40 Australian Creatures You Never Thought Existed

It is a widely accepted fact that the moment you step off of the plane in Australia you are doomed to die. It’s really only a matter of where, when and which ungodly creature will be the likely culprit.

Though you all know about great white sharks and saltwater crocodiles. Here are a few more to worry about before your next adventure to the land down under.

Perentie Goanna (Varanus varius)

Image: YouTube

The perentie is the largest monitor lizard or goanna native to Australia. It is also the fourth-largest living lizard on earth. The bite of a perentie can do A LOT of damage. Not only because they have enormous sharp teeth but because they secret very harmful bacteria in their saliva that can cause horrendous infections. They are wicked fast and can run up to 40 km/h. They will spring on all four legs but can also run on just their hind legs. These monsters grow in excess of 2.5 metres and have been known to run up people, slicing them with their long claws out of fear. Steer clear of these big guys.

Creatonotos Gangis Moth (Creatonotos gangis)

Image: News.com.au

This creepy freak of nature is another one of Australia’s horrifying moth species. Though it looks like something out of a Lovecraft novel, it is apparently designed to release pheromones from its four hind coremata to attract a mate. The above photo was taken in an Australian kitchen. Good luck, mate.

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