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Australian Woman Adopts 13-Year-Old Cat That Will Only Sleep If She Holds His Paw


We all hate when we need to give our pets up, no matter why we’re doing it. And when we as people feel a strong connection between us and our pet, we can assure you that they feel it too, in fact, some pets express more emotions even then their owners.

They Part Their Ways

Today’s story is about an Australian woman who needed to go to a nursing home and say goodbye to her 13-year-old tomcat Jamie. The Tomcat was suffering from a couple of health problems like his kidney troubles, the flu and he had a couple of bad teeth. So, as if that wasn’t enough he had to also deal with the sadness that he felt because of his separation from his owner, it sure was a tough place for Jamie.

Image Source: Animal Planet

After a couple of treatments, the kidney troubles were solved, after that, they removed his bad teeth, and in the end, he got the medicine for the flu which made him feel really good. But, he still felt like something was missing. The RSPCA personnel solved his medical problems so now, the only thing that they could do for Jamie was to find him a new home. This process was pretty simplified by the woman that just felt the bond with him, and had to have him!

New Owner, New Home, New Beginnings

A woman named Sarah Dempsey from Australia decided she needed a pet, so she went to the RSPCA shelter in order to find something that she could adopt and take care of. She said for “the Dodo” that the first time when she saw Jamie, he was sleeping peacefully, but she felt the connection when she went to pet him and he purred on her hand.

Image Source: Animal Channel

That’s the moment when Sarah realized that she is not going to be looking for another cat and that Jamie is the one that she wants in her home. “He is extremely affectionate, head-bumping and weaving around my legs. He likes talking to me at night and follows me around my apartment,” she added.

Another Cute Addition to The Cutest Cat

When she took him home she discovered another detail about Jamie that made him even cuter than he already is. When Jamie’s taking a nap he took Sarah’s hand like he wanted to hold her hand while he’s sleeping. She later found out that he loves someone to hold his paw while he’s sleeping. Does this get any cuter?

Image Source: Animal Channel

The story of Jamie went from a lonely and pretty sick cat to being the most loved, healthy and charming cat there, that’s what made Sarah chose him over all the other cats in the shelter.


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