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Baby Girl Saved by Stray Dogs


Most people when they walk down the street and see a stray dog they either try to distance themselves from them or shoo them, so they don’t get close to them. Stray dogs are considered wild, and everyone thinks that they are dangerous and always trying to do something terrible. In countries, like India, female newborns are undervalued, and there are lots of examples where babies are left on the streets and dumpsters. It is horrible to imagine leaving a baby whether it is a boy or a girl, outside and just leave them there. But this story, fortunately, had a happy outcome when a little baby girl was left on the street, and of course, she had a tiny chance of survival. When the dogs heard the little baby crying, they ran to her and quickly surrounded her and kept her safe. If it wasn’t for these four furry heroes, the little baby girl wouldn’t have survived.

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When a new baby is born, it is always being taken cared of by the hospital at first — and then given back to the mother to take it home with her. A lot of babies when they are abandoned on the street don’t survive. Fortunately, this little girl had four guardian angels by her side. Left on the streets of the Bengal’s Purulia district, in India, four stray dogs smelled the little baby, and they heard her crying and went to see what it was. Typically, stray dogs do unpredictable things, but in this instance, they stayed close to the baby and acted as guards until someone heard and saw the baby. When other animals tried to get close to the baby, they all jumped and started chasing them away. Crows flew above the baby trying to nibble at it, but the dogs barked and didn’t allow them to get near the little girl. Rats and cats also wanted to see what it was and tried to get close, and again the dogs ran them away. After some time passed by, finally, someone heard the little girl cry when they were going to work.

Ulhus Chowdhury, a teacher, was on his way to work when he heard the cry of the baby. When he got closer to the place where the crying was coming from, he saw the dogs laying around a little baby wrapped in cloth. When the dogs saw him coming closer, the got up and started barking at him thinking he was a threat to the baby as well. He instantly started yelling you help, and people who lived nearby got out from their houses. They managed to get milk for the baby, and after she had something to eat, she calmed down and stopped crying. Mr. Chowdhury took the little girl to his home, but the dogs wouldn’t stop following him. When he got home, he called the police to notify them about the discovery of the infant. When the police came, the took the little baby girl to the hospital was the took test to see if everything was alright. After a couple of tests, Dr. Shibshankar Mahato confirmed that she had some signs of jaundice, but it was nothing to worry about and that they would take care of her.

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After she was examined for her condition, the little baby girl was taken to the special care unit, and it was discovered that she was about 10-days-old and she weighed about 3 kilograms. She then was given the name Sania by Mr. Chowdhury, he gave her that name because she was found on Shanivaar or in English, Saturday. After a couple of days spent in the hospital, baby Sania was taken to Bhatbandh and placed in an adoption home. Now she is waiting there for someone to take her to her new home.

Mr. Chowdhury talked to some press and said that if it wasn’t for the four stray dogs, the little baby girl wouldn’t have been alive today. And like little Sania, the dogs should be rewarded by finding homes for them also. In India, a country where stray dogs don’t get the best treatment, this story shows that dogs are really man’s best friend and that all stray dogs don’t just cause havoc and chaos on the streets. It is really rare stray dogs act like this, but luckily for Sania, it all turned out great.

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