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Baby boy survives brutal beating and fights for his life after getting taken off life support


Babies are the most precious and vulnerable beings on earth, and we have to protect them until they grow up and can defend themselves. Unfortunately for Bobby Webber, who was just seven months at the time he was violently tortured and assaulted. There was no one there to protect him from the evil that was his uncle. In 2014, Bobby’s mother and father, Barry and Elise, had planned out their honeymoon. And because they wanted to go without Bobby, they left him in the care of Elise’s sister. Nolan, who was Elise’s sister fiancé, brutally beat and tortured Bobby for four hours. And, left him in a state that you wouldn’t even imagine happening to a 7-month-old baby. When Bobby was taken to the hospital, the doctors did what they could do and placed him on life support. They told his parents that the injuries were so terrible, that the best thing to do is to unplug the ventilator that was keeping him alive. No one knew how much of a fighter little Bobby was, and he would prove the doctors wrong.

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When Bobby’s parents left for their honeymoon, they didn’t even think about the possibilities of something like this happening. The left Bobby and his older sibling at their aunt’s house until they get back. Bobby’s aunt promised his sibling that she would take him to see a movie. And when the two of them left, Bobby was left to be taken care of his aunt’s fiancé, Andrew Nolan. Everyone in the family knew Andrew for a long time, and no one expected him to do such a horrible thing. When his fiancé left for the movies, he started beating and torturing Bobby, breaking and fracturing bones, leaving bruises all over his body and bite marks.

He was immediately brought to a hospital where doctors did everything they could, and in the end, he had to be placed on life support. The family was asked about the injuries, and how much was Bobby in the risk of dying. They said that the doctors told them he was in critical condition and he wasn’t getting better, so the best thing was to take him off life support.

Because Bobby’s parents could see how much worse he was beaten up, they agreed to take him off life support. When the doctors did so, Bobby surprisingly didn’t stop breathing, he kept on fighting and didn’t want to give up. Right on the spot, the doctors gave him a nickname, Bobby the Brave, and since then he has been fighting, and he kept going whatsoever the obstacle. Years later, because of his horrible injuries that day, Bobby has developed quadriplegic cerebral palsy and has a vision impairment, but this wouldn’t stop Bobby at all. She has said that he is indeed a fighter and everything he has overcome in outstanding.

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Bobby’s mother, also says that the toughest thing is that he can’t walk or crawl on his own, so they have to help him all the time. But from the minute he wakes up in the morning, he is eager to start his training, which has a lot of lifting to get the strength he needs. First, of course, he takes his medication. And then they help him with going to the bathroom, which means that he is currently toilet trained and he is almost fully trained. Getting toilet training was a huge achievement for Bobby and the family and has changed their morning routines. She said that doctors warned and told her that Bobby would have a lot of problems growing up. But like any other child, Bobby is learning everything normally along the way.

Now having four years, Bobby has overcome every obstacle that was in front of him. He is also in remission from epilepsy, and his last seizure was almost three years ago. He has started going to Liberty Allstars cheerleading, which is a program for children with special needs, and he is always excited to go every Sunday. It is really good for him to make friends, play sports and don’t feel like he is left out and feels like he is normal. He is always so happy to be there and seeing and hearing people cheering for him make him so proud. He gets to hang out with friends and be around people who love him. Because everyone is so friendly and kind and understanding, from the first time Bobby was brought to Liberty. Everyone there now feels like they are part of one big family. He loves hearing the music and dancing to it, and it helps him and his body very much.

How much more can we say about Bobby, he is an amazing little boy and every day he gets better and better. Even though he got beat and tortured and his uncle will get the deserved sentence. Bobby doesn’t let that get to him and is improving every day.

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