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Australian Mother Defies Science Proving the Seemingly Impossible, Possible


When 27-year-old Eliza and 38-year old Ben met, the two felt instant chemistry for each other. The chemistry between the young Australian couple was so strong that despite Eliza getting pregnant for Ben only three months into their relationship, the two were quite optimistic about the birth of their first child together and were looking forward to starting a family. Neither one of them could have imagined that their next two years together would have been their craziest yet. It only took Eliza less than a month after giving birth to baby Charlie to realize that something weird was going on with her body …

Starting a Family

Given that Eliza got pregnant only three months into her relationship with Ben, many people would think that their relationship would have taken a turn for the worst. Well this couple proved the naysayers wrong. Both were elated to start a family together and couldn’t wait to welcome Charlie into the world. In January 2016, the couple got their wish as Eliza delivered beautiful baby Charlie into the world. After 9 months of planning, Eliza and Ben were ready to take on the challenge of parenting. And then, the unexpected happened …

A mother knows when something’s up …

After giving birth to Charlie, Eliza still didn’t feel quite right. Although she had expected to feel faint and exhausted, as weeks progressed, she knew that something wasn’t quite right.

Could it be …?

What sealed the deal for Eliza was when she woke up with a splitting headache. No matter how many pills she took, it just didn’t go away. It was then that she pinpointed the source of her constant fatigue and pain, for they were symptoms that she knew all too well.

She says yes, the world says no …

Everyone around her, including Ben, tried to convince her that the feelings she was experiencing came with motherhood and that they will eventually go away. But Eliza’s mind was made up. She headed for the store to confirm her suspicions.

What’s it going to be?

Eliza bought a Clearblue pregnancy test believing in her heart that she was yet again pregnant. Although the results came up negative, Eliza was hell-bent on proving that she was indeed pregnant. She believed that the test was wrong. She knew her body better than any test could. She went for the second round.

Is My Body Playing Tricks On Me?

Results from the second Clearblue test still contradicted Eliza’s beliefs. Was Eliza going to prove science wrong, or was she misdiagnosing herself? She was going to get to the bottom of it.

Can The Doctors Help Her?

Unable to understand why her belly kept getting bigger, Eliza turned to the professionals to settle the case – was she pregnant, or was it all in her mind?

Intuition Takes on Science and Wins!

The doctors confirmed her beliefs – having only recently given birth, Eliza was pregnant yet again! The most shocking part was …

Prepare for trouble and make it double!

If the news that Eliza was pregnant again didn’t shock the couple and their families, knowing that Eliza was expecting twins surely would have! How would the couple react to the news?


Having her own family was always a dream that Eliza had. Although she didn’t expect this dream to be fulfilled so soon, the thought of it filled her with so much joy. Ben seemed to believe that “two children are sufficient”, but Eliza had other plans!

Three’s a Crowd

Although Eliza’s and Ben’s family both had fraternal twins, identical twins were a first. They now had to begin the preparation phase for their new family – buying in three’s became their new thing!

After joy, must come sorrow.

The realization that she was going to have three children all under the age of 1 hit Eliza, and with it, the worry started. What is going to happen to her body? After googling her situation yielded no results, Eliza decided to go with the motions and hope for the best.

Time to Break the News

With twins on the way, Eliza couldn’t easily hide the evidence growing within her as the weeks went by. She eventually broke the news to her parents. Initially, her father expected her to announce that she and Ben were getting married, but when he learned that he was going to have three grandkids, he was filled with pride!

Bop! Goes the Weasel

On December 24th, 2016, Eliza ushered into the world her twin-babies Wolf and Jack. What an emotional moment it was for the couple! Even little Charlie couldn’t contain his excitement!

And now they were 5

With new additions to the family, Eliza and Ben could no longer fit themselves and their three babies in their car. So what did they do? They bought a Volkswagen family wagon big enough for their new family!

When you are weak, I will be strong

How is this new couple handling being parents? Needless to say, both Eliza and Ben have pulled up their socks and doing the best that they can for their kids. They have each other’s back and support each other constantly. Way to go!

Triple the Blessing

Having three children all around the same age feels to the couple like having triplets. Triple the crying, triple the caring, but triple the blessing!

Parenting does have its challenges

From money problems to changing diapers while trying to breast-feed, this couple has gone through the bad spells of raising kids. They both acknowledge that it’s by no means a walk in the park, but they are determined to give their kids the best upbringing they can!

New Beginnings

Whenever she gets a break from her kids, Eliza has dedicated her spare time to blogging about her experiences with her kids. She has named it “Twingenuity”. She hopes to let mothers all around the world know that they are not alone in the journey to successful parenting.

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