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Baby beaten and left at home fighting for his life


When two people bring a baby to this world, they are obligated to protect and care for it, and of course, we care for them because we love them and would do anything to keep them safe and healthy. It is truly unbelievable when we hear stories of mothers and fathers neglecting their little babies and even hurting them in any way, and it just makes us sick to our stomach.

A story similar to this one caught the attention of a couple of newspapers and web sites. In this story, a one-year-old baby in Rivne, Ukraine, was horribly beaten and left at home by his mother, who is yet to be identified. Mykyta was left inside his crib, he was severely bruised and bleeding, and the worst part is that his mom left him there before she left to go on a date.

Image Source: En News Ner

The baby was quickly brought into the hospital. There the doctors said that his in life-threatening conditions, and he is fighting for his life. They had never seen a case like Mykyta’s before. They also couldn’t believe how someone would do such a thing to such a precious little baby. The mom is now facing neglect and child abuse charges, and we only hope that Mykyta will survive.

Local news outlets had reported that the neighbors were hearing shouting, screaming, and crying all day, and they wanted to go and check how was the baby when they heard that the mom left her home that day. When they got into the house and went to the baby’s room, they saw him lying in the crib in a horrible condition. Even one of the neighbors that was present in the room when they were checking on the baby fainted when she saw in what shape the mother left him in.

Image Source: En News Ner

Tetiana Prymak, who is one of the neighbors that was worried when she started hearing all the noise coming from her neighbors’ home, took other neighbors and went together to see what was going on. She had said that when they went into the room where the baby was, he had a bloody nose and it was dry because it wasn’t even cleaned for a while, his clothes were dirty and his right eye was really bruised. She also said they wanted to change the dirty clothes, and when they were changing him, they saw all the bruises all over his body, one of the women fainted when seeing his body.

After getting him in clean clothes, they rushed him to the hospital where he was placed in intensive care, and immediately tests were made to see and examine his condition. Doctors say that he is fighting for his life and the head doctor of the hospital where they brought him, the Rivne Regional Children’s Hospital has said that they think he has a fractured skull, but they can’t examine him at this moment because of his critical condition. He has also said that he has never seen a baby so much beaten and left in such a terrible situation, never cared for, his clothes never changed, and his skin was in a horrific state.

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Later that day, when the mother came back home, police were waiting to arrest her and take her in custody and for questioning. She has said that she got really frustrated because she couldn’ get him to stop crying, so she left him home and went out. She will be charged with multiple cases and will probably go to jail. The father, on the other hand, has said that he left a long time ago and has no interest in the baby.

Image Source: En News Ner

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