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At Funeral For Fallen Soldier Friend, Irish Man Wears Neon Dress For The Most Heartwarming Reason


Besides your family, that love you and care for you unconditionally, and would do anything for you, in life you meet people that become your best friends. You trust each other and are there to support them at any given time. Barry Delany and Kevin Elliott were those kinds of friends, they knew each other for a long time, and since then they were inseparable. But, when Kevin tragically died when he was serving in Afghanistan. Barry didn’t want to accept that he lost his friend and had to live his life without him. Because Barry wanted to keep a promise he gave to Kevin, at his funeral, he wore something that surprised everyone.

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Since they met in 2005 when Kevin’s sister introduced Barry to him, they immediately hit it off, and it was like they had a bond instantly. In their hometown, Dundee, Ireland, they spent almost all the time together going out having drinks and eating together. It wasn’t always just to go out and have a good time. They also talked about life and what do they want in the future. Both of them had to talk about all their life decision in order to check if the other one would approve the other’s ideas or dreams. In 2009, Kevin, who as a British Army soldier, had to make a significant decision on rather re-enlist in the army. They sat down and had their conversation on what’s going to happen and what they should do if Kevin is killed during his stay in Afghanistan. Even though he has served in Northern Ireland and in Iraq, he decided that he would enlist in a campaign that would have his service in Afghanistan. He really wanted to protect his country and his fellow soldiers. Kevin’s commanding officer, Mr. Stephen Cartwright, knew that when the list was going to come through, he would see Kevin’s name there. He has always thought that Kevin was an outstanding soldier and the army and his fellow soldiers were lucky to have him by their side.

Before Kevin had to go, the pair had one last night out together. And, that’s the night when Kevin admitted to Barry that this time he was very concerned about the place in Afghanistan he had to go. He had heard how dangerous Helmand Province can be and how more and more soldiers have lost their lives there. The place was filled with camouflaged bombs, and soldiers with one step would be killed. Even though Kevin was brave, these stories had him trembling with fear. He had a feeling that he might not come back this time from the battlefield. He had already been lucky in a couple of situations when he served in Iraq and said that this time his luck might run out. Barry saw how much his friend was afraid and wanted to cheer him up a bit by making a really funny premise. He told Kevin that if he didn’t survive this time, he would attend his funeral in a bright neon dress and socks. They both laughed at the promise and went on to have a fantastic night.

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Even though Barry hoped that he would never have to fulfill his promise, in September 2009, Kevin tragically was killed in an attack. When he was keeping watch in the Babaji district, they were bombed by rocket grenades. When everyone heard the news that Kevin wasn’t going to come back alive, his family, his fellow soldiers and of course Barry was devastated. Barry was broken in peace’s when he realized his friend was gone, but he would stay to his word and attended his best friend’s funeral in a bright green neon dress and knee-high flashy pink socks.

Most of the people who attended the funeral were shocked when they saw what Barry was wearing. But, shortly after the funeral had ended, they were told that it was a promise that Barry made to Kevin. Kevin’s sister, Kristy, and his grandma Margaret were by Barry’s side all the time comforting him and saying that everything was going to be okay.

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At Kevin’s funeral, Barry sat next to the grave and asked his friend if he liked the colors of the dress and socks and instantly started crying, realizing his best friends weren’t there to answer and laugh at his dress. He kept his promise, but he would have wanted more than anything, that his best friend Kevin to be there so they could both joke about what he was wearing. Barry later said that he is never going to forget how Kevin changed his life when they met each other and how much of an impact he has been. He would always smile, have incredible energy when you were around him, and he would always try to make people laugh and happy.


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