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Baby Abandoned On Stranger’s Doorstep With Heartbreaking Note


There are a lot of things that we think are only happening in old movies and novels. But, if we do a bit of research we will find out that the truth is much scarier than that, and that this is a real and an occurrence that is happening to babies. And, this was the case for a family located in Florida, when they noticed something on their doorstep.

Image Source: The A Post

This whole ordeal started when the mother of the family and her son were eating their breakfast just like every day. They were peaceful and didn’t expect what was about to happen. In their apartment in Orlando, they suddenly heard a noise that was familiar to them. They recognized that an infant was crying. At first, the mother thought that this was some of their neighbors’ children, but soon after they found out that this noise wasn’t coming from their neighbors’ apartments. In fact, the noise was coming straight from their front doorstep. So she decided to go out and find out what’s happening. As soon as she went out, she found that there was a crying newborn baby in front of their door along with a note which nearly broke her heart.

Image Source: The A Post

The note had something mysterious and scary words inside which frightened the woman. She went through the note and realized that this baby might be in danger. The note was apparently written by the mother of the baby and it said that she had the baby alone in her bathroom while her husband – the dad of the baby was trying to kill both of them. The mother of the baby asked the woman to take the baby to the hospital and keep it a secret because of the fact that the father of the baby was a dangerous man.

The woman also found the time and the date of the baby’s birth inside of the note. And according to the mother the baby was born July.19.2019 at 5:45 PM. The woman found the baby on the 20th of July, one day after the baby’s birth.

Image Source: The A Post

The woman who found the baby was quick in her action and decided that it would be best to take the baby in the nearest hospital. So, that’s what she did. After the regular check-up the doctors found that despite the fact that the mother delivered the baby by herself, the boy was actually miraculously healthy and didn’t have any problems with his health. Today, the baby is waiting to be adopted, but what’s tragic about this story is the fact that the traces of his mother are currently unknown, and nobody knows what happened to her. According to the New York Post, a similar event happened back in 2017 in the same apartment complex.

Some experts and investigators think that these infants might come from the same mother. But, it’s hard to tell without any DNA test and to do that, the scientists will need some time.

If you’re interested in this story, you can learn more by watching the video that we have posted below.

What are your thoughts on this whole event? What do you think that the mother should have done and do you think that she did the right thing? Do you think that she perhaps is lying in the note and she just couldn’t take care of the baby? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!




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