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Baby with a unique birthmark is charming the whole world


Kids, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. There are thousands upon thousands of children being born in the world each and every day, and every baby is special in its own little way. And, the same goes for this little boy that we are going to talk about today, but what makes him even more special is the fact that he has a birthmark on his forehead because of which people started calling him the “Love Baby.” Read on and find out why!

Namely, the boy has a heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead, and once he was born his parents immediately noticed the heart-shaped birthmark on the boy’s forehead. They were amazed, but still a bit scared because of the fact that they didn’t know what the heart-shaped redness was.

When the small baby was born back in 2015, millions of people expressed their amusement with the “Love Baby.” They simply couldn’t believe that this was real, and as his parents put it, they wouldn’t have believed it, if they haven’t seen it with their own eyes either.

Ankara, the capital of Turkey is the place where little Cinar was born back in 2015. The boy became a star for the nurses in the delivery room even before anybody else knew about the birthmark. But, they still couldn’t get excited before they found out what the redness was.

Once they found out what the heart-shaped redness on Cinar’s forehead was, they were all amazed, the doctor that delivered the boy, the nurses as well as Cinar’s parents. I mean it’s not every day that you see this kind of a birthmark.

His father spoke with Daily Mail and he explained how they found out about the birthmark. Once the nurses cleaned the blood from his kid, he immediately noticed that there was something on his son’s forehead. At first, he thought that it was some more blood, but later they found out that it was something more special. The nurses told Daily Mail that Cinar was the “Love Boy.” And, after pictures of him started going up on the internet he gathered the attention of a lot of people.

The parents spoke about how many people simply stop them on the street and ask them if they can have a picture with their baby. His father also explained how lots of people express their love towards Cinar’s birthmark, and he added that their friends can’t understand why he has the heart-shaped birthmark.

Cinar’s family believes in God, and they think that the heart-shaped birthmark is a sign that their child was “touched by God.” Since his birth, all of Cinar’s family is telling him that he should cherish that birthmark because it is something special.

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There are still nurses and doctors that recognize the little boy, and as his father, Murat, puts it, everybody loves his son, and they call him “Hearted Boy”. Cinar already had a lot of fans.

But, he is not just like any other viral sensation. In fact, there are still people that remember Cinar and still, recognize him.

Cinar’s parents have created his Instagram profile on which they share everyday pictures of the boy and his journey throughout life. He has nearly thousands of followers that follow him each and every step throughout his everyday life.

Now, Cinar is 4 years old and he still has the heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead. This is what makes Cinar the “Hearted Boy.” I have never seen anything like him surely, for me he is one of a kind. What about you?

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