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Bank Employee Gives Co-Workers A ‘Spider-Man Farewell’ Before Quitting


A lot of people see bankers as persons that are boring to be around, but this Brazilian banker showed them how fun bankers can actually be with this amazing impression on the last day he went to work! Maybe he was helping out people all this time, maybe he was a real hero, but he sure spends some fun time around his workplace. Read on and find out what happened when he showed up dressed like spider-man…

Get to Spend a Minute With Spider-Man

“Ksguile”, a user of IMGUR, shared an amazing post that quickly went viral. This post was about this Brazilian banker from Sao Paulo that decided to make his resignation day the most fun day that he has ever spent on work.

Image Source: Bored Panda

It was unlucky that there weren’t any costumes around because he was actually working in the analysis department of the bank. But, the colleagues got to spend some fun time with Spider-man and watch him answer calls and walk around the office.

Amazing Dress Code

You might be thinking, did he get some kind of punishment from his boss, but the truth is, he didn’t really care because it was actually the last day he went to work there. Millions of people have since seen the amazing Spiderman banker all throughout the social media.

Image Source: Bored Panda

In fact, there were tons of comments especially on Instagram where one user with the username Calicoasting818 said that that he advised everyone to dress for the job they want not for the job they have. Which was a piece of amazing advice for everyone, and it perfectly described the photo. And to be honest, who can get upset when there’s a Spider-Man in your office taking calls!?

Beautiful Last Day at Work

What’s even better is the fact that this Brazilian banker wanted to make his last day at work memorable for everyone in the office, not just for himself, so he ran around the office giving out candies to everyone that was in the office. Who could’ve asked for more from a co-worker’s last day at work?

Image Source: Bored Panda

He went through a lot in order to leave a good impression to all his co-workers. And he sure did, they will be remembering him for years and years after. It’s not every day you see a Spider-Man at your office!

Take a look at the video that someone at his office made!


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