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Baby Left Alone in the Hospital For 5 Months Adopted By Nurse


Life almost never goes as you planned it. And, the director of nursing in the Children’s Hospital at Massachusetts, Liz Smith, can actually confirm this, but the change in her plans was actually for the better. With her approaching her 40th year she started losing hope that she would ever get the big family she had always been dreaming of creating. And, after she bumped into Gisele, a cute little baby, her life started changing for the better, and she loved it!

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The happy news came from one of the nurses. She told the director that the baby was prematurely born in the eighth month of the mother’s pregnancy, and she was born with neonatal abstinence syndrome because of the fact that her mother was abusing drugs while she was pregnant with the baby. The baby was weighed in at nearly two pounds, and the state had stepped in and took her under custody while she was only three months old. And the treatment for her state was prescribed to her for five months, but she never had a visitor in those five months. The baby was destined to get into the foster care system, up until Liz decided to step in and stop that.

Liz said that ever since she met the baby, she saw something in her big blue eyes that were taking up all of her attention. Liz also added that she fell in love immediately with the baby, and she doesn’t know why, but she felt the need to take care of the baby and keep it safe.

The occasional visits from Liz, grew into daily visits, she would get into the baby’s room after she finished work, and not too long after, their visits grew into something more. Namely, Liz became Gisele’s foster mom. Liz said that she knew that Gisele wasn’t developed right, and that’s why she wanted to take her out of the hospital and help her grow both physically and mentally.

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In the beginning, the biological parents came visiting Gisele each and every week, but after the state terminated their rights of visiting the baby, they couldn’t even see her after that. There were no other members of Gisele’s family, so she was given out for adoption, and then Liz stepped in and decided that she was going to adopt Gisele. So she started doing the things that she needed to do in order to make the adoption official.

Liz and Gisele were a perfect mother and daughter couple, and lots of people helped them achieve that including family members, friends as well as Liz’s co-workers. And, after lots of time, Gisele finally started developing right, just like every baby her age would. The official date when Liz’s dream became a reality and the date when her adoption request was officially approved was the 18th of October 2018th, and now she was the foster parent of Gisele, and she even had a legal document that supported it.

Liz’s brother, Phil Smith, spoke in an interview about her sister’s dream, and he told that this was the time when he finally saw his sister happy, she finally had the mother-daughter relationship that she has always dreamt of. He also added that while it was apparent that Gisele completed Liz, Liz also completed Gisele.

Image Source: Ninja Journalist

Today, the baby is two years old, and despite the fact that she occasionally needs a feeding tube here and there, she is perfectly healthy, has become bubbly, and is happy because she has the perfect mother alongside her. Her mother changed her life completely, and Gisele also changed Liz’s life, they share each other’s love and happiness together, and they are fortunate to have each other.


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