging this journey was going to be.

A Dream Come True

When Tyler and Mandi got to children’s services and laid eyes on Hunter, they couldn’t control their emotions. They were happy to see him. He was covered up in a blanket. The love they felt for him was instantaneous and they welcomed him with open arms as the new member of their little family. They were going to show him just as much love, care and attention as they would have shown to a biological child. Sadly, as reality hit them, their feelings of joy and happiness quickly subsided.


All of a sudden, fear began to grip the couple. While they were happy to have a baby boy, they realized that this baby might not be a part of their lives forever. Adopting is an extremely complex legal process which can take an extended period of time. There was no guarantee that the couple would have been able to keep baby Hunter: the fear was overwhelming.

Coping With The Reality

Perhaps the most challenging part about raising a foster child is knowing that that child might not be yours forever. It’s a crippling fear which haunts foster parents daily, especially when that parent has developed a strong bond and attachment to the child. It was no different for Tyler and Mandi. If any of Hunter’s biological family issued a petition requesting him back, that would be the end of it for the small family.


It was a harsh reality that the parents had to face. States had put laws in place which allowed for children to return to the biological family if requested. Unsurprising, of course, given that foster care is usually an institutionalized system which affords kids temporary housing. Because of this reality, Tyler and Mandi lived with the constant fear of getting a call from social services letting them know that Hunter had to go. It was a traumatic emotional experience for the young married couple.

Keeping The Faith

The fear of knowing that at any given point their baby-boy could be snatched from them was too much for the young Ohio couple. They immediately began putting things in place to adopt him as their own legal child. They were optimistic, but sadly they could not have expected it to be such a long, drawn-out and difficult procedure. They were looking at a year-and-a-half of legal proceedings, several court meetings, and lots of emotional distress.


Still, they were ready to go for gold. They had bonded so much with their baby. How could they live life without him now? He had become a part of their family and it wasn’t going to be easy for the couple to let him go. They were prepared to do everything necessary to keep their joy, and that was certain.

The Legal Procedures Draw On

The months which followed were pure torture. They were literally in-and-out of the courtroom for so many hearings. As you can imagine, this was an extremely emotional period for the parents. Every court hearing brought them closer to the announcement of their fate. Would they rule in favor of the couple, or would they deny their wish to adopt Hunter?


After so many months, Tyler and Mandi finally got to their final scheduled adoption hearing. This was supposed to take place on December 18th, 2017. As they approached the date, the couple was extremely nervous. How would things go? Would they finally be able to rest at night knowing that Hunter was finally their’s, or would they be on the receiving end of devastating news?

A Strong Bond

Even though Tyler and Mandi weren’t the biological parents of Hunter, they had developed such a close bond with him that for them, there was no difference. They loved him as they would have loved their biological child. As far as they were concerned, he was their baby, and they knew that they would have loved him unconditionally from the moment they saw him. That said, they had to convince the courts that that was the case. Irrespective of their love for him, the court had to make the final decision.


With that, the day came upon them: December 18th, 2017, the day when their fate would have been decided. By that time, Hunter had been with them for about a year-and-a-half. He was their baby, and that’s all that mattered. The couple was extremely anxious during the proceeding as this was the day when their lives would forever be changed, be it positively or negatively. That said, they were determined to keep him. They loved him like any son, and they weren’t about to give him up that easily if the courts ordered them to.

Other Battles

It was no secret that Tyler and Mandi were going through a tough emotional battle fighting for parenting rights for their precious and beloved Hunter. That said, the couple also had their own personal difficulties that they were battling with on top of their legal issues. On the one hand, there was Tyler. Tyler was suffering from PTSD from having served two stints in Afghanistan during the war. He was psychologically scarred from having seen and lived through the terrors of war. Then, there was Mandi, suffering from Crohn’s disease. Her health was failing with each passing day.


One would think that Tyler and Mandi would have succumbed under the intense pressure. No, they didn’t. They were adamant and stubborn: their priority was securing Hunter, their beloved baby boy who had been with them for over a year. He was the joy in their lives: he gave them a reason to wake up every morning with a smile. In as much as he was their life for over a year, he could be snatched away. The day had finally arrived: the court hearing which would decide it all.

The Fateful Day

The day had finally come upon them: the final court hearing in the matter of their adoption proceedings. With heavy hearts and nervous dispositions, Tyler and Mandi took their places in the courtroom and impatiently awaited the court’s verdict. In a show of support, their friends and family came to the proceeding. They wanted to be there to either celebrate with the couple or comfort them based on the decided ruling.


Everyone in the room was visibly tense. All who were there understood that this was an extremely trying time for the parents and they empathized with their emotional turmoil. It had been an agonizing year for them, and now everything hinged on whether the court would grant them their deepest wish and desire. Would Hunter finally be an official member of the family, or would he be swept away?

The Most Important Day Of Their Lives

As much as they tried to keep their cool, Tyler and Mandi couldn’t help but show their emotions on the final court date. It was now or never: what was going to happen to their family? They were noticeably shaken. This was undoubtedly the most important day of this couple’s lives. Their dreams could either be cemented or shattered all in one day.


They were petrified about the possibility of the judge ruling against them. They waited with bated breath for their fate to be decided. Of course, it wouldn’t have been a day filled with drama if something unexpected didn’t happen. Someone made a statement which would be instrumental in deciding whether they would be allowed to keep Hunter as their legal child, and no one could have expected that person, in particular, to chime in and let his voice be heard.

A Bold Declaration

The moment had arrived: the judge parted his lips in expectancy of announcing news which would either fill the Palmers with joy or crush their every dream. In the seconds leading up to the much-anticipated declaration from the judge, the couple could feel their hearts pounding outside their chests.


They watched the judge take a final breath before he let the words slip out of his mouth in booming fashion. What was his verdict? Was it curtains for Palmer’s little family? If the judge denied their wish, how would they continue living on knowing that they had lost their baby? Then, the judge uttered those fateful words which changed their lives forever.

Positive Vibrations

It was the moment of truth: what was the judge’s verdict? The words which the judge uttered got the whole room up in a frenzy but in a good way. He announced Hunter’s legal name: Hunter Russel Palmer. There are no words which can adequately describe the reaction of not only this troubled-Ohio couple but also everyone in the room. It was as if a huge weight was released. Everyone was filled with feelings of pure joy and happiness. They were so elated to know that Tyler and Mandi had gotten what they had always wanted.


The Ohio couple was so happy. After over a year of fighting legal battle after legal battle, coming to so many court hearings and losing so much sleep worrying about what might have happened, they had gotten their wish. Their dream of having a family had finally come true: the official declaration from the judge was the best thing that they had heard in their entire lives. Of course, that was until someone in the courtroom said one little word which would forever imprint upon their lives in the most beautiful way possible.

Cementing The Decision

Who was the unexpected person to voice something which would forever stay with this Ohio couple? It was little Hunter, of course! What could this one-and-a-half-year-old have said to melt the hearts of everyone in the room? Hunter took one look at his father and said something which shook him to the core.


He looked at him and shouted “Dad!” All it took was Hunter to say one word to leave everyone in the room in tears. Even the judge couldn’t hide his emotional reaction. For the couple, it was probably the most emotional moment of the entire ordeal. Not only was Hunter finally a part of their family, but he could also finally call Tyler “Dad” and be 100% correct. The judge was moved by the comment. Not only did it cement his ruling but it also let him know that Hunter loved his family very much. Everyone was elated, but the judge wasn’t quite through yet. He had to leave Hunter with something before bidding the family farewell.

A Parting Gift

Now that everything was finally decided, the judge was so moved that he had to give Hunter a small trinket so that the youngster would always remember the day. He gifted Hunter a small judge’s gavel as memorabilia of this fateful day. Everyone, especially Tyler and Mandi, was so pleased with the day’s outcome. They couldn’t wish for anything better: they had gotten what they had always wanted.


They were also so overwhelmed by Hunter’s declaration. It was so comforting for them to know that the feelings of love, care, and support which they showed towards Hunter were reciprocated. They had fought for over a year to secure this dream. They were officially his legal parents and nobody could destroy their family anymore. They were overjoyed and thrilled to be parents at last!

Genuine Bonds

Thanks to Hunter, the family now knew that they were loved by their baby boy. As far as they were concerned, Hunter was always a member of the Palmer family. But hearing him acknowledge Tyler as his parent was just what they needed to be convinced that they were doing the right thing. They were officially the Palmers, and that was the most important gift that they had ever gotten.


For the family, DNA was not important. Love transcended any type of blood relationship. For them, it was all about love. There was nothing which could get in the way of the love that they had for each other. Finally, they were able to be a true family and not have to worry about Hunter being taken from them. Having gone through such a terrible ordeal, the family was emotionally exhausted. That said, Tyler and Mandi still had a few words of advice to share with those who may find themselves fighting a similar battle.

Champions of The Cause

Since they officially adopted Hunter as their legal child, Tyler and Mandi have been sharing their story with the masses. In doing so, they have voiced their opinions on fostering and adopting a child, something which they obviously feel strongly about. They had gone through such a difficult emotional rollercoaster that they had to give others a friendly bit of advice.


They were forever changed by this ordeal. They now encourage hopeful parents to consider adopting a foster child. For Mandi, foster children are just like all other kids: they need help, love, and affection. Mandi even started her own blog. With it, she documents her journey to adopting Hunter and also offers some friendly advice to parents who might find themselves in the same predicament.

Life Today

The couple often looks back on the difficult times they had in this ordeal. They remember that in the months leading up to the final court hearing, they were under so much emotional stress that it was overwhelming. Now, it’s all different. They can finally go to bed at night and not have to worry about someone taking Hunter from them. He was their’s to keep for their entire lives.


Although the couple went through a lot of emotional difficulties and extensive legal troubles to adopt Hunter, they are strong advocates of adoption. For them, the greatest gift of all is providing a child in need of love what he or she needs: love. It’s all the more satisfying when you’ve done a good deed: they live their lives with no regrets. As Hunter grows with each passing day, they are thankful for their decision: they are happy as a family and look forward to several years together as one.

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